5 Fun Bets for Couples (with Consequences and Rewards!)

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These fun bets for couples are a creative way to add a little spice and excitement to your relationship! Whether you are newly married, dating, or have been together for many years, you’ll enjoy these ideas for fun bets couples can use.

Want to mix things up a bit? Add a little friendly competition to your relationship and light a fire under the both of you to work towards your life goals? A little healthy competition can go a long way for couples looking to have fun and accomplish more and with the right bet, the reward is well worth the effort you have to put in.

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The Best Bets for Couples: Fun and Simple Ideas

When looking for a couples’ bet that is fun and simple, look no further than your current goals, daily to-do lists, and household chores. By adding a bit of competition to the situation, you make things a bit more fun and give you and your partner a reward for putting in the hard work.

Look for wager ideas that encourage you as couple to reach your goals or simply find ways to squeeze a bit more quality time into your life together.

fun bets for couples

Here are some fun bet ideas that will create memorable moments in a good way.

1. Who can fill a change jar first?

Grab some matching glass jars or coin banks and see who can fill theirs with change first. This is a great way to encourage you both to use cash for expenses to help make sticking to a budget easier.

After your jars are full you both benefit from being that much closer to one of your financial goals when you turn in those coins.

2. Who can earn more on the stock market?

Do you have goals to build stock portfolios with one of the popular stock market apps that allow you to buy small shares of stock? These programs are great for making small steps towards big goals and they can be the perfect place for a little friendly competition.

Amanda Seghetti and Husband research life insurance policy

Each week you both get the same amount to invest as you see fit. At the end of each week or month, the person that earned the most profit off their stocks wins the round and whatever you chose for the reward.

At the end of the entire process, you both win by having stock portfolios that help you reach your financial goals.

3. Who can finish their to-do list first?

This is a great way to make the most of the weekend and have some fun too! Put together two to-do lists – one for each of you – that are similar in length and difficulty. Then get going and see who can finish their list first.

The race to see who finishes first can make those boring chores a lot more fun. The best part is you both win by having more time to relax after! Spice up the challenge a bit more by adding in a fun bet like the ones below.

4. Who can get a child to bed first?

For couples with more than one young child, this can be a fun way to make bedtime a little less stressful. Because you both pull out all the stops to be the one who wins, you both benefit from having extra time together before bed. Turn down the lights and relax while you spend together as a couple after the kids are in bed.

Depending on how much time you have, you may want to plan a paint and sip date night at home!

date night at home on couch

5. Who can stay away from their screens?

These days we are all so attached to our phones that we tend to get lost in them. That means scrolling through social media when we are bored instead of connecting with each other.

One good bet idea is to see who can stay away from their phone and computer for a whole day – assuming it’s a day neither of you have to work. Not only is this a fun way to be competitive, but you can also use that time to try some new things together!

The best possible result with this bet? You both tie for the win.

Consequences and Rewards: What Does the Winner of the Couples’ Bet Get?

You can’t set a wager that encourages anyone to do anything if you don’t have a good reward worth winning. These bets are perfect for your next wager as a couple. Choose a fun bet that will push you and your partner, to try but keep it light and fun to avoid putting a strain on your relationship.

Here are our top picks for good bet consequences (or fun punishments) to consider for a friendly wager.

Loser makes a coffee run

This simple reward is a great idea for couples that love coffee. This can be a great incentive to win the next bet. Even better, print up some coupons the winner gets to turn in to the other to claim that coffee later when you need it most one morning.

Don’t like coffee? Make the loser go pick up lunch for a fun twist everyone loves.

Loser makes dinner

Win your next bet and take a night off from cooking dinner. This is a great incentive to have for doing something neither of you really want to do, even though it isn’t a difficult task. The person who wins gets to relax for their night while the other gets kitchen duty.

Lifestyle Blogger Amanda Seghetti using multicooker to make paleo chili recipe

Want to make the wager a little more appealing? The loser of the challenge could have to cook the winner’s favorite foods, or even serve up a romantic candle-light dinner!

The winner chooses your next date

Betting to see who can earn more on the stock market or fill their money jar first? How about the winner of this bet has the incentive of getting to choose where you both go together on your next date night. It could be a dinner date with tons of fun activities, or a simple way to just spend time together.

This one is a great option for weekend to-do lists. Once you’re both done you can go out on a date to the winner’s choice. Either way, you both win right?

Check out these fun date night at home ideas we’ve found!

The winner gets the remote

Planning an at-home date night after the kids are asleep? Challenge your partner to see who can get their assigned kid to bed faster is a great way to see who gets to have control over the remote. The winner of the bet can decide what movie you will watch while you relax together.

Everyone wants to be master of the remote control, and this ensures there’s no arguing over whose turn it is. This is also a great way to end your argument on what Netflix series you will both watch next!

Mystery date

Wanna spice things up a bit? Make a plan for the loser of the bet (or the winner) to be the one to plan a mystery date that the other is 100 percent out of the loop on. This can bring some mystery and suspense into the relationship and make for a fun opportunity to get out and try something different together.

Date night with a baby

Loser has to try the winner’s hobby

Put some big stakes on the line and make the loser try the winner’s favorite hobby. This is a great way to get some quality time together and makes for a great opportunity to get to know each other a bit better.

Besides, you may surprise yourself and have a lot of fun trying something new!

Loser has to sing karaoke

If you wanna up the ante and maybe embrace the loser a bit, why not bet that the loser has to get up on stage and sing on your next date. This is a fun one that can really help you two come out of your shell and try something new. You may want to be a good sport and hop up on the stage with them if you win.

Which of these fun wagers is your favorite? Do you have more ideas for funny bets for couples that we should include?

No matter which bet or reward you choose, you’ll definitely have fun with these creative ideas for adding some healthy competition and excitement to your relationship and romantic life!

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