Best Ideas for Family Spring Fun

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When the weather warms up and the flowers start blooming, my kids get a raging case of spring fever! And to be honest, I start to catch it a little myself. To help keep the symptoms at bay, I have to start planning some fun activities to keep us going through those last few weeks of school. Here are my top 4 ideas for family spring fun!

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Get Outside

Getting outside is a little generic, but that’s because there are so many possibilities! There is nothing that helps my spring fever more than just being outside in the warm sun. Here in Colorado, our weather is hit or miss in the springtime (we get snow on Mother’s Day more often than I’d like), but when the temps start to rise we take full advantage of it.

Keep things simple.

  • Play with sidewalk chalk in the driveway.
  • Set up a sand or water table in the backyard for sensory fun and practice pouring into cups.
  • Go to a park or playground and just let the kids put their toes in the grass (ditch the shoes!).
  • Go on a nature walk or scavenger hunt and see how many bugs you can find, try to name all the colors, or identify different types of plants.
Baby boy in grass wearing Fruit of the Loom Grow & Fit bodysuit

For bigger family outings, spring is the perfect time to visit your local zoo or botanical garden. It isn’t too hot, and flowers are usually blooming. You can also check local state parks for some great trails and hikes! Not sure which outside activity to do first? Give the kids some control and let them decide!

Have Fun Learning

By the time spring rolls around, school-age kids are DONE with school and the last thing they want to do is more work. But that doesn’t mean that all of their fun time has to be mindless! Day trips to a local museum, story time at the library, and even pulling out the arts and crafts bin can turn any Saturday from video games and boredom to education and excitement.

We have been loving these crates from KiwiCo because they are perfect for all of my kids! KiwiCo is a monthly subscription box (that alone gets Kaiden and Aren excited) that is filled with age appropriate STEAM activities for all ages of kids – from toddlers up to teenagers.

STEAM is an acronym that stands for science, technology, engineering, art, and math – all areas of learning that are super important for kids, and easily incorporated into the crate activities.

Toddler playing with KiwiCo Tadpole Crate color matching activity

The crates come with an activity booklet as well as everything needed to complete the activities. Each crate is also geared toward a specific theme that is designed to spark your child’s creativity, thinking and learning. Kids learn best with hands-on activities that get them involved, especially when the activity is fun and engaging.

Aren is currently using the Tadpole crate, which is designed for kids 12-36 months. Soon Rowen will be joining her in the activities as well.

Kaiden has found that he loves the Tinker Crate, which encourages hands on learning and experimentation in science and engineering for kids between 9 to 16+. Even Hunter likes to see what his crates are about when they arrive!

We haven’t yet tried the Koala Crate (play based learning for ages 3-4), the Kiwi Crate (ages 5-8), the Atlas Crate (world exploration fun for ages 6-11), the Doodle Crate (art lovers 9-16+), or the Eureka Castle (science and math ages 14+), but we are looking forward to trying them all out!

You can get your first month’s KiwiCo subscription free, just pay $4.95 S&H! You can cancel anytime but I doubt you’ll want to! One free trial per household – so make sure to tell all of your mom friends. Quick before summer comes and they aren’t prepared!

((And shhh, don’t tell the kids these are learning activities. They will end up having so much fun they won’t even realize it’s educational.))

Get more healthy ideas for kids and families to do this spring HERE!

Get Wet

Here in Colorado, it isn’t warm enough to go swimming outside in a pool, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t start having fun with water! Aren loves to play outside with her water table, and could pour water from cup to cup for hours. It’s the perfect activity to help little hands with an important life skill!

Don’t have a water table? Create your own pouring station with a plastic bin and various sized cups. Add some food dye to the water and see what happens! (Definitely do this outside. Not on your beige carpet. Trust me.)

Kids of all ages love playing with water blasters, which is perfect when the weather is warm! Don’t want to squirt each other? Practice writing names or ABCs on the driveway with the water. Or try to make a water drawing on the sidewalk with sponges before the sun can make it evaporate.

Maybe get the whole family outside for a car washing party – turn on some music and play with the soap and water!

Sometimes we just can’t wait for summer and have to hit the indoor waterpark for one exhausting day of fun. The big kids love the water slides, while I’m just fine staying in the kiddie pool with the babies. No big slides for me, thanks.

Toddler washing hair with Snip-Its shampoo and conditioner

When we start swimming in any pool, I want to make sure our hair is well taken care of. I use kid-friendly hair care from Snip-Its, which is designed with kids in mind. The naturally based, plant derived and allergen-free ingredients are formulated to be gentle on kids’ sensitive skin, hair, and eyes.

Snip-Its makes a swimmers solution shampoo that is perfect for washing chlorine and residue out of our hair (yes, I use it too!). I love that it doesn’t strip our hair of natural oils and leave it looking stringy. We follow up with No Yellin’ Melon, the creme conditioner that adds moisture and nourishment. It’s safe enough to use daily, especially on thicker or coarse hair that seems dry.

Laugh a Lot

Some of you know that Kaiden is a jokester. I have shared some of his jokes on Facebook, and the kid keeps us in stitches! We all love to joke in our house, and my mom jokes are never-ending (much to my kids’ dismay).

I think some of our best times together are when we all just start laughing, not worrying about cleaning or homework or responsibilities. Just enjoying our time together and truly having a blast.

Pick up some joke books from the library and let the kids read some jokes aloud after dinner. Ask your smart home assistant (if you have one) to tell you a joke. See how many puns you can think of that are related to a theme (sports themes are a hit with my kids, and potty humor always brings a chuckle).

MyWish4U Lunch Notes

Better yet – surprise your kids with a laugh when they least expect it! These Lunch Notes from Me! from MyWish4U are the perfect size to slip into your kids’ lunchboxes.

Just tear one sheet off the pad and slip next to a sandwich. It’s a great way to let your kid know you’re thinking of them when you aren’t together! The notes contain facts, jokes, and riddles that your kids will look forward to reading each day.

Pretty soon their friends are going to want to know what their notes say too! MyWish4U Notes aren’t just for lunch – they are great for day camp, sleepovers, and even when the kids just get SO bored in the car.

Want to strengthen your kids’ memory? When they get home, ask them what the fact or the joke of the day was.

What does your family do to help beat spring fever? I’d love for you to comment below! I may need to add a few more tricks up my sleeve soon!

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