Date Night with a Baby

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It may sound counterintuitive, but it IS possible to have a successful date night with a baby! Maybe you’re a new parent and you aren’t quite ready to leave baby at home with a sitter. Or maybe you want to get out of the house, and you can’t get a sitter! Either way, I’m here to tell you how to have date night with a baby and STILL have fun.

Date Night with a Baby: Look for a kid-friendly locale

I don’t mean for you to eat at Chick-Fil-A next to the play area (although that’s certainly an option!). Rather, opt for a restaurant that has kid-friendly foods or even an area for kids to play. Maybe a cafe with outdoor seating and a grassy area or climbing structure, if you have a toddler? If your baby is young, pick a spot that isn’t too loud, and snag a table in the back. With luck, your little one will sleep through the meal!

Go for a walk

If you babywear, try strapping the little one to your chest and head out. Not a fan of wearing babies? Throw the stroller in your car! A walk through the park is relaxing, or a stroll through the mall can be fun if the weather is nasty outside. A little window shopping, hand holding, and people watching generally makes for a good time.

Mom and Dad going on date with toddler, using Lily Jade Diaper Bag

Plan a picnic

A picnic lunch or dinner is generally good for babies of all ages, as long as the weather is nice. Toddlers can run around and pick up leaves. Crawlers can…well….crawl. And babies can just lie there like the cute little lumps they are. A little fresh air and sunshine may just give you the reset you need! Don’t forget to pack an umbrella or other sun protection for the baby.

Get fancy

If you are a stay-at-home-mom, you may feel like you spend most of your days in spandex and spit up.

Don’t worry. You aren’t alone.

Mom going on date night with baby wearing lily jade diaper bag

Make the night a little more special and dress it up! Pick out a flattering dress, or throw on some clean jeans and cute shoes. A few accessories will make you feel like more than just “mom” again.

For the ultimate accessory, take your Lily Jade diaper bag along for the night. The full grain leather makes this bag look and feel luxurious, and the details add a little extra oomph. I have the Meggan bag in camel and it is perfect for every day or for a night out! It holds EVERYTHING and doesn’t even look like a diaper bag.

Lily Jade Meggan Diaper Bag holding many baby essentials

Check out the inside – the gorgeous color really makes the bag pop, and the organizer helps me keep up with everything I need to entertain two little ones on the go! And the straps are versatile – you can wear with the handles on your shoulder, crossbody, or as a backpack.

Think outside of the box

Get creative and plan a date outside of the norm. Here are a few ideas to try:

  • Play mini golf – wear the baby on your back!
  • Grab ice cream and eat outdoors
  • Go to an arcade or game place
  • Go bowling with an older kid – set them up with their own lane and then bowl with your spouse
  • Catch an early movie that is kid-friendly, especially if the movie theater lowers volume during the day
  • Visit the museum, aquarium, or zoo. Push the baby in the stroller while you walk around and chat.
  • Visit a bookstore that has a coffee shop – let your toddler/kid look at books while you enjoy the quiet
  • Stay home! Put the kids to bed so you can…do whatever you like 😉
Mom and dad on date night with baby using lily jade diaper bag

Want a closer look at a beautiful Lily Jade diaper bag? Check out this video!

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