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When my husband and I were first dating, we did all kinds of things – bowling, movie dates, eating at yummy restaurants in the city. He even took me to my first basketball game, which I loved! Two kids later, our date nights have changed. Now we schedule a fun date night at home, like this fun couples paint and sip activity that I recently planned!

We like to keep our date nights pretty healthy, since we are both trying to stay fit and work toward our health goals. Sometimes our idea of a fun date is working out together! Other times we find ways to make some swaps to keep ourselves on track. Here’s how our recent date night went.

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How to plan a fun date night at home

To have a fun date night at home, you only need a few things:

  • something to eat (whether it’s a mean or a snack)
  • something to drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic)
  • something to do

We decided to go with a charcuterie board full of healthy-ish foods, some wine, and a paint night at home. After we knew what we wanted, it was easy to put it all together!

Charcuterie Board of Low-Sugar Snacks

We put together some snacks that we both love that fit inside our meal plans. A bowl of air-popped popcorn, some fresh fruit, and some yummy meats and cheeses were perfect for snacking while we enjoyed each other’s company.

healthy snack charcuterie board for date night

It isn’t the fanciest charcuterie board I’ve ever seen, but it was good enough for us!

We try to keep our sugar intake down when we can, just because it makes us feel better. Berries are fairly low in sugar, and of course, the meats and cheeses and popcorn are low too. Grapes have more sugar than the berries, but it’s all about portion control.

FitVine Wine

Red wine is one of my weaknesses, and it used to be one of my “treats” that immediately got cut when I wanted to be serious about reaching my fitness goals. Wine typically is pretty high in sugar and many of the added ingredients in wine just didn’t make me feel good.

I recently tried FitVine Wine, although I was a little skeptical at first of a wine that was supposed to be clean-tasting with less sugar.

We’ve all experienced those “better for you” cookies and crackers that taste like cardboard. You know what I’m talking about.

But I REALLY love enjoying a glass of wine, especially on date nights, so I gave FitVine a shot. And y’all — it was a WIN.

FitVine Wine closeup

FitVine Wine was created for wine lovers who are active, who have dietary restrictions or are just looking for a better fit. Their goal is to craft wines that fit the active, healthy lifestyle of people like me and you, and our friends and family.

Not only do they taste good (really, they do), but they have less sugar than other wines, fewer tannins, and fewer calories. They are still full of flavor and have the same ABV as other wines though! Really, I can enjoy a full glass of wine and not feel like I’m missing out on anything.

date night at home on couch

No flavor additives, gluten free, keto, paleo, and vegan friendly… FitVine Wine is definitely a good fit for our lifestyle. I’ve found it at a few different stores in my area, but you should be able to find it at Walmart, Publix, or Whole Foods. Look for a location near you and check it out on your next shopping trip!

Couples Paint Night At Home

I always wanted to go to one of the paint and sip locations for a fun date night, but my husband and I never got around to it when we were dating. Then we had babies, and well… you get it.

So I decided we would just do our own paint and sip date night at home! I had a spare canvas that was leftover after Kaiden’s water gun painting activity at his birthday party. Plus, a paint night at home is way more budget-friendly than what we would pay at a public location.

couples paint and sip for at home date night

Plus we could paint in our pajamas if we wanted to. Even better!

Supplies Needed:

Paint Night Ideas

We considered a few different paint night ideas.

  • recreate a famous painting like Starry Night or the Mona Lisa
  • use a YouTube step-by-step painting tutorial similar to a paint and sip class
  • side-by-side or mirror image painting where two canvases create one scene
  • portrait paintings of each other
  • “blind” painting (where you paint the canvas without actually looking at it)

In the end, we took one of our ideas and changed it to be something unique!

How We Did Our Paint Night At Home

Our idea was to split our canvas down the middle and both paint half of a scene. Arien suggested an afternoon at the beach (which sounds amazing), so we set up some beachy-colored acrylic paints and got to painting!

snuggling on date night at home

We didn’t really talk a lot while we were actively painting – other than some jokes here and there – but we both reflected on the activity a little bit. I actually caught myself a few times, wanting to suggest that he paint something a certain way.

We had to work together to decide how much of the canvas to use on the sand, the water, and the sky. I originally thought it would be more of a sunset scene, but after he painted his entire sky blue I realized there wouldn’t be the reddish orange sky I had originally envisioned.

And that was ok. I just adjusted my art and went with it.

When we finished, Arien commented that the canvas really reflected our personalities. My half of the painting was much more “complete” because I always try to do things as perfectly as possible. His half is more like his typical attitude of doing what needs to be done without a lot of embellishments.

cheers with fitvine wine

Except for that crab — but that’s just how Arien is, and it makes me smile.

This canvas painting activity could be as meaningful or as superficial as you want to make it, but I definitely think it is a great date night activity that you should try!

bottles of fitvine wine

Other Budget Friendly At Home Date Night Ideas

If you are looking for other at home date night ideas that won’t break the bank, try some of these:

  • Vino and Vinyasa – enjoy a glass of FitVine Wine while you loosen up with some yoga
  • Steamy movie date night – grab your drinks, snacks, and a hot movie (and lock the door!)
  • Have a tasting party with a few different wines, cheeses and meats
  • Play a board game and let your competitive streak show
  • Treat each other to a spa experience with pedicures and a massage
  • Cook up a brand new recipe together and spice things up!
  • Play a video game together – yes, really. Dance games can be lots of fun!
  • Turn down the lights, turn up the music, and dance in the bedroom or kitchen
  • Make a friendly bet and have a fun competition with each other!

Check out lots of great date night at home ideas here!

Want to get out of the house but can’t leave the kids at home? Check out our tips on having a date night with a baby!

Make sure to pin these at-home date night ideas for later!

DIY Paint & Sip Couples Date Night At Home
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