21 Best Yoga Books for Kids (+ Kids Yoga Gear)

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Yoga is an ancient practice from India that uses breathing techniques, exercise, and meditation. It is used to improve both spiritual and physical health and harmony. Children as young as two years old can begin to learn basic poses and principles of yoga. These yoga books for kids are a great way to introduce children to yoga and encourage them to be healthier humans.

Here are our family’s top picks for kids’ picture books about yoga. Make sure you check out some of our favorite yoga products at the bottom, too!

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Yoga Picture Books for Kids

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ABC Yoga by Christiane Engel – ABC Yoga is a board book that is great for toddlers and young readers to learn about yoga. They will see animals from A to Z and a child doing a yoga pose beside each one. Toddlers will enjoy learning their ABCs and hearing the fun rhymes as they learn a new yoga pose on each page.

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Anna and her Rainbow-Colored Yoga Mats by Giselle Shardlow – Anna Is a new girl at her school and is nervous about what people will think of her. At recess she does yoga and imagines that she is an adventure. Perfect for ages 3-7, and the winner of Family Choice Award 2016.

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Breathe Like a Bear by Kira Willey – This collection of 30 mindfulness exercises is designed to teach kids techniques to help manage their emotions, breath, and bodies. The simple breathing practices and movements can be performed anywhere a child needs to feel more calm and focused. Designed for all children ages 4-8, but also worth checking out for other ages – especially children who have anxiety or experience with trauma.

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Good Morning Yoga by Mariam Gates – A great introduction to morning yoga flow for kids, Good Morning Yoga helps children learn to start each day with intention and confidence.

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Good Night Yoga by Mariam Gates – The partner book to Good Morning Yoga, this pose-by-pose bedtime story helps little ones prepare for sleep with an effective bedtime routine. A beautifully illustrated family favorite!

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Jenny’s Winter Walk by Giselle Shardlow – This interactive storybook uses yoga to engage young children as they explore movement and their five senses. Perfect for ages 2-5, it contains a list of yoga poses and a parent/teacher guide.

Want to get the kids active on a rainy day? These fun workouts for kids will help!

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Little Yoga: A Toddler’s First Book by Rebecca Whitford – Designed with preschoolers in mind, Little Yoga is a playful introduction to yoga with 9 simple poses. Fun and interactive with helpful information for parents and teachers.

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Meddy Teddy by Apple Jordan – Adorable Meddy Teddy is a yoga pants-wearing bear who encourages young readers to try yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. Easy to follow illustrations for 4-8 year olds.

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My Daddy is a Pretzel by Baron Baptiste – Yoga isn’t just for moms! For us, this book was love at first read. Including nine yoga poses, this book encourages children to stretch their bodies as well as their minds.

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Peaceful Piggy Yoga by Kerry Lee MacLean – Who loves yoga? Everybody! These 11 classic yoga poses are easy for kids to follow – and parents too!

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Rachel’s Day in the Garden by Giselle Shardlow – Another amazing seasonal yoga book by Giselle Shardlow! This beautifully illustrated storybook takes us through the garden with Rachel as she crawls like a caterpillar and buzzes like a bee. The winner of two awards, this interactive book will become a fast favorite.

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Sleepy Little Yoga by Rebecca Whitford – Animal-based poses intended for toddlers to encourage relaxation at the end of the day. Includes 9 simple poses as well as educational tips and information for parents and educators.

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The Grateful Giraffe by Giselle Shardlow – Engaging characters get your kids laughing and moving while they progress through the book. Children will learn to relate their feelings to the various animals in the book. Perfect for ages 2-5.

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Yawning Yoga by Laurie Jordan – Help kids wind down at bedtime with this soothing and relaxing routine. Thoughtful poems are accompanied with step-by-step yoga poses (even including their Sanskrit names for advanced learning for older children). Intended for 4-8 year olds but easily enjoyed by 3-12 year olds too.

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Yoga Animals by Paige Towler – My 4 year old loves this book, and it was the first to inspire her love of yoga with mommy! Aptly subtitled “A wild introduction to kid-friendly poses,” this book encourages little yogis to reach like a giraffe and bend like a gorilla, among other animal poses. As to be expected with National Geographic Kids, this book is full of engaging animal photography that kids will love.

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Yoga Bear by Sarah Jane Hinder – This board book introduces babies through preschoolers to 10 simple poses as animals such as monkey, sloth, and crocodile. Engaging and easy for young children to follow.

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Yoga Bug by Sarah Jane Hinder – Another beautifully illustrated board book is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. With 10 insect-themed yoga poses, young children will have fun being like grasshoppers and bees, among many other adorable bugs.

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Yoga Bunny by Brian Russo – Our family’s very first yoga book for kids, Yoga Bunny has been a favorite for years. This relaxing story not only shows Bunny as he moves through a series of flow poses, but teaches children the importance of slowing down to just breathe and be with friends.

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Yoga Friends by Mariam Gates – From the creators of Good Morning Yoga and Good Night Yoga, this introduces kids to fun of partner yoga. Whether partnered with a sibling, friend, or parent, kids will enjoy learning to practice simple poses in a new way.

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You Are a Lion! by Taeeun Yoo – Another fun book that encourages children to join in with animal-based yoga poses. Kids can take it a step further and make fun animal sounds while they pose, fully “becoming” the specified animal!

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Zoo Zen by Kristen Fischer – Follow along with Lyla as she demonstrates 10 simple yoga poses named after zoo animals. Rhyming and counting plus colorful illustrations make this a hit with kids aged 4-8 years old.

Yoga Gear for Kids

In addition to books that demonstrate and encourage young kids to enjoy yoga, having their own yoga gear just like mom and dad makes flow a little more fun.

Here are some of our favorite products and accessories to help introduce yoga to your child:

Gaiam Kids Yoga Mats

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The fun patterns on these Gaiam Kids’ Yoga Mats are bright and exciting for kids to use, some with cute animal designs. We have the blue rocket ship design, which was perfect for encouraging my son to exercise with me.

With a non-slip surface, they are also non-toxic and phthalate free. Ideal for kids up to age 8.

Yoga/Athletic Leggings for Kids

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Moisture-wicking fabric and a snug fit makes it easy to move and stretch in these C9 athletic leggings for kids. Fits girls’ sizes 4-18. Various colors available.

Yogi Cards

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These yogi cards were designed for ages 3-12, but fun for adults too! This yoga-inspired cards deck includes 20 artistic illustrations, 20 poems (40 cards), 2 super fun dice and a leaflet with 4 games. Fun to play indoors or outdoors.

Yoga Dice Game

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Work as a team to win by holding yoga poses! Yoga Dice comes with 6 six-sided yoga pose dice, 6 pose tokens, 1 six-sided breath die, 1 focus token, 1 yoga mat game track and a game-go bag. For ages 6 and up.

Get more home workouts and fitness tips here!

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