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Summer will be anything but boring this year with Zo Zo Zombie! This hilarious character is making his way into our homes and our kids can’t get enough. Here are our top 5 reasons your kids will love Zo Zo Zombie too!

Zo Zo Zombie unboxing

Zo Zo Zombie is hilarious

Zo Zo is not a typical creepy zombie. He’s a lot like a normal kid… only he’s dead.

And he’s pretty gross, but in a really funny way.

Like most kids my son’s age, Zo Zo seems to find himself in trouble one way or another. He has kids laughing out loud at his antics, as he uses his various body parts to help him fix his situation.

When Zo Zo pulls his eyeballs out to better see a problem, you just can’t help but say “ew” and laugh at the same time!

If your kid likes gags, slapstick humor, and good-natured gross outs, then they will LOVE to laugh along with Zo Zo and his friend Isamu.

Zo Zo is relatable

Zo Zo may be a zombie, but he still acts a lot like a normal kid or tween. He has a best friend, Isamu, who he hangs out with often. If Isamu has a problem, Zo Zo is right there to help him out.

Like rushing off to school together so they won’t be late!

Zo Zo Zombie box

Zo Zo and Isamu go to school and do normal kid things – going to the movies, playing around the house, and playing sports.

And of course, like every other kid, there’s always some kind of problem – like trying not to break great great great great grandma’s spit bottle – that he has to find his way out of.

He roots for the underdog

Zo Zo can be described as a zombified cross between a boy scout and someone who can’t stand to see the underdog kept down.

Unlike zombies we’ve known in the past, Zo Zo isn’t about eating your brains and scaring helpless victims. But he will go after a bully in a heartbeat!

Er… a heartbeat may not be the best measurement of time for a zombie, but you get the idea.

If anyone crosses his friend Isamu or encourages injustice in the world, Zo Zo is there to set things straight.

And he will probably use one of his body parts to do it.

The animation is fun modern anime

Anime has gained popularity in recent years, especially among kids and tweens. There’s just something about that style of animation that makes a show that much more fun to watch.

Zo Zo Zombie Outta Toilet Paper

It’s easy to laugh at Zo Zo’s kidney flying around when it’s drawn in a simple anime-style and not with realistic and gory detail.

Not to mention, the captions that appear in some scenes just add to the humor. I don’t want to get too specific and give anything away, so you’ll just have to watch it to see what I’m talking about!

Zo Zo is easily available on YouTube and Crunchy Roll

No need to worry about subscribing to another streaming service or finding Zo Zo in a sea of television channels. Zo Zo Zombie launched on YouTube and Crunchy Roll in April!

And the fun doesn’t stop in April… episodes will be rolling out all year long.

Subscribe to Zo Zo and make sure to watch the new episodes weekly! And if you’re skeptical about Zo Zo (it’s ok to admit it, I was skeptical too), give it a shot. I can pretty much guarantee you and your kids will have a chuckle watching it together.

zombie fun items

Zo Zo Zombie Unboxing

Kaiden and I were able to get a sneak peek of Zo Zo Zombie to be able to share the show with all of you. This box full of zombie themed items was just what we needed to get in the Zo Zo mood!

Kaiden and I really enjoyed the episode clips we were able to preview – and Kaiden is rewatching them with Aren as I speak.

Kids are going to love Zo Zo because zombies are just cool. And gross. But also cool.

Parents are going to love Zo Zo because he is good-natured and not the scary/gory zombies we grew up seeing. He also teaches good lessons and has admirable character traits – so we don’t mind our kids being exposed to a little positivity in a zombie body!

Kaiden as Zo Zo Zombie eating booger lollipop - Amanda Seghetti

Want an idea to make watching your first episode even more fun? Grab a bandage and some red food coloring gel and give your kid (or yourself) a little zombified brain drain like Kaiden. Don’t forget to say “grahhhh”!

Zo Zo Zombie box contents - Amanda Seghetti

Are you excited for Zo Zo Zombie? Head over to check it out and let me know what you think!

Fun zombie show on YouTube and Crunchy Roll!

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