8 Homeschooling Ideas to Make Learning Fun

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After teaching special education for 12 years, I learned a couple of things. For one, it’s easier for kids to learn when they are engaged and interested in what you’re teaching. And two, kids are more likely to be engaged in learning when they can do fun, hands-on activities. If you’re looking for homeschooling ideas to make learning fun, then read on for our top tips and favorite homeschool resources!

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Our Homeschool at a Glance

Right now, I’m only homeschooling my 11 year old son who is in 6th grade. My 2 and 4 year old are in school most days (early preschool and pre-kindergarten), but we do have educational activities for them at home as well.

While I’m glad I’m not struggling to manage 4 or 5 different grade levels and curricula at once, I do have a little challenge. My son was in the GT program at school with all advanced/accelerated classes… and he has ADHD.

Plus I work full-time from home.

That means I have to be organized and have plenty of ways to keep him going so we don’t both end up hating every moment of homeschooling.

For the majority of his 6th grade instruction, we use an online program called Power Homeschool. We also supplement with a few more lessons on Khan Academy, and I assign a couple of pages in his BrainQuest workbook or a Milestones workbook.

But that’s all “boring” to him.

What he really enjoys are the hands-on and interactive materials that make homeschooling more fun!

The Loog Pro VI acoustic guitar

Loog is a wonderful brand known for making beginner’s learning guitars at an affordable price. Most of their guitars have 3 strings so a first timer can get used to the feel of playing chords. (Aren has the 3-string Loog Mini Acoustic Guitar.)

The Pro VI is their first 6 string guitar so those who feel ready can start learning to play all 6 strings. It’s designed for 12 year-olds and up, so your teens – and even you – can enjoy learning how to play the guitar.

loog pro guitar

They also supply you with flashcards showing how to play each chord, and their app shows you how to tune your guitar, lessons on learning each note, some mini games to get you used to playing, and teaches you how to play some popular songs!

If you or your child have felt any interest in learning something musical, I highly recommend the Loog guitar.

What on earth books’ music book

This music book boasts an 8-foot long fold-out graphic timeline presents the history music around the globe, from 60,00 years ago to the current day and age. It includes noteworthy music and musicians, how different genres started, as well as the histories of music and how they’re linked to different cultures and regions.

what on earth music book

The graphic doesn’t stick just to European styles of music, it branches across the entire world. I know my kids are going to get a larger exposure to music of all cultures and not just the small European portion they teach in schools.

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Square Panda Phonics Playset

This one is something I personally was excited for. We all know that kids are very sensitive towards learning in their early years and absorb information like a sponge, right? This Square Panda Phonics playset allows for you to make screen time reading time. You’re able to get your child a head start on reading while still keeping them engaged with fun activities.

This one is perfect for supporting reading readiness in ages 2-8, the time when they’re still learning new words and how to use them. The game adapts to your child’s preferences and progress, tailoring itself to his or her needs and where they’re at with reading and what they need to work on. The more they play, the greater the customization.

square panda

The playset connects to your iPad or android, and they place the letters on the tablet as the letters are shown on your device. This way, they’re learning to play in a multisensory environment, allowing for more areas of their brain to be engaged and boosting how much they’re going to learn and retain information.

I would highly recommend anyone with a child ages 2-8 or with a child that struggles with reading abilities get the Square Panda Phonics Playset.

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iPLay ilearn toys’ solar system jigsaw puzzle

Everyone loves a good jigsaw puzzle, right? Right.

This Solar System Jigsaw Puzzle has a cute space theme, with all the planets as well as comets, stars, asteroids, and astronauts, so you can make this fun activity have a bit of a learning kick to it!

explore planets puzzle

Since it’s wood, you also don’t have to worry about easy tearing or it getting messed up due to wear and tear. Perfect for any child who loves puzzles.

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Little Partners’ Deluxe Learn and Play Art Center Easel

This one is for the creative kids, or if you just need to put all their arts and crafts in one place and don’t have anywhere to store them now.

This easel features a chalk board, magnetic dry erase board, parchment paper feeder, AND a shelving unit where you can store their supplies in the provided boxes. Quite the steal if you ask me.

art easel

Plus, it comes in different colors so you can customize to either your kid’s preferences or your current home decor. Aren and Rowen are already smitten with theirs, allowing me to have some alone time to write this post for you. This is perfect for any young artiste (ar-TEEST) to learn how to express themself and their budding creativity. Highly recommended!

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Active Chair’s wobble chair

The wobble chair is a fun little device that are perfect for anyone, regardless of age. Active chairs promote natural body movement and can improve spinal positioning as well as muscle stimulation. They also help to maintain straight posture and therefore their attention.

wobble chair

It’s a cute design! A sturdy base that allows your child to shift as they need without fear of falling over. It’s a simple and easy way to work out your child’s restlessness in a safe and manageable way!

Circuit Blox

For all you STEM lovers out there, these last two are for you!

circuit blox

The Circuit Blox includes 72 different fun projects for your child to learn how to build. This kit will help you teach them about electricity, current, and voltage, as well as how things like lights, motors, alarms, and switches work.

It’s also compatible with their other building brick sets, so if you have one of those you can expand their learning horizon! We enjoyed messing around with this one and seeing all the different was we could make a light switch.

Haba USA’s Hubelino Pi Marble Run Set

This marble set is for some of the older kids, combining fantastic physics tricks and creativity with construction for all-around fun. Your kid has to construct a daring marble run racetrack and watch the acrobatic skill of the marble on the run that they’ve set up. Hubelino Pi is also compatible with other building bricks if you wish to expand the creativity and spread the Pi world.

Haba marble run

If any of these activities have caught you or your kid’s eyes, I’d definitely suggest you go ahead and get them! You won’t regret investing in your child’s education and their fun.

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