Zupapa Trampoline Review: Top Pick for Kids’ Fun

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Searching for a fun and safe way to keep your kids entertained in the backyard? We recently got the Zupapa No-Gap Design Trampoline for our family and it has been a huge hit! To help you decide if this outdoor trampoline is right for you and your family, I’m sharing my complete (and honestZupapa trampoline review. I’ll tell you all the unique features, what we like and don’t like about it, and give you the details on our experience!

I had considered getting a big trampoline for my young children for a while, but I was really torn and took a while to make a decision. We used to have a small indoor trampoline, which was great for Rowen when he was 2-4 years old. Because he is autistic and craves sensory input, it was important to have a jumping surface for him to bounce and “get his wiggles out” as we call it. 

Of course he outgrew that small trampoline and I needed to find something new for him to use. After we moved to the country, I decided I would look into different trampoline brands so I could find the safest trampolines for outdoor use. That led me to checking out Zupapa trampolines!

zupapa trampoline purple

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Overview of Zupapa No-Gap Design Trampoline

This trampoline comes in many different sizes – from 8 feet to 16 feet – so you can pick the one that fits your outdoor space perfectly. I decided go to with the 12 ft trampoline, as it seemed like a good choice with plenty of space for all of Rowen’s bouncing and Aren’s gymnastics stunts. I also went with the purple color, but there are other color options available.

One of the innovative features that really caught my eye is the No-Gap design between the jumping mat and spring cover, which reduces the potential hazards for little hands and feet getting caught.

It ensures maximum safety by tightly sewing the jumping mat and spring cover together, keeping small children (and let’s be real – adults too) from getting pinched by tight springs. I don’t know about you, but that was definitely something I was scared of when I was a little kid! 

And speaking of springs – the 7-inch galvanized rust-resistant springs really deliver an impressive bounce. This trampoline has 12 more springs around the pad, as compared to most other trampolines of the same size.

zupapa trampoline with safety net

Another important feature that made me choose this new trampoline was the safety net. The 6 foot high net enclosure net made of environmental PE ensures safety and durability during all of our fun jumping sessions.

The frame is built to last, using hot-dip galvanized technology, making it rust-proof, stable, and durable even during harsh weather. It comes with two steel joints and W-shaped legs, providing a solid base.

zupapa trampoline legs and support bars

In addition, Zupapa ensures stability during storms by including wind stakes – pretty important when you live somewhere with two tornado seasons each year!

Zupapa’s unbeatable warranty offers peace of mind with 10 years for the frame and 2 years for other replacement parts. Overall, this trampoline is an excellent choice and definitely meets all of my expectations for both safety and performance.

Our Family’s Experience

The whole package arrived in three separate boxes, and they were fairly heavy. (That isn’t a bad thing, when you realize a rust-resistant steel frame is inside of them!) As I mentioned, assembling the trampoline was a breeze, and our kids couldn’t wait to start playing on it.

Putting it together was a breeze. Arien completed the whole trampoline assembly by himself in one day (although Aren gave him a little help). The self-locking frame structure eliminates the need for screws. 

zupapa trampoline leg brace

We did use a ratchet set to tighten the nuts to the U-shaped bolts that hold the netting poles to the trampoline frame. It was a quick and easy process.

Included in the package were two pairs of grippy socks — the kind you get from those indoor trampoline parks. The kids were excited about these, and Aren is convinced they help her to jump even higher. 😉 

The ladder is sturdy and easy for the kids to climb on and off independently. They are also able to easily zip and unzip the entry area of the safety net.

The no-gap design truly delivers a safe jumping experience, allowing us to have some peace of mind while our children are having so much fun.

zupapa trampoline review with boy jumping

Our kids absolutely love the springy bounce that the trampoline offers. The safety enclosure net provides the necessary protection during play.

The poles are also wrapped in foam (like a pool noodle) to provide a safe bounce just in case someone bumps into them. The poles extend all the way to the ground, giving it a stable and safe structure.

boy jumping on zupapa trampoline

On day 1, Rowen tested out the safety limits of the net. He likes to run circles around the inside of the trampoline, like a dog with the zoomies. He overstepped and his foot slipped down between the net and the outside of the trampoline frame. Without that net, he would’ve fallen off completely! And without the no-gap spring cover, he could’ve pinched his legs or feet and gotten really hurt. Instead, he quickly picked himself up and went back to running!

All in all, this really is the best trampoline I’ve found.

jumping into splits on zupapa trampoline

There are a few things I would’ve done differently…

While the 12-foot trampoline is plenty big for our little kids, I sometimes wish I’d gone with the 15-foot trampoline for my older kids to enjoy. They can still enjoy the trampoline we have, so it isn’t a big deal in the end. 

There is also a trampoline that has a net with basketball hoops on it. Rowen hadn’t really show interest in basketball until right about the same time that we got our trampoline! Go figure, right? Because of that, I know he would’ve loved being able to combine his bouncy trampoline time with some basketball hoop fun… talk about the perfect trampoline for an energetic little boy!

Again, it’s not a big deal and he doesn’t even know what he’s missing. I just wish I had considered this option a little more before deciding.

Overall, our family is delighted with the Zupapa No-Gap Design trampoline. It has provided countless hours of entertainment, exercise, and a great way to burn off energy. The safety features, high-quality materials, and friendly customer service make it a worthwhile investment.

