Review of the Future Fitness App: Virtual Personal Training

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I have been using the Future Fitness app for about a month now and I am extremely impressed with how much it has improved my fitness. The experience is very similar to having a personal trainer in your pocket, which makes it really easy to stay motivated. It is completely personalized for you, just as it would be with an in-person personal trainer. You just pick your trainer, let them know your goals, and then get started! It’s as simple as that!

The Future Fitness app is great because it takes all of the guesswork out of getting fit and healthy while still being a fun tool at the same time. Here I’m sharing my honest Future Fitness review and details on how it has worked for me!

future workout with virtual trainer

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What is the Future Fitness app and how does it work?

Future is a virtual program that connects you with the expertise of an elite personal trainer to help you stay on track with your fitness goals. Getting started is super easy.

  • I set up my profile within just a few minutes, adding details about my goals, any injuries or concerns, and the exercise equipment I have access to.
  • Selecting a coach was fast – there are so many knowledgeable coaches to choose from. Originally I thought I wanted a female coach, but after reading Jaime’s background and experience I knew he was the perfect fit for me.
  • I scheduled a time to chat with Jaime via FaceTime. We talked and went over my hobbies, lifestyle, injuries, equipment, goals, and nutrition. I told him about my injuries, that my job requires me to sit and use a computer a lot (which is more important than you may think!), and what types of workouts I like and dislike.
  • He explained that my workouts would be developed to include things I enjoy (strength training, woohoo) as well as exercises and stretches to improve my mobility and further reduce pain. He then told me when my workouts would start and made sure I was all set for day 1!

My workout plan appeared in the app a few days later and was customized based on my weekly schedule (I love that I can choose the days to workout, and Jaime can adjust my exercise days and rest days based on busy days, vacations, etc). It’s perfect for people who are on the go because the workouts can be customized for days where you may not have a lot of space or equipment to exercise!

No excuses! That’s exactly what I need.

Future pairs well with an Apple Watch so you can control your workouts right on your watch. I open the app on my phone and get started. I have the option to watch a demonstration of the moves on my phone, or just control the workout right from my watch.

using apple watch with future fitness app

Why I decided to use Future

After a year of inconsistent workouts (thanks to 2020 in general, plus frequent neck and upper back pain that popped up every time I started a new exercise plan), I really wanted to get back into a good fitness routine. One of the hardest things for me is being consistent, and I needed a way to stay accountable.

I also wanted to make sure I was doing exercises that were going to be the best fit for my body and my goals. Even though I have a personal training background, I don’t know everything! I had just finished about 6 week of physical therapy for the tightness in my neck and I really didn’t want to do anything that would cause further issues.

And honestly – I wanted to be strong again!

Knowing that I would have an expert trainer helping me along the way and keeping an eye on my activity and progress (the Apple Watch doesn’t lie, y’all!) was the perfect combination I needed to reach my goals.

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Future Workouts: A closer look

I know you are probably wondering just WHAT these workouts look like. No worries – I have screenshots for you!

My workouts start with some movements for self-myofascial release (that’s foam rolling for tight muscles) and some stretches. After stretching and warming up, the workout starts.

pigeon pose stretch

My personal workouts consist of 3 moves (usually a push or pull type of workout) that I rotate through three times. Then I have another pair of moves that I go through for the number of reps my trainer has given me.

On this particular day I did a pull workout – which included some single arm dumbbell rows, single leg deadlifts, and a core exercise. After that, I moved on to glute bridges and one of my least favorite (although very effective) upper back/shoulder exercises that I grew very familiar with in physical therapy.

bent over row

During the workout, Jaime’s voice would occasionally appear to give me extra tips on a particular exercise or to keep me motivated to stay strong. He also asked me to video myself doing goblet squats so he could observe my form and offer corrections if needed. I thought that was a pretty cool way of getting feedback!

conversation with personal trainer in Future app

Each move included a video demonstration, verbal instructions to complete the workout, the number of reps or time for each move and weight to use (if needed). The weights were merely a starting point though, and I could adjust my dumbbells up or down to where I needed them to be. I could also adjust the number of reps I completed, if something ended up being too difficult.

