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Looking for tips and advice on family and parenting? Need ideas to get your family active? Searching for some educational activities for the kids? Or maybe you just want to know more about my family and want to hear perspective from a real mom?

You’re in the right place! Scroll down to see my personal parenting tips, educational activities, and our family travel adventures — plus a few other stories about the Seghetti family!

Pregnancy, Birth, Newborns, and Motherhood

From those 9 long months of pregnancy, to childbirth, to everything you need to know about the first year with your baby – we have a little bit of advice about it all. Check out our resources to help you through it!

first trimester ultrasound 11 weeks

First Trimester Scares

Our personal scares during the first trimester with Rowen

kids using kleenex wet wipes

Make Mom Life Easy

Some tips for making mom life easier!

Carter's little baby basics newborn clothes

Newborn Basics

Stocking up with Carter’s Little Baby Basics for newborn

funny quote about parenting from Jerry Seinfeld

Funny Quotes for Moms

Because sometimes moms just need to laugh

baby breastfeeding

Ending Breastfeeding

Deciding to stop breastfeeding during pregnancy

toddler sleeping in bed

Easy Weaning Tips

Tips on how to stop breastfeeding with minimal tears

baby on mothers chest immediately after birth

Rowen’s Birth Story

Detailed story of Rowen’s induction and birth

how we cosleep with dockatot

Cosleep with DockATot

Our thoughts on how we cosleep with DockATot

setting goals postpartum

Postpartum Goals

Finding what this mom is made of after baby

newton crib mattress

Crib Sleeping Tips

Sleeping like a baby with the Newton Crib Mattress

emergency diaper blowout blues bag

Blowout Bag

Be prepared with an emergency blowout bag

JOHNSON'S Baby Lotion

Baby Tummy Massage

Gentle baby tummy massage to soothe gassy baby

mom rocking baby to sleep

Nighttime Feedings

5 things every parent needs

Baby taking bath with SoapPals as part of bedtime routine

Bedtime Routine

Baby bedtime routine for better sleep

baby boy wearing Nationwide insurance onesie

New Mom Essentials

Things every new mom needs

grandma playing with toddler girl

Include MIL in Pregnancy

10 easy ideas to help your mother-in-law feel included

snuggle puppy

Pet Necessities

5 “pawsome” pet products for your furbaby

Amanda in bath holding spring and vine shampoo bar

Natural Shampoo

Spring & Vine shampoo bar for crunchy moms

Toddlers to Tweens

Here you can find everything from potty training to school age topics and more.

2 year old girl reading a book while potty training

Potty Training

How to potty train a toddler – EASILY

Toddler using clean eating principles to enjoy a healthy snack

Back to School Hacks

The best back to school hacks for busy moms

39 Fun Print and Play Activities for Kids

Print and Play Activities

39 fun print and play activities for kids (screen free time)

kaiden making a list of boredom busters

Activities for Bored Kids

50 ideas, plus printable “Bored List”

smiling boy holding debit card

Chores and Allowance

How the Seghetti family handles chores and allowance

Kaiden with outside of box square

Zo Zo Zombie

Weird fun for school age kids

Kaiden and Aren with all boredom busters on couch

Boredom Busters

9 fun boredom busters kids actually love

zennies blue light glasses for kids

Healthy Back to School Tips

Start the school year off right with tips to stay healthy

mom hugging toddler

Picky Toddlers

Mom hacks when picky toddlers won’t eat

Teens through the College Years

Just because your kids get older doesn’t mean parenting gets easier! Here you can find tips on surviving the teenage years and sending your kids to college.

 amazon teen prom shoes

Prom Shopping on Amazon

Shopping for prom with Amazon Teen

Blazer with Stitch Fix outfit as graduation outfit for moms

Graduation Outfit for Mom

The perfect graduation outfit from Stitch Fix

college dorm room in university of colorado boulder

Moving to College

A mom’s thoughts on sending her first baby to college

teen on phone while shelter at home

Teens Stuck at Home

Tips for making it tolerable

dad and son nerf competition

Outdoor NERF Battle

Weekend family fun for parents and teens

Marriage and Relationships

Family and parenting isn’t just about the kids – it’s about having a healthy relationship with your spouse too!

