Sleeping Like a Baby with the Newton Crib Mattress

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This post is sponsored by Newton Baby, but all opinions and cute baby photos are my own.

There are many ways life is different by the time the fourth kid comes along: laundry piles start resembling the Rocky Mountains, the 5 second rule becomes the 10 second rule, and sangria definitely becomes accepted as a fruit salad (same for gummy fruit snacks). What doesn’t change, however, is the anxiety moms face when it comes to sleep. We all worry about sleep safety and want to do what’s best for our little babes.

newton crib mattress

So when Newton Baby offered to send me their crib mattress to try out with Rowen, I did my research. And then I enthusiastically said HECK YES! Here’s why:

  • The Newton Crib Mattress is 100% breathable, washable and recyclable. That’s a yes, yes, and yes for me!
  • It is Greenguard Gold certified – showing it is free of chemicals and toxins and has no off-gassing. My nose is super sensitive to off-gasses, so that is definitely not something I want my baby rolling around in.
  • It’s perfect for both babies and toddlers – firm enough for your little one but cushy enough for your growing toddler.
  • It is made for max airflow – helping to regulate body temperate and help baby stay asleep longer (so I can help myself to another serving of “fruit”!).
  • Sit down for this one… It’s fully washable –  the cover goes directly into the wash, and the inner core can be sprayed down in the shower or tub for a completely hygienic crib environment. Diaper blowouts don’t stand a chance!
  • And at only 11 pounds it’s super easy to maneuver for changing sheets or cleaning up messes.

newton crib mattress

I even took their Breathe2Believe Challenge and am happy to say it really is a breathable mattress. Pressing my face to the mattress and breathing (without any weird smells, I might add) makes me that much more relaxed about Rowen sleeping in his crib. Because of his reflux issues, he sometimes naps on his tummy. I can feel much more relaxed knowing that this mattress will help him to be able to breathe freely.

newton crib mattress
Doesn’t he look super tiny from this angle?

I can honestly say I’m not even sure what mattress I used with Aren (for those rare times she would even sleep in her crib), but I can’t say it met any of the above bullet points. I’m pretty sure Hunter or Kaiden’s mattress had some toxic waterproof plastic cover. While I’m not going to upset myself by thinking about that (know better, do better – right?) I am glad that I’m able to give Rowen the safest sleeping environment possible!

For more info on the Newton Crib Mattress, click HERE.

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