I always finish each workout with a bit of feedback for Jaime – with comments to let him know it went well, anything that was really hard, questions for him or notes about anything I needed to modify. Jaime always gets back to me pretty quickly with a response, which almost makes it feel like he is right there with me.

Pros of using the Future Fitness app

There are definitely some pros of using the Future Fitness app. One of the most important benefits is that you don’t need to use equipment or go to a gym. This makes it easy for those who work and lead busy lives with kids, jobs, etc., making time difficult. Your trainer may recommend equipment that will help you (Jaime suggested I try out TRX, but purchasing additional equipment isn’t necessary).

Which brings me to another point – they don’t push ANYTHING.

Some trainers or gyms tell you that you need their equipment, program, supplements, or nutrition plan. That isn’t the case with Future, which is nice. The focus is all on your personalized workouts and you.

Another pro of using the app is how customizable it can be. Based on how you’re doing with your workouts, your trainer can adjust things to fit in with progress you make, any problems that may arise, travel you have planned, etc. No boring workouts here! My workout plan is designed around what I like to do, as well as what I NEED to do.

One more thing I like about this app is that the coaches are the real deal!

Over 80% of Future coaches have trained pro, collegiate or Olympic athletes; 95%+ have a bachelor’s degree in exercise science, and a majority of them also have a masters degree. My trainer, Jaime, used to be the head performance coach for the New York Rangers. Like seriously?? That’s pretty amazing!

Future app trainer Jaime Rodriguez

The app itself is very easy to navigate and offers just what I need without being overwhelming or having too many bells and whistles that distract from its main purpose.

Cons of using the Future Fitness app

While Future is a great program, it does have a minor few areas of improvement.

First, with some of the warmup exercises and stretches, it doesn’t give me the option to foam roll both sides of my body. For example, the quad foam roll doesn’t specify to roll out your right leg and then your left, so I was only able to roll one leg before moving on to the next stretch. It’s possible this is just a glitch, and it’s something I easily remedied by just rolling my other leg before moving on.

Second, while I have been lucky enough to get really fast feedback from Jaime (sometimes within minutes of sending a message), there are times when I may have a question about an exercise and he isn’t able to give me immediate feedback or see my form – unlike an in-person trainer would be able to.

I haven’t had any issues with this myself, but I can see where it could be a potential concern for other clients.

single leg deadlift exercise

However, there’s also the flexibility of being able to workout whenever and wherever you want, with super prompt responses as soon as your coach is available! It’s pretty negligible, but one worth noting.

Third, while I love that I am able to do my workouts at home with the equipment I have on hand, there are other clients who probably prefer all of the equipment and features that a gym has to offer. This would mean that they would need a gym membership in addition to a Future subscription – but honestly that’s no different than having a trainer at a gym.

And in my experience, Future is a more affordable option than many gym trainers!

4. Overall review of the Future Fitness app 

Overall, I really love Future and all that this program has to offer. For me personally, this is exactly what I needed. I don’t want to join a gym, but I’ve wanted a personal trainer to help guide me through my workouts with a program that is perfect for me.

I love the flexibility and accountability that I get with Future, and my trainer is pretty amazing! Having him check in frequently to see how I’m doing has been super motivating, and it keeps my fitness goals fresh in my mind (even on rest days haha).

Future is a great tool for people at any stage of their fitness journey – from beginner to advanced athletes.

If you are ready to recommit to your fitness, train for something, want to improve your strength or just be more consistent with your workouts, you should definitely give Future a try! You can get 50% off your first month of Future by clicking here and seeing what they have to offer!

Feel free to drop a comment below or send me a DM if you have questions about Future! I’m always an open book and more than happy to chat. Stay healthy!

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