Date night with a baby

Date Night with a Baby

When you need a date night but have a baby too

snuggling on date night at home

Paint and Sip

Date night at home with couples paint and sip activity

date night at home with picnic

Date Night at Home

12 fun ideas for date night at home

fun bets for couples

Bets for Couples

Five fun bets for couples – with consequences and rewards!

loving quote for husband emily bronte

Quotes for Husbands

63 loving and motivational quotes for husbands

date night at home with picnic

Date Night at Home

12 fun ideas for date night at home


No matter how old you are, education is always important! Here are a few articles with advice on educational topics.

Mom and son using computer while being safe online

Just ignore this one

It was junk and got deleted. I’ll write a better article soon. 🙂

Toddler reading book in comfy rocking chair

Encourage Reading

How to encourage reading with toddlers and babies

square panda

Homeschool Ideas

8 ways to make homeschool learning fun

Fun Family Activities

Spend time together and build memories with these fun family activities!

water gun painting on canvas

Water Gun Painting

Fun outdoor activity for kids!

How to Tie Dye shirts

Tie Dye

How to have fun with tie dye

movie night ideas with cardboard cars and drive in movie night at home

Movie Night

The best home movie night ideas for families

Spring Health and Wellness Activities for Kids and Families

Spring Activities

Spring health and wellness activities for kids

Momblogger Amanda Seghetti dancing with toddler

Funny Wake Up Songs

Funny wake up songs to get you going

good morning nice butt

Funny Morning Sayings

Hilarious morning sayings to start your day

Family Travel and Outdoor Fun

Whether you’re taking an extended family vacation or just looking for some local sights, these articles may help jumpstart a few travel ideas.

toddler playing in water at Great Wolf Lodge Colorado Springs

Great Wolf Lodge

Fun for all ages at Great Wolf Lodge

Dad wearing toddler in ergobaby omni 360

Outdoor Family Activities

5 activities to get your family active outside

The Dove Inn Golden Colorado

The Dove Inn

Our weekend getaway in Golden, Colorado

toddler boy walking outside for family spring fun

Family Spring Fun

Best ideas for spring fun for the whole family

The canopy of the Clutch Stroller by Delta Children provides shade from the sun.

Best Travel Stroller

The best mom-approved lightweight travel stroller

ice globe fun winter activities for family

Family Winter Activities

18 family activities for winter break fun

Eco-Friendly Family Tips

The family that goes green together is more sustainable!

boy with snacks in flexible packaging

Flexible Packaging

How to reduce waste with flexible packaging

in store recycling logo on Nature Valley wrapper

Recycling Tips

Recycling tips for families – plus a free printable recycling chart

square panda

Homeschool Ideas

8 ways to make homeschool learning fun

Family Health and Wellness Topics

Nothing is more important than the health and wellness of your family.

zennies blue light glasses for kids


Do you read your medicine labels?

action for healthy kids sunglasses with boy playing football

Cancer Prevention

Cancer prevention tips you can start using today

Dad and son outside for Father's Day


How to talk with your kids about the dangers of vaping

endometrial biopsy medical tools

Uterine Ablation

My experience with endometrial ablation

Yoga can help with anxiety


Five tips for dealing with anxiety

Personal Family Stories

If you want a peek into the daily life of the Seghetti family, here are a few of our personal family stories.

photo with mom before she passed away without life insurance

Parents with Cancer

Dealing with parents having cancer diagnosis

There is always something to be thankful for quote

Things to be Thankful For

Tips on practicing gratitude

Amanda Seghetti and her dad

Thoughts on Life

Personal thoughts after losing both parents

little faces apparel sibling shirts

Life with 4 Kids

What it’s like to be a mom of four

why i chose to stop breastfeeding

Why I Stopped Nursing

Why I chose to stop breastfeeding Rowen