Weekend Family Fun | Outdoor NERF Battle

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Looking for a fun activity for some parent/teen bonding? How about a friendly competition with the NERF RIVAL SATURN? Create memories and excitement as you take your skills to the next level with this fun activity.

Nerf Rival Saturn

This post is sponsored by Hasbro, but all opinions are my own. NERF is a trademark of Hasbro used with permission.

Like any father and son, Arien and Theo like to get a little competitive. Between different video games, board games, and almost any game you can think of, things can get a little rowdy!

One of their favorite ones is a NERF battle – a good-natured competition they’ve done over the years and still enjoy today. NERF battles are a fun bonding activity for parents and teens, I personally think that you’re never too old for some good competitive fun!

When Arien and Theo battle, they each get their own NERF Blaster and hit a target as many times as they can, trying to see who can hit it the most. Recently they upgraded to the NERF RIVAL SATURN to take their fun to the next level.


The NERF RIVAL SATURN Blaster is maybe the coolest NERF product we’ve tried. The Saturn includes a 32 inch long blaster – which is almost 3 feet, making it the longest NERF Rival blaster ever! It holds 10 official NERF Rival rounds, and comes with a reactive target that flips when you hit it.

NERF RIVAL SATURN and reactive target

It also boasts the ability to launch rounds at a velocity of 90 feet per second, with the option of pumping each round one at a time or 10 all at once. With all of this available for under $40, you can have hours of fun at a great price. (Parents, make sure to check your local Walmart’s endcaps or shop online HERE to grab The Saturn and some protective eyewear!)

The NERF Competition

When battle time rolls around, these guys are pumped. Each armed with their own NERF Blaster, they set up their targets with some banter and ribbing. Both are convinced they’re going to win.

I stand behind them so I can watch the fun.

dad and son nerf competition

Both guys have their own methods and blast their targets with strategy that matches their personalities: Arien is quicker and unleashes his rounds rapidly, while Theo is methodical and precise with each round. The speed and intensity added to the excitement as we progressed through multiple rounds of target blasting with tons of laughter in between.

dad blasting NERF target

We were all pretty amazed at the speed of the rounds exiting The Saturn, as well as the precision that they hit the targets! At 90 feet per second, those rounds go fast!

son blasting NERF target

The guys switched things up and had a few battles side-by-side, to see who could hit their target the most AND the fastest. Then they also took turns going after their target individually. Each time, we were excited to see those targets flipping after every strike!

dad and teen son bonding

Of course, Arien had to do the dad thing and give Theo a few lessons on aiming to hit his target with those rapid-fire rounds. Luckily Theo listened and we all cheered as those high-impact rounds bounced off his target during their next battle!

dad and son nerf targets

In the end, Arien and Theo both left the battle with fist bumps and positive attitudes. While we lost count of who hit their target the most, we all won by having a fun afternoon together. I’m guessing I’ll find them both honing their skills by challenging themselves to reach a personal best before their next competition together!

collection of NERF products

Parents make sure to check Walmart or walmart.com to get your own NERF RIVAL SATURN Blaster and other accessories to plan your own weekend family competition. If you have a dog, pick up a couple of NERF products for your pup to join the fun too! IT’S NERF OR NOTHING!

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