Why We Chose the Zupapa Trampoline for Our Family

When it came time for our family to purchase a trampoline, we wanted something that was safe, durable, and fun for everyone. After doing thorough research, we decided on the Zupapa trampoline, and here’s why:

Security Certification and No-gap Design

Our primary concern was safety, and we were pleased to find that the Zupapa trampolines have passed all ASTM safety standards and TUV safety and durability tests. The trampoline features a gap enclosure system, which eliminates the risk of hands or feet getting caught between the jumping mat and spring cover.

The springs are also fully covered with a thick and durable pad, providing extra security for our loved ones.

Hot-Dip Galvanizing Technology and Heavy-duty Frame

We wanted a trampoline that would withstand the test of time, and the hot-dip galvanizing technology used in Zupapa trampolines ensures a rust-proof, stable, and durable frame that lasts five times longer than traditional options.

The unique two steel joints design along with W-shaped legs provides a solid base, capable of accommodating up to 425 lbs in weight – perfect for our growing family. 

The included wind stakes also keep the trampoline stable during inclement weather, giving us peace of mind. Nobody wants to lose their trampoline and find it in their neighbor’s yard!

Impressive Bounce and More Springs

Bounce quality is a must for a fun and engaging experience, and Zupapa trampolines deliver on this front. With 12 additional springs compared to other models, we found that the bounce on our Zupapa was just perfect for our entire family to enjoy.

If you’re wondering… yes, even the grownups have tried it out.

Higher Quality Materials for Max Safety

Zupapa trampolines utilize rust-resistant, 7-inch springs of galvanized steel construction for a long-lasting bounce. The anti-UV jumping mat is made from durable PP material and can handle heavier weights.

The 6ft enclosure net, made of eco-friendly PE material, ensures absolute safety when jumping. Additionally, the poles are padded with 10mm foam for added protection.

Longer Net Poles and Self-Locking Frame Structure

The extended net poles on the Zupapa trampoline reach the ground, making the net more stable and secure. The 1.5mm steel frame tubes are sturdier than the typical 1.0mm frames, offering extra stability.

The Zupapa’s self-locking frame structure eliminates the need for screws, making assembly simpler while providing a more stable and secure trampoline experience.

The 2023 upgraded Zupapa trampoline is another option to consider – as it has curved net poles and outward sloping legs for maximum safety.

Unbeatable Warranty

Another aspect that won us over was Zupapa’s warranty – 10 years for the frame, and 2 years for the jumping mat, safety pad, enclosure net, and springs.

Additionally, they offer free replacements for other parts. This level of commitment in ensuring customer satisfaction was reassuring for us.

Customer Reviews

Last but definitely not least, we were impressed by the numerous positive customer reviews that praised the Zupapa trampoline’s quality, sturdiness, and ease of assembly. I am an avid review reader, and I checked Zupapa reviews on both their website and Amazon. Several customers also shared their positive experiences reaching out to Zupapa for support, reporting that the company was responsive and helpful in resolving their issues.

Great customer service is a big deal to me, and seeing positive reviews on that was a plus!

In conclusion, the safety features, high-quality materials, impressive bounce, and overall excellent customer reviews led us to choose the Zupapa trampoline for our family. We couldn’t be happier with our decision and highly recommend it to others looking for a fantastic backyard trampoline experience.

Conclusion of Our Zupapa Trampoline Review

We’re 1000% happy with our Zupapa trampoline for its reliable safety features and various sizes to cater to all families. Its build quality is impressive, and assembly is relatively simple. The enclosure design adds extra assurance, and thanks to the 425lbs weight capacity, everyone can join the fun.

We give it a 10 out of 10 and would recommend it to those who seek a safe, engaging outdoor activity for children at an affordable price.

If you choose to try one of the Zupapa trampolines for your own family, use the code ZUPAPA15 to get 15% off your order!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Zupapa trampoline compare to other brands?

We’ve found that Zupapa trampolines excel in safety features and durability. Their no-gap design, hot-dip galvanized steel frame, and high weight capacity ensure a secure and long-lasting trampoline. Plus, they’ve surpassed ASTM and TUV standards for safety and durability. When comparing to other brands, Zupapa trampolines provide a great mix of safety, performance, and value.

What is the weight limit of Zupapa trampolines?

The weight limit depends on the size of the trampoline:
For 12, 14, 15, and 16 foot models: maximum weight capacity is 425 pounds.
For 8 and 10 foot models: maximum weight capacity is 375 pounds.
This makes Zupapa’s trampolines suitable for a variety of users, from children to adults.

Where are Zupapa trampolines manufactured?

Zupapa trampolines are manufactured by the Zupapa company. Although the specific location of manufacturing was not provided, their products are made with high-quality materials and adhere to strict safety standards.

How easy is it to assemble a Zupapa trampoline?

We found Zupapa trampolines reasonably straightforward to assemble. Their unique self-locking frame structure eliminates the need for screws, simplifying the process and saving time. Most users manage to put together their trampoline within an afternoon without any major issues.

What does the Zupapa trampoline warranty cover?

Zupapa provides a comprehensive warranty, ensuring confidence in your purchase. The coverage includes:
10 Years for Frame
2 Years for Jumping Mat, Safety Pad, Enclosure Net, and Springs
Free replacement for other parts

What upgrades are available for Zupapa trampolines?

While exact upgrades may vary, Zupapa frequently updates their trampolines with improved designs and features. They offer accessories on their website, including replacement parts and a rain cover. With Zupapa, you can expect continuous innovation in their trampoline models.

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