20 Minute Stroller Workout for Moms

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Here I am at the end of my pregnancy (38 weeks tomorrow, whoop whoop!!) and I am trying my best to stay active! Some of you may remember from my pregnancy with Aren, my body just doesn’t respond very well to all of the changes and hormones that pregnancy brings. Exercise gets really difficult for me, which is a bummer because fitness is a HUGE part of my life! But I’ve figured out how to make it work. I created this stroller workout that only takes 20 minutes, and can be done anywhere!

20 Minute Stroller Workout

Toss your sweet babe in the stroller, lace up your sneakers, and head out. Don’t forget your water! I was given this Jeep Sport Utility All-Terrain Jogger by Delta Children to try out, and I really love it! It is perfect for a walk around the neighborhood or a jog on our local Colorado trails. Aren asks to ride in it every day! You can check out all their stroller options HERE, and find the one that is perfect for your needs!

Start your workout with a 2 minute walk. After 2 minutes, stop and do 20 walking lunges (that’s 20 lunges on EACH leg).

walking lunges stroller workout

Walk for 2 more minutes, then stop and do 20 squats. Make sure to hold onto the handles, or use the safety brake.

squats stroller workout

Walk another 2 minutes, then do 20 calf raises. Go slow and really squeeze those calves at the top! Talk with your babe about what you see at this point on your walk, or sing a song!

calf raises stroller workout

Go for another 2 minute walk, then pause for 20 rear leg lifts (per side). Try to keep your body upright and focus on contracting your glute when you lift your leg.

rear leg raise stroller workout

After walking 2 more minutes, stop and do 20 angled high knees (per side). You want to try to squeeze your obliques as you lift your knees.

angled high knees stroller workout

Almost there! Another 2 minute walk followed by 20 sumo squats. Turn your toes out and step your feet wide so your thighs are almost parallel to the ground at the bottom of your squat. I chose to stand in front of the stroller for this one. Aren thought my squats were hilarious!

sumo squats stroller workout

Finish up with a final 2 minute walk, or however long it takes to return back home.

Here is a video of the stroller workout moves:

This is a great workout for expectant moms who want to get in shape before labor, as well as new moms who are just starting back after clearance from the doctor! Always check with your doc before starting a new exercise program, and have fun with your workouts!

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  1. Oh my goodness, Amanda! You’re SUCH an inspiration! 38 weeks pregnant and you’re a squatting machine- my glutes hurt and I’m not even pregnant! It’s such a great excuse to get outside with the kids- I bet my boys would even nap in the stroller while I tried this! Also, that stroller is beautiful, the bar is at a perfect height for these exercises!

  2. Love all of these helpful tips! It gives me so much more motivation and encouragement next time around. And love this awesome stroller!

  3. Hey, Amanda! Thanks for sharing! I’ll definitely say about your exercises to my wife. I’m sure she’ll find the information useful :))

  4. You’re such an inspiration and this workout routine looks simple and effective. I’m into simple routines because I get overwhelmed easily. I’ll surely put myself to shame if I don’t stick to this workout consistently. Thank you for sharing these.

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