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Today I’m sharing my Club Pilates Review and I’m going to be real with you guys. (I always am, but like this is totally transparent.) When Club Pilates invited me to take a few classes to try them out and share my experience with all of you…

I was scared. Like legit nervous.

I’d seen the reformers at other gyms. I had done some Pilates-style workouts before. But I had never taken a Pilates class.

And when you aren’t really sure what to expect, it can be a little intimidating!

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Doing a Club Pilates Workout Postpartum

I was a little concerned because I just had Rowen 6 months ago, and I really didn’t exercise much during these past 6 months. My postpartum body was recovering, I didn’t have a strong core, and I was nursing an injured shoulder.

So you could say my fitness level was pretty low.

My body still knows how to exercise, but it has been a while before I had done any very strenuous full-body workouts.

And after having 3 other kids before Rowen, I knew that restarting postpartum exercise could be difficult – both physically and emotionally. I am that person who just hates feeling weak! But I knew I wouldn’t get strong again if I didn’t start somewhere.

I let the staff at Club Pilates know my concerns so they could help me find classes that were the right fit for me. After confirming that I didn’t have any issues with diastisis recti (a common postpartum issue), they suggested some classes to get started!

My first class would be Reformer Flow 1, a beginner class to make sure I understood the foundation of Pilates. Then I would take Reformer Flow 1.5, the next progression after Flow 1. My third class would be Cardio Sculpt (for high energy/low impact exercise), and finally I would take Suspend (a class that incorporates TRX® suspension training ).

Here’s how it all went down.

Club Pilates Reformer Flow

I’ll just review Club Pilates Flow 1 and 1.5 together because they were similar classes with a slight difference in difficulty.

The Reformer Flow classes are Club Pilates’ signature contemporary Reformer classes aimed to strengthen and lengthen your entire body. Classes flow from the Reformer to the Springboard, EXO-Chair, Mat, TRX®, and other equipment – providing a different experience in every class.

We spent most of Reformer Flow 1 on the reformer, which was actually pretty fun. I liked the gliding motion the reformer gave – it kinda made me wonder if that’s what exercising on the moon would feel like! The gentle resistance made for a nice burn in my legs with very low impact.

We incorporated some moves on the springboard later in the class and did some ab work on the mat at the end.

Momblogger Amanda Seghetti using reformer at Club Pilates - read her complete postpartum workout review!
The Toe Sox are pretty fun!

In Reformer Flow 1.5, the class style was pretty similar. I could tell the instructor slightly shifted explanations and expectations to fit members who had mastered the base knowledge of Pilates. It was less “beginner” and more “let’s step things up a little.” Another difference was using light weights to add just a little more difficulty to the arm movements.

I really felt like Flow 1 was the perfect place for me to start. Even though I have a history of HIIT and heavy lifting, being able to really take things slow and find my core was a good feeling. So often, exercise is all about moving fast and breathing hard (and trust me, I was doing some hard breathing in Pilates!), and we forget to maintain proper alignment in our bodies.

Momblogger Amanda Seghetti exercising her arms with springboard at Club Pilates.

Another thing I really loved – even though it’s a group class, you don’t really see the other people. Lying on the reformer, you mostly look at the ceiling or glance at the instructor. So it feels like you’re getting a one-on-one training session!

And seriously – Club Pilates has amazing instructors. They notice your form and will ask if you’d like help adjusting your body for better alignment. I always appreciate someone helping me exercise more safely!

Plus, the better I’m able to execute a move properly, the better results I know I’ll get.

Warming up on the Reformer at Club Pilates

Club Pilates Cardio Sculpt

Two things about Cardio Sculpt:

1. It was a killer workout! and…


After trying four Club Pilates classes, I think this class was my favorite. I just LOVE getting a nice burn and feeling strong at the end of a workout!

In this class, we were actually jumping with the reformer. It really ramped up the intensity without adding a lot of impact. Cardio Sculpt is great for giving an aerobic workout that doesn’t stress your joints.

Club Pilates also states that jumping on the reformer has been proven to increase bone density! Great for women who want to avoid osteoporosis as they age (and also for younger women as well!).

Momblogger Amanda Seghetti working her core on the pilates reformer at Club Pilates in Greenwood Village, Colorado

These straps were another little contraption that I loved. They are so versatile ! Good for working muscle groups in new ways that you didn’t know existed, and also good for getting a good stretch at the end! I could’ve continued those stretches all day. Such a good feeling!

I really felt like my body was lengthening throughout these workouts. My core was definitely sore after every class, letting me know that I was staying engaged properly.

This was a great class, very high energy, and one of my favorite workouts of them all.

Club Pilates Insider Tip: I could tell that this class was one that should be taken after attending some of the beginner/introductory classes. It’s best to have that strong foundation and skill level before joining this fast-paced class.

Get an amazing core workout with these fun plank variations!

Club Pilates Suspend

Real talk (a little embarrassing): This class was a little more advanced than what I was truly ready for. I knew that when I agreed to take it, but I wanted to try it out and see what it was like. Plus I wanted to be able to give you guys my honest opinion!

It was definitely a level 2 in difficulty. And while a “level 2” doesn’t sound like much – there’s a reason Club Pilates has classes at levels 1, 1.5, 2, and 2.5. There’s quite a difference as you move up to higher levels.

I had not had much experience using the TRX straps (translation = almost zero experience), so I wasn’t sure how to adjust them at first. With the help of my friendly pilates instructor and a classmate next to me, I caught on quickly. (Side note = again, a foundational knowledge of the equipment and moves are recommended before jumping into a more advanced Suspend 2 class.)

Momblogger Amanda Seghetti doing a plank with feet in the TRX straps at Club Pilates.
Knee pull planks with the TRX straps
Healthy momblogger Amanda Seghetti does abdominal exercises on Bosu.
I promise I’m smiling on the inside!
Georgia healthy lifestyle blogger Amanda Seghetti doing leg circles on mat.
My booty was on fire!

This class challenged me in ways I hadn’t experienced before. I love that it has the backbone of classical Pilates, with a modern approach that incorporates the TRX straps, weights, and Bosu ball.

Club Pilates recommends Suspend as an athletic fusion class to supplement those who run, golf, play tennis, cycle, and more – and I have to agree! Excellent cross-training to keep the core strong and muscles balanced.

Recommended Equipment for Classes

All of the exercise equipment you need for the different classes is included at Club Pilates! But there are a few things you’ll need (like socks) and some optional items as well:

  • Grip socks – you’ll need these in every class. I used ToeSox, but there are traditional style socks too.
  • Water bottle – this water bottle is my favorite.
  • Comfy clothes – a comfy sports bra and stretchy pants are recommended, and a cute top can be fun
  • Yoga mat – I didn’t take my own yoga mat, but you can if you prefer
  • A positive mindset and excitement to learn – not sold at Amazon 😉
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Try a Class Yourself!

I hope my Club Pilates Review was helpful if you were interested in checking it out. After each class type, I literally walked out the door smiling and full of energy! It is such a great workout and I can’t recommend these classes enough.

But the best way for you to know how great it is – is to try out Club Pilates for yourself!

Whether you are 18 or 68, an experienced fitness buff or a beginner, there is a class that is perfect for you. Sign up today and see for yourself!

Looking for Club Pilates studios in the United States near you? Check out their class locator!

Have you had the Club Pilates experience? Tell me all about it in a comment below!

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