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The day has finally arrived – my oldest daughter is going to her first prom. I can’t believe she’s old enough for this! I think many parents can relate to the mixture of emotions I’m feeling: excitement, nervousness, nostalgia. But above all, I want this to be a happy and memorable experience for her. Which is why I wanted to make sure she was able to have her “perfect” dress, shoes, and accessories for prom! We decided to shop for everything on Amazon by using Amazon Teen and had an amazing experience!

How Amazon Teen Works

With Amazon Teen, teens (ages 13-17) can shop independently on Amazon with their own login while still keeping their parents informed of purchases. If parents have Amazon Prime, they can share select Prime benefits with their teens including Free Two-Day shipping, Prime Video and Twitch Prime at no additional cost. I was able to set a $300 spending limit for Hunter, so that she could budget her dress, shoes, and accessories as she chose. She used the Amazon app on her phone to search for what she wanted and added her choices to the shopping cart. After she completed her shopping, Amazon sent me a text to inform me that her choices were ready to be approved.

I was actually very pleased with what Hunter chose! She managed her budget well enough to include a beautiful dress, a pair of heels, a pair of flats to change into once her feet start hurting (smart thinking!), jewelry, a dress to wear to the after party, and a “prom-posal” teddy bear to give to her friend! I may have encouraged her to add in a set of photo props, but otherwise all of her choices were perfect! I read over the reviews of the dresses and shoes to make sure she was going to be happy with the material and fit, and everything looked great. All it took was the click of approval from me and her order was placed and on its way!

The Dress

momblog amazon teen prom dress

Those of us who had to shop for prom the “traditional” way know that it can be difficult and frustrating to find the perfect dress! Driving to various stores with a certain color or style in mind with the possibility that they may not have what you’re looking for. Amazon Teen makes prom shopping super easy by allowing your teen to filter their search by color, price, and Prime availability. Hunter was able to find exactly what she was looking for with a quick search, without ever leaving the house! Thanks to customer reviews, she knew just what size to order for the perfect fit.

The Accessories

Hunter picked two pairs of shoes for prom: a beautiful embellished pair of heels that will look fabulous in photos, and a more practical pair for dancing and late-night shenanigans.

momblog amazon teen prom shoes

momblog amazon teen prom shoes ballet flats

She also found the perfect jewelry to match both her prom dress and the dress she will wear to the after party. I think her favorite find is the prom-posal teddy bear she plans to give to her friend. Such a cute touch that just adds to a fun night of memories!

momblog amazon teen prom jewelry

momblog amazon teen prom jewelry

The After Prom Dress

Because Hunter was able to budget so well with her dress and accessories, she had enough money left to find a more casual dress for the after party. Knowing that everyone will be playing video games and laser tag at a local amusement facility, she did not want to wear her formal dress and risk ruining it or being uncomfortable all night. So she chose a gorgeous green dress to change into. She will still be able to feel like a princess without worrying about a fashion snafu on a bumper car!

momblog amazon teen after prom dress

Our experience with shopping for prom on Amazon Teen has definitely been a positive one. As the parent, I appreciated being able to set spending limits and having the final say on what Hunter wanted to order. And, of course, she appreciated the autonomy to be able to make her own choices and decisions within reason. Now that everyone is happy and everything is in order, there’s only one thing left to do: have fun!

momblog amazon teen prom photo props

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