Top 7 Fit Mom Essentials

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When fitness is your job, you find yourself trying out a lot of different gadgets and products. Fitness tools, supplements, schedules – everything gets tested to see what works. I have had many friends ask me, “Do I really need this?” To keep my suggestions all in one place, I’ve compiled my list of top 7 fit mom essentials. Here they are:

1. The Right Shoes

Yes, you really do need the right shoes depending on what activity you are doing! The shoes I use for running are not the same shoes I use for hiking or fitness classes. There are many great brands out there (I love Brooks for running and Nike or Asics trainers for classes), but make sure they are appropriate to your activity. You can visit your local running store to get fitted for the perfect shoe for you.

2. Athletic Leggings

A post shared by Amanda Seghetti (@amandaseghetti) on You’ve heard the horror stories of yoga pants that are see through. You do NOT want to be that person at the gym (or Target, because we know we wear leggings everywhere). Make sure whatever pants/tights/leggings/capris you get are squat tested and not see through! My hands down absolute favorite pants are the Stripes Chaturanga Capri from Athleta. They are comfy, they are cute, and the stripes make your booty look GOOD. As soon as I’m not pregnant, I’m getting back into those yummy pants. I miss them.

We’ve all hear the horror stories of pants that didn’t pass the squat test. Nobody wants to be caught wearing see-through leggings at the gym (or in Target, let’s be honest). A good pair of leggings can be a life changer for you. My all-time favorite pair is the Stripes Chaturanga Capri from Athleta. They are comfy, cute, and the stripes actually make your butt look good. If you scroll down my IG feed, you’ll see them everywhere. As soon as I have this baby, I’ll be wearing them again!

3. Adjustable Dumbbells

These days, a lot of my workouts are at home. It’s just easy to squeeze in a workout early in the morning or during nap. I can’t always make it to the gym (and Aren hates the daycare). I love using my Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Dumbbells because I can make them light or heavy, depending on what moves I am doing. Plus I don’t have to worry about having a ton of different weights cluttering up my basement! This is one purchase that has been used a LOT.

4. Resistance Loops

These little colorful torture devices are a must-have for every mom. They are light, affordable, and pack a punch like you wouldn’t believe. Want to work on building those glutes? Grab a resistance loop and work your booty! If you plan to travel and want to keep up with workouts, throw these in your luggage. There are a ton of moves you can do with these, and they are super effective!

5. Foam Roller

After you’ve burned your muscles out with a workout, you need to help them recover. Foam rolling is super important to keep your muscles from becoming overly tight and unbalanced. Runners who experience knee pain often need to roll out tight muscles (and strengthen their glutes with those resistance loops I just told you about). There are a few different kinds of foam rollers out there, just make sure you get one and use it often.

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6. Hydration

You guys hear me preach the importance of water all the time, but sometimes your body needs more than that. I am loving BODYARMOR and BODYARMOR LYTE sports drinks for superior hydration. Naturally sweetened and containing coconut water, electrolytes, and vitamins that my body needs, it’s what I reach for when I’ve had a hard workout. And bonus: BODYARMOR LYTE only has 20 cal/serving. The flavors are delicious (peach mango is my fave), and I feel good knowing I’m not putting artificial sweeteners in my body. Moms in the Denver area can find LYTE at King Soopers, Safeway, and Target. And grab a few extra bottles if your kids steal your drinks like mine do.

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7. Protein Sources

It’s super important to make sure you get enough protein each day, and so many of us fall short. The easiest ways I have found to get enough protein are with chicken, eggs, greek yogurt, collagen, and protein powder. If you make sure to include a protein source at every meal (and snack), you should find it much easier to reach your daily goal. There are TONS of foods that give you protein though, and you can find a list of meal and snack ideas HERE.

These are my top fit mom essentials that I just can’t live without. Do you have any to add? Feel free to drop a comment below!

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