The Perfect Graduation Outfit from Stitch Fix

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This post is sponsored by Stitch Fix, but all opinions are my own. This post also contains affiliate links through which I may earn a small commission at no additional charge to you.

I’ve been using Stitch Fix off and on for a few years now. I love getting new pieces for my wardrobe, whether they are basics or fun new pops of color. You can see my March Stitch Fix unboxing and try-on video here. What I had never tried before was requesting a complete outfit — until now. Hunter’s graduation ceremony is next week and I did the silliest thing…

I accidentally packed up all of my nice clothes in moving boxes. Seriously.

I wanted something cute to wear to her graduation, but I had no time to go shopping! Not to mention, shopping with two little ones is not fun at all. And of course digging through a garage full of moving boxes was out of the question. So I asked my stylist to send me something I could wear – either a nice dress or a skirt and top, with accessories to complete my look. I was putting a lot of trust into my stylist to get it right on the first try. And this is how it turned out.

Becru Lace Detail Blouse

This top ended up being my favorite piece out of my entire Fix. I am in love with the light material and the feminine detail. So cool and breezy for warmer weather. It also has a tie closure in back and the lace gives a little peek of my lily tattoo! It’s great with this outfit but I can also wear it again with distressed jeans for a more flirty look. Versatile pieces are always a win for me!

White blouse and blue skirt | Colorado lifestyle blogger, Amanda Seghetti

Deandra Skirt

This skirt is probably something I wouldn’t have chosen for myself, but I love the color and the pattern! And that’s usually how it goes – my stylist sends a piece that is outside of my typical choices for myself, and then I love it. It’s like having a friend gently pressure you into trying something new haha.

Stitch fix skirt and blouse from may 2019 full outfit

The best thing about this skirt is it has just a bit of stretch, so I don’t have to deal with an uncomfortable zipper. It will continue to fit as I lose some weight (or if I happen to gain a little, oops!), so it will be able to fit for many seasons. The material is a medium weight, making it not too hot but not super flimsy either. The length is also modest without being overly conservative, which I like.

Melanie Knit Tunic Blazer

Navy blazer | Colorado lifestyle blogger Amanda Seghetti

I never would’ve thought of choosing something other than a cardigan to keep my arms warm, so this navy blazer was a pleasant surprise! The ¾ sleeves make it a great choice for Colorado spring weather – not too warm, but just enough cover to keep the chill away. This is another piece that can be worn over dressy clothes like this outfit, or over a t-shirt and jeans for Friday night fun. I really love when my stylist gives me pieces that are versatile and can be worn in a variety of ways. It keeps my closet fun and keeps my clothing budget low (which my husband can appreciate!)

Estella D’Orsay Overlap Flat

gray suede flats from stitch fix may 2019 f

Shoes are one thing that I’m always nervous to let someone else choose for me, but my stylist nailed this pair! The light gray color will match tons of outfits in every season, and the style is subtle yet super cute. The material feels slightly suede, so the texture just adds to the appeal. Plus, being comfy is a bonus!

Woods Beaded Wrap Necklace

wrap necklace from stitch fix may 2019

And for the finishing touch, my stylist included this simple necklace. I rarely wear loud or super obvious jewelry, and she knows it. The silver necklace with small blue beads is just enough to set off the blue colors in my skirt and blazer without overpowering the outfit.

Here’s my Stitch Fix unboxing and try-on video for this outfit:

Go ahead, get your Fix!

Stitch Fix has been a lifesaver for me, especially after having Aren and Rowen. I always dread shopping for myself, and being able to get away to shop alone feels impossible! Plus, I just don’t have the TIME to go shopping. Stitch Fix can help me by adding a variety of clothes and accessories to my closet, sending me a complete outfit like this one, or they can even send me multiple sizes of the same item so I can find my perfect fit!

My stylist, Cassandra, also gives me extra styling options for the pieces she sends, so I get to try different ways to wear my new clothes. I keep my Pinterest board updated so she knows what my style is like and what to send my way.

When I fall in love with every item in my Fix, I get a 25% discount for keeping all of them. That usually works out to mean that one of my items is basically free!

You can try Stitch Fix for yourself by clicking through my link, and get $25 credit toward your first Fix!

I’d love to hear what you think – do you like any of these pieces I’ve shared here? If you try Stitch Fix for yourself, please share with me so I can see your Fix! It’s so fun to experience everyone’s different styles!

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