6 Weeks Postpartum and Ready to Exercise!

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Yesterday was my six week postpartum checkup and my doctor officially cleared me to exercise again! My body has healed up, and while I have felt good for a few weeks now, I wanted to get the word from my doctor before I did anything too strenuous. It will not help me reach my goals if I get injured when I’m wanting so badly to get stronger.

Ready to exercise after my 6 week postpartum appointment!
Ready to exercise after my 6 week postpartum appointment!

So with the green light from my doc, I came home yesterday and completed my Upper Fix workout from the 21 Day Fix home exercise program. I’m still only using 5 pound dumbbells until I can build up my strength, but it felt REALLY good to get that workout done. I am a little surprised by how difficult pushups were for me; I only could do 12 pushups in one minute, and those were modified pushups on my knees. Not letting that discourage me though, as I know I will be able to build up my strength as long as I stay consistent and keep working at it.

Postpartum lower body exercise on stairs
Stairs for lower body exercise. Good enough for today.

Not all of my days will be as successful as yesterday was though. Today was supposed to be a lower body workout, but little miss fussypants didn’t want to sleep. So I improvised! I strapped her to my chest and walked up and down the stairs, repeatedly, as I tried to get her to sleep. Easy workout for me, even if it didn’t help her nap this time. Maybe later we can do a few squats together? Hey, sometimes you just have to be creative!

I plan to do my best to stick with the 21 Day Fix workouts. I am much better at being consistent when I have a plan in place. I’ve been somewhat successful with my nutrition and meal planning, although some days I don’t get to eat enough food. It’s hard to keep up with all of my meals when I’m holding a baby or stuck nursing her to sleep half of the day. I’m doing my best, and making good choices most of the time! And for now, I’m ok with that.

What is your current workout plan? I’m always looking for new ideas, so share with me!

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  1. Oh how I remember those first few months of trying to figure out how I’d fit it all in…workout, baby, training clients…you have a great mindset of doing what you can, when you can. I remember doing the SAME thing on the stairs – I also would do calf raises or lunges with one ofthem in the carrier and sometimes heck it did work getting them to sleep! #momlife

    keep it up!

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