Life with Four Kids

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I was scrolling through my Facebook memories yesterday and I saw an old status that said, “I don’t know how moms of 2+ kids do it. I’m struggling with just the two I have!”

And yet, here I am with four kids. What in the world was I thinking??

I can’t even tell you what a typical day is like because they are all so different. Some of them are amazing and I go to bed at night with a smile on my face. And then some days are a total disaster and I collapse into bed hoping I can get some sleep.

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With Hunter entering her senior year of high school, I have all of the anxiety of a mom about to lose her first born. She visited CU Boulder again this weekend, solidifying her decision to attend college there. I can’t believe in just one year she will move out. And we have ALL of the senior “things” to do this year! Pictures next week, applying to college and AFROTC, prom, graduation, senior events… It’s overwhelming.

And then there’s Kaiden, entering fourth grade. Seriously, FOURTH GRADE?!! He’s practically in middle school already! Fourth grade is that part of elementary school where they aren’t babies anymore. They are the big kids now. The junior class of elementary. He just learned to ride his bike a couple of weeks ago, which means he is becoming more and more independent. On top of that he is about to have some major life changes (all positive), and I just feel like he’s growing up so fast.

I mean, if you could see how quickly he goes through shoes, you’d agree.

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My little Aren hardly seems so little anymore, especially when I compare her to Rowen. She’s still my peanut but she’s so big! She’s beginning to say words correctly now – apple is no longer bapa – which just makes her seem even older.

I’d be ok if she’d go ahead and learn to use the potty though. I can’t deal with her taking off a poop diaper and putting her hands in it. NOPE.

And then there’s Rowen. He’s six weeks old today and he has already lost that newborn look. He smiles and is starting to coo. Every now and then he will sleep for a few hours and I can do ALL THE THINGS! I even cleaned my entire refrigerator last week. It felt amazing!

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There are going to be days that I feel pulled in every direction. Hunter is going to want me to visit a college with her, but I will have to say no because Rowen screams in the car. Aren will want me to snuggle her to sleep but I have to send in her dad because Rowen needs to nurse. Hunter and Kaiden will have school events on the same night, and I’ll have to miss one of them. And then one day Hunter will have a teenage attitude, Kaiden will pick a fight with her, Aren will put her hands in poop and Rowen will scream and refuse to sleep ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

But I will always have enough love in my heart for all four of them.

They will all be my babies, no matter how old they are.

And I will enjoy all of the little happy moments I have with them.

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Before Rowen was born, I knew I wanted to have a set of themed shirts for the kids to wear. I couldn’t think of what I wanted them to say, but I knew I would find it in a small shop. I just happened to run across Little Faces Apparel when I saw a friend mention it on Facebook, and their shirts were perfect!

Little Faces Apparel sent me this set of shirts to photograph and I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out. If you are looking for sibling sets or ideas for pregnancy announcements, you should definitely check them out!

DSC 0093 - Amanda Seghetti

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