As a former personal trainer and group fitness instructor, exercise and fitness is a huge part of my life! Read these posts for home workout ideas, fitness tips, and reviews and results of home workout programs.

You can find all of my fitness web stories here! Tons of workouts and fitness tips for you!

Home Workouts

Looking for some home workout ideas, or maybe just some new exercises to switch up your workout routine? These workout plans are perfect for you!

mom and kid yoga poses

Mommy and Me Yoga

Fun partner yoga poses for mommy and her little yogi

ballet exercises at home

Ballet Exercises

At-home barre workout using ballet exercises for a full body fitness routine

banded lateral walks close up

Glute Min Exercises

Target those smaller gluteus minimus muscles with this squat-free booty workout

Plank variations including reverse plank

Plank Variations

Over 25 different plank variations to challenge your core

total body workout

Total Body Strength Circuit

Work your whole body in 10-15 minutes!

baby wearing INSANITY onesie

Mom and Baby Workout

Simple workout for postpartum moms and their little ones

Garage Fit wooden plyo box

Plyo Box Workout

Challenge your body with these power moves

full body strength workout

Full Body Strength Workout

Grab your weights and work your whole body

Stealth Plankster gift guide for fitness lovers

Christmas Workout

Get your jolly on with this 25 Days of Christmas Workout!

circuit workout strength and cardio

Strength and Cardio

Get sweaty with this circuit workout that combines strength and cardio for a calorie torcher!

Upper Body Workout With Surge Storm

Upper Body Strength

Create instability using the Surge Storm in this upper body strength workout

rear leg raise stroller workout

Stroller Workout for Moms

This 20 minute stroller workout keeps you moving

cat cow exercise for improved posture

Posture Exercises

Protect your back with these 5 easy posture exercises (no equipment needed)

Lifestyle blogger Amanda Seghetti demonstrating scapular retraction

Exercises After Shoulder Surgery

A full week of workouts that are safe to do after shoulder surgery

toddler doing home workouts for kids square

Home Workouts for Kids

Get the kids moving with these fun home workouts for kids (and parents too!)

resistance band chest exercises with Amanda Seghetti

Chest Exercises

Workout anywhere with these resistance band chest exercises

resistance band shoulder exercises square

Shoulder Exercises

Grab your resistance band for these shoulder exercises

kettlebell press

Kettlebell for Upper Body

Try this kettlebell upper body workout to sculpt those arms

balance board mountain climbers exercise

Balance Board Exercises

Work your core with these balance board exercises

under butt exercises

Under Butt Workout

The best under butt exercises to lift your booty

abs exercises while pregnant

Core Work in Pregnancy

Core exercises that are safe during pregnancy

Fitness Gear

Fitness recommendations, product reviews, and must-have equipment

Stroops strap for glute press

Home Gym + Fitness Must Haves

What every home gym really needs

All focus on fitness babbleboxx products

Focus on Fitness

What busy moms need to keep their focus on their fitness goals

best sports bras for nursing and pregnant moms

Best Sports Bras for Nursing & Pregnant Moms

Our tops picks for the sports bras that give support for pregnant or breastfeeding moms

fit mom essentials

Fit Mom Essentials

All the essentials for the fit mom

Mom and kid partner tree pose square

Yoga Books for Kids

Great books to teach kids yoga

using apple watch with future fitness app

Future Fitness App

My review of the virtual personal training app

hylete outfit with medicine ball

Equipment to Lose Weight

The best equipment to help you lose weight

best compact treadmill for home

Best Compact Treadmills

The best compact treadmills to use in your home

compact elliptical

Best Compact Ellipticals

Check out the best compact ellipticals for small home spaces

best squat rack for home gym

Best Squat Racks

Build your home gym with these squat racks

best recumbent bike for home exercise

Best Recumbent Bikes

The best recumbent bikes to use in your home

yosuda indoor stationary bike review

Yosuda Bike Review

Check out this full review of the Yosuda stationary bike

Fitness Tips and Weight Loss Info

URBNFit pulse foam roller

Foam Rolling Tips

How to use foam rolling/self-myofascial release to help with muscle soreness

neck stretches on sofa

Stretches for Muscle Pain

How to heal muscle pain at home with 10 easy stretches

Basic Squat is a good leg exercise at home

Time Saving Fitness Tips

Always have time for your workout with these time saving tips

red bell pepper stuffed with quinoa

Weight Loss Plateau

Reasons for a weight loss plateau and how to overcome it

honeycrisp apple cocktail

Alcohol vs Weight Loss

How drinking alcohol can affect your weight loss goals

Cheeky Chickadee mommy and me leggings stretching up

Weight Gain with Exercise

Why you may gain weight with exercise and what to do about it

Fitness Nutrition and Supplements

Tips and advice on supplements and nutrition to help you meet your goals.

natural bcaa powder


How BCAAs can help with fitness

yoga & the whole30

Yoga & Whole30

How yoga and Whole30 can work together for full body wellness

sitting on yoga mat with coffee and ancient nutrition collagen

Collagen for Moms

The importance of collagen and how it affects your body

Fitness Professionals

Are you a fit pro or thinking of becoming one? Here are a few articles with advice on fitness professional topics.

schwinn cycing instructor certification manual

Schwinn Cycling Instructor

My experience with Schwinn Certification

NASM Personal Fitness Training textbook


Why I decided to become a NASM Certified Personal Trainer – again

Other Fitness Tips and Articles

48 motivational and inspirational quotes about new beginnings


Some of the best motivational and inspirational quotes about new beginnings

my experience at club pilates

Club Pilates

My experience working out postpartum at Club Pilates

amanda seghetti doing piyo flip while pregnant

Fitness While Pregnant

My thoughts on fitness during pregnancy

rolled up yoga mat square

Clean Your Yoga Mat

Best tips for getting your yoga mat clean

ChaLEAN Extreme Challenge Pack with Shakeology

Challenge Time

The first fitness challenge I ever did

exercise at 6 weeks postpartum

Postpartum Exercise

Working out again 6 weeks after having a baby

amanda seghetti showing yoga pose before shoulder surgery

Shoulder Surgery

My experience with repairing a torn labrum and biceps tenodesis

colfax marathon

Colfax Half-Marathon

5 reasons to run the Colfax

treadmill in basement

Running in Winter

How to train for a half-marathon in the winter

funny running quotes

Funny Running Quotes

Hilarious running quotes, jokes, and puns