Fun Home Workouts for Kids (+ Parents!)

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Whether you’re a homeschooling mom, a family stuck at home with cabin fever, or just looking for an energy outlet on a rainy day, you know that getting the kids moving every day is important! Sometimes those same old exercises get more moans and groans than you want to here. These fun home workouts for kids are a great way to add variety to your exercise routines – and they have been kid tested and approved by our family!

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Choose Your Own Adventure Workout (+Printable)

I named this one the “Choose Your Own Adventure Workout” because each kid chooses an exercise move from the cup and then you do each one for a minute! You only need a timer (or a phone or watch) to keep track of how long you do each move.

Crawl like a crab, walk like a robot, hop like a bunny… the more you get into character with each move, the more fun it can be!

Click here to get your free Choose Your Own Adventure Workout Printable!

After you print the exercises, cut them apart and put them into a cup or bowl so they are randomized. You or your child can choose an exercise and then do that exercise for 1 minute.

Then when the minute is up, choose a new exercise!

toddler doing home workouts for kids

The workout can last as long as you want, but I recommend 10 minutes for young children and 20 minutes for older kids.

The only move that we don’t do for a minute is burpees. We just do 10 of those and then stop – sometimes it takes less than a minute and sometimes longer.

Watch our video to see a demonstration of each of the moves.

Don’t forget to turn on some fun music for your workout! This Spotify playlist has jungle animal songs that you can enjoy while you exercise.

Dance Workout for Kids

One of our faaaavorite ways to squeeze in some exercise is to just have a dance party!

Some of our favorite times to have a dance workout:

  • While preparing breakfast
  • After breakfast
  • Making lunch
  • After nap (for the littles)
  • Making dinner – seriously, the kitchen is perfect for dancing
  • While washing the dishes
  • While washing the car
  • When vacuuming
  • As we put away the toys
  • Outside on the deck
  • Sitting in the carpool line (ahem, or sometimes at red lights)
  • While waiting for the bath to warm up
  • Before bed – not always the best idea, but I can’t help it!

Clearly, we love to shake our booties any chance we get. And lucky for my kids, their mom loves to sing along too! Loudly and off key. Especially Disney songs.

You don’t really need any special songs to get a dance party started, but we do have a few playlists that we love. Check them out for inspiration:

Our Spotify playlist “Seghetti Kids” has a variety of kids’ songs that my kids love at the moment. Laurie Berkner Band, Veggietales, kids’ tv show theme songs, and of course a few Disney movie songs are on there.

Another favorite playlist is full of songs that have fairly popular dances associated with them, like Cupid Shuffle, Cha Cha Slide, and YMCA. The other songs are just feel-good songs that we can’t help but dance to when we hear them!

Parental notice: I’m 99% sure there is no explicit language in these songs, but you may want to preview to be sure. Sometimes I miss things.

Want to take your family dance workout to the next level? Turn on a LED bluetooth speaker to add some colorful lights, or pass out glow sticks for the kids to play with!

Might as well make a TikTok video while you’re dancing!

Obstacle course workout for kids

An obstacle course can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be, and it’s still guaranteed fun for the kids!

I created this fun obstacle course (click to watch the video) for my 3 year old as a surprise one day. She LOVED it. It was a little above the 21 month old’s head, and all he wanted to do was pull up the tape everywhere.

Don’t tell him I told you this – but my 10 year old son really loved this too!

I used painters tape to make lines and arrows on the floor. It’s easy to pull up and doesn’t leave a sticky residue or damage the finish (as long as you don’t leave it down for days!). This colored painters tape would be even more fun though!

Get creative and add in as many over/under obstacles as you can. Jumping on furniture is always fun.

You can also take your obstacle course outside when the weather is nice! Kaiden had to create his own obstacle course as one of his school assignments (he had to include some geometry concepts, as you may see in the video).

Just a little sidewalk chalk is all you really need here – and some creativity of course!

Alphabet Workout from A to Z

Alphabet exercises from a to z

This is a fun workout that you can do a few different ways.

  • Spell your name by doing the exercise for each letter.
  • Spell some other word by doing the exercise for each letter.
  • Put alphabet magnets (the ones that were on every grandma’s refrigerator) in a bucket and pull out a random letter, then do that exercise.
  • Exercise your way through the entire alphabet from A to Z!

Another twist on the A to Z work out is this spell your name workout activity for kids. So much fun!

Home Exercise Equipment for Kids

Want something you can just pull out and let the kids exercise independently? Yeah, I know those days. When you just want to drink your coffee while it’s hot and not have to lead another activity.

I got you.

Here are some of our favorite activities and kid-friendly equipment to encourage movement:

Hapinest Turtle Steps for Balancing

balancing home workouts for kids on turtle rocks

Hedgehog Balance Pods

Hedgehog balancing

Mini Trampoline

preschooler jumping on little tikes mini trampoline

Outdoor Trampoline (read the full Zupapa trampoline review here)

jumping into splits on zupapa trampoline

American Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course Set

american ninja warrior obstacle course race kit

The most important thing for kids is to get in exercise each day and have fun while they do it!

Don’t miss my mom and baby workout and my stroller workout to get moving with the little ones!

Fun Home Workouts for Kids

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