Circuit Workout: Strength and Cardio

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One of the awesome perks of my gym membership is the variety of group fitness classes that are offered. Bodypump, PiYO, cycle, yoga… Unfortunately, the group fitness instructors don’t always get the opportunity to take these different classes. We typically go to teach our own classes, maybe lift weights or hit the treadmill, and leave.

When a fellow instructor asked me to sub her circuit workout class one day, I agreed, but I was worried that I wouldn’t do it like she does. So I made plans to attend her class beforehand so I could get an idea of what her workouts were like.

Best. Idea. Ever.

She kicked my butt, and in SUCH a good way. She incorporated strength, cardio, and core into a 60 minute circuit-style class. My body was challenged by different exercises that it wasn’t used to, and I had the perfect amount of soreness the next day. Even better than that – it was fun! I could focus on myself instead of the participants. I got a great sweat, and loved it.

I ended up subbing her circuit workout class not just once, but three times. I also went back to take another class on Mother’s Day and took my husband along with me.

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Today I am subbing her class again, and I just finished doing a run-through of this afternoon’s circuit workout plan. Holy junk, that was tough! But sooo good. I am sweaty, spent, and energized all at the same time. This is a workout that can easily be done at home, so I thought I would share it with you guys! Here it is:

Circuit Workout Plan

There are two rounds, a lower body focus and an upper body focus. Each round has 8 moves, and each round should be completed twice.

Warmup: 5 minutes of squats, arm circles, jumping jacks, jogging, light dynamic stretching (just get warm and breathe!)
Round 1: Lower body. Do each move for 1 minute, with a 5 second break between each move. Take a 1 minute break after completing all 8 moves, then do round 1 again.
Rest for 3 minutes before starting round 2.
Round 2: Upper body, to be completed the same way as round 1.
Cooldown: 5 minutes of stretching

Circuit Workout

I’d love to hear feedback if you give it a try! Favorite moves, least favorite moves, modifications you tried… leave a comment below!

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