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If you’re looking for an indoor bike to add to your home gym, the Yosuda exercise bike is one to consider. The Yosuda brand offers some of the best indoor cycling bikes for a smooth ride at an affordable price. To help you decide if this bike is the right one for you, I’m sharing my full Yosuda bike review including my opinions after using it in my own home. (Spoiler alert: It’s definitely on my list of recommended indoor exercise bikes.)

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yosuda indoor stationary bike review

Yosuda YB001 Technical Info

Yosuda currently offers four different indoor cycle bikes, and I have the YB001 model which I would consider one of the basic models. Its upright design doesn’t take up much space, which is important if you don’t have a ton of storage space for bulky fitness equipment.

Here are the bike’s specs (assembled):

Length: 40 inches
Height: 46 inches
Width: 22 inches
Weight: 70 pounds (approximately)
Resistance Type: Friction
Max User Weight: 270 pounds

Bike Features:

  • sturdy and durable heavy-duty steel frame
  • heavy flywheel (35 pounds) with silent belt drive
  • adjustable infinite resistance level to simulate real road riding
  • adjustable seat (up/down and forward/back)
  • adjustable handlebars (up/down)
  • anti-skid cage pedals for safety and comfort
  • brake pad is pure wool for noise reduction (additional brake pad is included)
  • water bottle holder attachment
  • LCD monitor to display time, speed, distance, calories burned and odometer
  • tablet holder on handlebars for users of fitness apps
  • transportation wheels on front base to easily move the bike around

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Click here to see the bike on the Yosuda site

My Personal Yosuda Bike Review

The bike was delivered pretty quickly in a heavy box. At about 70 pounds, it could be a challenge for anyone who needs to move the package up or down stairs (we moved ours to the basement). If moving the entire box at once is too much, you may benefit from unpacking the box and moving the parts down separately.

I didn’t weigh the main portion of the bike by itself, but it would be much easier to handle and move than a bulky box, if needed.

Assembling the bike

Assembly was a breeze. The Yosuda spin bike comes mostly put together. There are only a few bolts, washers, etc that need to be used to attach the base, seat, handlebars, pedals, LCD display, and iPad holder.

Two tools that are needed are included, so you don’t need any additional tools or equipment at all.

yosuda yb001 bike parts

Some online reviews stated that it took less than an hour to assemble. It actually took me only 30 minutes, including unboxing and being interrupted by my husband and dog a couple times.

The instructions were very clear and easy to follow (if you can handle Ikea assembly instructions, you can definitely follow these!).

Bike design and features

The bike itself feels very well-made with its sturdy steel frame. To me, it seems comparable to commercial spin bikes I’ve used at my gym – just without some of the bells and whistles.

While the LCD screen can show your time, distance, and other important stats, it doesn’t have a heart rate monitor capability. For me, that isn’t a feature I care about too much. I would probably get more accurate heart rate measurements from my Apple Watch than a bike anyway.

yosuba stationary bike lcd display

For anyone who has spent a long time on a stationary bike, you know that a super important feature is a comfortable seat. Luckily the padded seat on this bike is really good and even has a cutout in the middle for extra comfort.

It’s super easy to adjust the seat height up, down, forward, or back between users too.

bike seat

The tension knob is really easy to use, and you just turn the adjustable knob to your desired level of resistance. While fancy bikes with a digital monitor for adjustable resistance may be cool, they really aren’t necessary in my opinion. Manual adjustments are just as effective when you’re exercising, and it helps to keep this bike in a more affordable price range.

I think the iPad mount is another great feature on this bike, as many people love to use the Peloton app (or other interactive fitness program) – but you don’t actually have to spend the $$$ on a Peloton! This basic bike is a great product that can provide intense workouts without the extra cost.

I personally don’t have a use for the water bottle holder, since my water bottle is more like a water jug and doesn’t fit. But it’s a feature most people would find helpful, so I’m glad it is included in the design. You definitely need to stay hydrated while you ride!

Riding the Yosuda Indoor Stationary Cycling Bike

After adjusting the seat and handlebars to my liking, I climbed up onto the comfy seat. It definitely has a good shape and amount of cushion – but if you’re sensitive to bike seats, you may want to add one of those gel seat covers. Totally a personal preference though.

amanda seghetti riding indoor bike

The toe cages are easy to use, and my shoes slip into them easily and stay put for the duration of the ride. I felt like I had a good pedal stroke, and got started with my workout without any issues.

The 35 lb flywheel felt like the perfect weight for a steady and smooth ride. This bike definitely gives a quieter ride than some that I’ve had with different stationary bikes in the past. The felt pad on the brakes was also very quiet and easy to use, finishing off a smooth workout experience.

Final Thoughts on the Yosuda Indoor Cycling Bike

I used to always think that I needed to shop for popular name brands or expensive equipment in order to get something that was good quality. It has taken me over 40 years, but I’m finally learning that this just isn’t true.

Yosuda wasn’t a brand that I was previously familiar with, but they definitely build quality products without the ridiculous price tags. If you’re looking for affordable stationary bikes, I’d definitely recommend checking the Yosuda brand.

yosuba indoor bike

They don’t currently have a recumbent bike option (I think they are more comfortable than upright stationary bikes), but they do have a few of the best spin bikes – including one with magnetic resistance as well as desk bikes for those of you who want to get a little workout at the office.

The compact design of this bike makes it a great option for someone who doesn’t have a lot of space in their home. The rollaway wheels also make it really easy to pull out for a quick workout and then put away again. And if you’re in an apartment or need to keep your workout time quiet to not disturb neighbors or sleeping kids, the quiet ride from this bike is going to be a huge plus for you!

To get a closer look at this and other bikes from Yosuda, head over to the Yosuda website. You can also order directly from them (use coupon code AMANDASEGHETTI to get 5% off), or you can order from Amazon (be sure to check the price there too because sometimes you can find a coupon for additional savings!).

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