How to Easily Assemble a Baby Crib (With Video)

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If you’re a first-time parent, you may be a little overwhelmed at the thought of putting together your baby’s crib. That’s, of course, after you stress over which crib to actually buy! I’m here to show you how to assemble a baby crib – which is actually one of the EASIEST parenting tasks you’ll do.

The rest of parenting…. yeah it gets tough.

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How To Easily Assemble a Baby Crib

I got a Delta Children 4-in-1 Convertible Crib (mine is the Skylar model, but this one is similar) to try out for my little guy, Rowen. Although Rowen is my 4th baby, I was still nervous about getting the best crib for him.

Momming never gets easy, y’all.

Delta Children is known for their amazing products and well-made furniture, so I knew this crib would be safe and durable. We’ve owned quite a few Delta products and they never disappoint.

On top of that, I was super stoked to try out one of their newer cribs so I could share my thoughts with you. I’m always excited to be able to try products so that you can get my honest opinion and know what my top recommendations are.

As expected, I am loving this 4-in-1 crib. It was super easy to put together (all by myself, and at 23 weeks pregnant too!), and this is how I did it:

Colorado lifestyle blogger, Amanda Seghetti, shares How to Easily Assemble a Baby Crib! Check it out now and get your crib together!

Steps to Assemble a Baby Crib

Total Time: 45 minutes

Pour a cup of coffee.

This step wasn’t part of the instructions, but I thought it was important.

Unpack the box and arrange crib materials.

Pretty self-explanatory. The pieces were all very clearly labeled (a certain Swedish furniture store could learn a thing or two here), and easily identifiable. Even the hardware was neatly packaged and labeled so that it would be easy to find what you need.

Read the instructions and follow along to assemble baby crib. Sip coffee after each page.

It may seem like I’m cheating with this step, but it really is that simple!

The instructions ( <– click here to print if you need them) were very clear and easy to follow, and the illustrations display exactly what to do.

The only tip I have is when you are installing the mattress panel, leave the crib on its side. I found that it was much easier to screw the parts in from this position, versus standing the crib up first. (That’s what I did when I put Aren’s crib together, and it wasn’t fun. At least I learn from my mistakes.)

How long does it take to put a crib together?

I wish I had some additional data for comparison – like how long it takes my husband to assemble a baby crib (cough cough). But unfortunately I’m the crafty one in the house.

With my 6 months pregnant belly, it took me a little less than 45 minutes to put the crib together from start to finish.

That included unpacking the box, throwing the styrofoam and other packaging outside to clear my area, sipping my coffee, pausing to add commentary to my video below, etc. And I’m just one pregnant lady, already moving around rather slowly.

If two people tackled this little task, it probably would’ve gone even faster. Here’s the video to show how I put the crib together. Plus it’s kinda funny to watch a pregnant woman put together furniture. I can admit that.

white crib in nursery

My Review of the Delta Children Skylar 4-in-1 Convertible Crib:

As for the crib itself, I am totally in love. The clean lines really make this piece of furniture look classic. I think it would be perfect for either a girl or a boy. It’s pretty gender neutral.

I love that it’s convertible and can turn into a toddler bed for Rowen when he is older. The finished product is very sturdy and feels safe for my precious little one. I can rest easy knowing that he will be snoozing safely in his bed one day.

Colorado lifestyle blogger, Amanda Seghetti, shares How to Easily Assemble a Baby Crib! Check it out now and get your crib together!

And now that his crib is all put together, I can’t wait to start decorating his room!

The next step is painting his walls… and we are going with a woodland theme! That means I’m going to attempt to paint birch trees on the wall. Freehand. I’m a little nervous, but hopefully it is just as easy as it was to paint Aren’s mountain nursery.

Update Jan 2020 – Rowen is 19 months old now and still rocking this crib. Well, not literally rocking it. But sleeping in it nightly. It has held up well, even through our move from Colorado to Georgia last summer. With only a few paint scrapes from teething, this crib is still as solid as the first day we got it! And putting the crib together was much easier and faster the second time around – even though I did it all myself AGAIN haha.

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More New Baby Must-Have Items

Besides this crib, I have a few other favorite baby products I have to share!

  • We used the Newton Baby Mattress with Rowen’s crib. It’s breathable, hypoallergenic, and lowest VOCs. (Read about our baby bedtime routine for better sleep.)
  • The Clutch Stroller is hands-down the best travel stroller out there.
  • This jogging stroller has been my favorite – great for pregnancy and postpartum exercise.
  • The Lily Jade diaper bag is my top pick – hold everything and super stylish.
  • This white noise machine is in both my little kids’ rooms – and it’s a LIFESAVER. Especially if you have a dog, other kids, or a noisy husband.

What are your nursery must-haves? I am still trying to collect everything that we need, so I’d love your suggestions!

White crib in gender neutral nursery
Same crib – new nursery!

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How to Easily Assemble a Baby Crib

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