39 Fun Print & Play Activities for Kids

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Today I want to share 39 fun print & play activities for kids to entertain your family when you get stuck at home.

Whether you’re having a sick day or a snow day, these activities will help keep the kids busy and having fun. One less thing for a busy mom to have to worry about!

I try not to rely too much on screen time, since my kids seem to get irritable when they spend too long on their devices. Plus after a while, they actually get bored of their tablets!

39 Fun Print and Play Activities for Kids

Mom Tip! Head to my ‘back to school‘ post for lunch and snack ideas to keep the hungry children happy!

30+ Fun Print & Play Ideas For kids…..

Printables For Kids

  1. Tree Valley Academy Word Searches – word searches are a great way to get the kids’ minds actively learning and engaged and best of all can buy you a few minutes of freedom too! There are many other learning activities for kids on this site too. See the end of the post for another link.
  2. Paper Fortune Tellers – one of my favorite things to do when I was a kid and they are making a comeback! Great fun for siblings to do together too!
  3. Easter Scavenger Hunt Printable – Here is an awesome list for an Easter scavenger hunt that can be done indoors or outdoors and all you have to do is print no need to come up with your own list!
  4. Indoor Scavenger Hunt Ideas– Can’t think of where to hide all the things? Don’t worry they have got you covered. This site also has some great free printable games too!
  5. Science & Stem Challenge Cards – download these activity cards to get your kid’s brains into learning mode! This site also many great ideas for the science lover in your home!
  6. Free Activity & Coloring Sheets – Kids out of coloring books? Or maybe they just need a quick activity to keep them busy. Print these and let them enjoy some fun activities at their leisure!
  7. Butterfly Sensory Bin with Printable Cards – This is a duo project for the preschoolers in your home. sensory bins are great for the littles to learn and explore with independent pay. Up the ante with printable cards to get their minds engaged in learning even more (this, of course, will need an older sibling or adult to help with reading and exploring).
  8. Garden Journal – This 12-page printable will allow your child to grow their own garden and document along the way. This is the perfect way to teach them a great life skill!
  9. Outdoor Tic Tac Toe – get the kids outdoors for some fresh air with a DIY tic tac toe game. Simple to make and hours of fun for siblings or families!
  10. Finger Puppets – get your craft on with the kiddos and create some finger puppets. The enjoy the free time you will relish when they are busy putting on plays!
  11. Spring Break Bucket List – Tired of the kids asking you for ideas and saying ‘no I don’t want to do that’? Give your kids all the ideas they need in this printable bucket list! They get to choose and problem solved!
  12. Easter Egg Suncatcher – Brighten the day with these crafty suncatchers that will keep the kids busy creating and admiring!
  13. Teach them to sew – When boredom sets in, it is the perfect opportunity to teach a new skill! Why not introduce sewing into their lives with this great post. You can sign your kids up for a free email course that will teach them all the basics of sewing!
  14. Outdoor Scavenger Hunt For All Seasons – This outdoor scavenger hunt printable comes in 2 formats, one for those who can read an done for those who can not by using images to help them know what to look for!
  15. A Sensory Scavenger Hunt – Kids love scavenger hunts, right?. This hunt also helps them to know which sensory is affected by the item on the list!
  16. Question game – Kids love to play question games and this list of 101 questions to know your kids better is great when you have run out of ideas!
  17. Living room Campout – Turn these long days into fun with a living room campout. this fun activity is filled with ideas to get your kids seeing the fun of being in their own home.
  18. Cardboard Box Pretend Play – There is no better cure to boredom than by invoking play with imagination. Kids love to play with cardboard boxes! Remember the days when they would open their gifts and play with the box more than the toy! So give them what they love and allow them to be creative!
  19. Indoor Bird Watching – Who says birdwatching has to be an outdoor activity?!? Get them involved in nature in your own home! This website also has many other great ideas if you’re looking for ways to inspire outdoor play too!
  20. Sensory Play Ideas – Getting the kids to use their imagination doesn’t have to take a lot of set up. The benefits to sensory play can be found in this post and some great ideas of what to use that you already have at home so you don’t need to venture out to create a fun play area!
  21. 30 Day Lego Challenge– Who doesn’t love a 30-day challenge?!? My kids are going to freak when they see this site and all the awesome lego ideas. Lego lovers over here!
  22. Flower Kindness Craft – This free template helps your kids make a beautiful flower they can add words of kindness on the petals and gift them to their family and friends (virtually/digitally).
  23. Some Bunny Loves You – This simple print and play alphabet game is perfect for easter and so very adorable. Up to 4 players!
  24. Rocket Bookmark – This template helps your kiddos to create a rocket bookmark. Perfect for your space-loving little readers!
  25. Baby Yoda Craft – Everyone loves Yoda and they will love this papercraft. Print the template and build your awesome little baby Yoda! Umm Yes please, SO CUTE!
  26. Pokemon Color by Number – Grab these three printable Pokemon color by numbers the kids will be sure to love.
  27. Ocean Matching Game – This printable matching game is perfect for your preschooler to hone their memory skills and learn some sea animals at the same time!
  28. Roll A Rainbow– grab some dice and give this game a roll. This one is perfect for the whole family.
  29. Wacky Walk – This is perfect for making the most out of those outdoor walks if you are able to. If not go ahead and play it in the house too.
  30. Easter Bingo Cards – Now here is a game everyone loves to play. Print these off and get playing some bingo fun!
  31. Paper Plate Snail – This cute craft comes with a printable for the snail faces and bodies to make things a little bit simpler. Get crafty with paper plates!
  32. Skittles games – This post has some ideas you print and play with the kids. Remind them to be kind and to be thankful with these great ideas!
  33. Lego Challenge – Here is another lego challenge! This one is a bit more advanced than the previous one. The kids will love the ideas on this printable!
  34. Bean Math Game – This printable makes math fun! Don’t have any beans? No worries, it also includes a list of items you can use instead.
  35. Learning Pack For Preschoolers – This super cute spring booklet is perfect for getting your young ones learning.
  36. Woodland Animal Games – These printable games are so cute think little foxes and such, adorable! So many other great printables on their site too!
  37. History Coloring Pages– There are so many free pages to choose from all based on a historic period of time or an event. get their minds creating while they learn.
  38. Winter Indoor/Outdoor Activities– Last but not least is my printable for indoor/ outdoor activities. Many great ideas to check off.
  39. Pawsome Puppy Printables for Kids – Here are 6 different educational activities using adorable puppies to help your child learn about letters and numbers! (If you like these you can also print lots of other themed activities, like sharks and butterflies!)

Check out my other list of 50 ways to beat the boredom (with a printable “bored list” for the kids)!

Now that we are through our list of activities for kids that are screen-free, here are a couple of online resources for learning too. There are so many more but these are the ones I have checked out recently. We also use Epic and RazKids through our school.

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