Farmhouse Christmas Wreath | Easy DIY Tutorial

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This farmhouse Christmas wreath is the perfect DIY project! It’s easy to make in a matter of minutes – including a step-by-step video to make the perfect Christmas bow!

farmhouse Christmas wreath

First off, there are two things in this world that I officially am no good at: Wreaths and Bows. Hahaha, Yes, you read that right! Not sure which I am worse at, to be honest, but they never turn out how I envision them in my mind. So I wanted my wreath to be something I could do and do well. The Farmhouse Christmas Wreath is the perfect solution for me.

It even has a bow on it!

Deciding on your wreath style

For me, farmhouse decor is my go-to and this Christmas I want to be able to incorporate that rustic charm into my decor. Knowing that I want rustic farmhouse makes it is pretty easy to go from here. All I need to decide is how far out of the box I want to go. Should I make it from scratch or utilize some treasures I have around the home?

old window

I have a few sets of rustic old windows I salvaged one day. I love old windows and want them everywhere in our house and in our yard!

The most important thing for me was that I wanted this to be very simple, and it needed to be temporary as well. I really struggle with making and buying Christmas decorations because they are only to be used once a year. When I find something I absolutely love I really want to display it all year-round.

Farmhouse Christmas Wreath – 5 Simple Steps

Clean up your farmhouse window

The first step is cleaning up this old window.

The perk to using something authentic is that it can save you a lot of time compared to taking new wood and making it look rustic.

Sometimes the farmhouse rustic look is hard to achieve. Using an authentic old rustic window straight out of an old farmhouse makes my job that much easier.

Use a wire brush to help free up any of the dirt and grime that is on the window and frame. Mine was quite covered in cobwebs as well. When wire brushing, make sure to use caution, these are old and rustic and sometimes they may crack. This one in particular has putty holding the window panes in place and is quite fragile and will easily fall off with scrubbing.

I had washed these a while back so they were still pretty clean, minus the cobwebs. Wipe off any remaining debris.

Make a Christmas Bough for the Farmhouse Window Wreath

To add some green to my Christmas wreath I wanted to incorporates some spruce tree branches. I simply trimmed a bit off our tree.

Try to pick ones that have a bit of hang to them so they droop when arranged.

Gather 4 branches approximately 12 inches in length. You can adjust the size to fit your project.

Pick your fullest two branches and lay them in opposite directions to create the back of the bough. Now, lay the two remaining ones on top. Arrange until you are satisfied with how they look.

Lastly, use some gardening twine to wrap and hold it together. I used an extra-long piece of the twine in the very center of the bough of spruce so it would be easily hidden. Leaving it long allows me to do the next steps, therefore I do not cut off the excess. Simple and fast this step should take just a minute or so.

Making the Bow for the Farmhouse Christmas Wreath

The part that normally scares me and makes me run for the hills- THE BOW! I honestly have no idea where I came up with this easy bow, it just came to me while I was staring at my piles of ribbon trying to decide what to do next. This is the easiest bow of all time!

I recommend using wired Christmas ribbon for this bow, but it works well with regular ribbon too (depending on the fabric). Practice makes perfect!

steps to make a simple bow

Start by leaving about 12 inches of ribbon hanging and fold the ribbon over and over until you are left with another 12 inches at the end. Take both ends and make a simple knot and pull tight. Starting from the center lift and open each fold and work your way out, give them a slight twist in a new direction every now and again. Once all are fluffed attach to your bough of spruce using that extra length of gardening wire. Do not cut the wire, we are still going to use it.

Farmhouse Christmas Wreath Bow Video

This isn’t my video, but one that I thought would help you with making your bow!

Attach your Bow Bough to The Farmhouse Christmas Wreath

I simply took a small Robertson screw and using a screwdriver sunk it in through a hole that was already center of this window.

I didn’t want to add any new holes since I plan on using this farmhouse window for other decor purposes as well.

Do not screw in all the way just yet. Take that leftover twine and wrap it around the screw several times until the bow bough is good and tight. Now finish screwing it in.

Hanging your Farmhouse Christmas Wreath

To hang your window wreath you will need to make sure you use something strong and sturdy. These old farmhouse windows are rather heavy and mine still has the panes of glass in them.

To reduce weight use windows without glass panes.

You can use a couple of eye hooks at the top of your window wreath to hang a nice twine rope or something equally rustic for hanging purposes.

Farmhouse Christmas Wreath displayed in our mudroom on our entryway bench. #RusticChristmasDecor #ChristmasWreath #HomeDecor

I think I will use my farmhouse Christmas wreath piece in our mudroom or on our front porch rather than hanging on the door itself. We have a screen door on both of our outside doors so it would not work well.

We also have little children around the house who like to slam doors, therefore, for safety purposes, I would prefer it to hang or display somewhere that is stationary.

An unused front door would also be a great place. I used our old shed door to take some of these photos and I have to admit I kinda love it.

Our Farmhouse Christmas Wreath utilizes an old rustic window to bring a whole new idea to your Christmas Home Decor. #ChristmasWreath #ChristmasHomeDecor #DIY #RusticWreath

That is all there is to it! A simple farmhouse Christmas wreath project complete in a matter of minutes. I don’t know about you but I love a quick project that makes an impact! Best of all I can reuse this farmhouse window for many projects to come until I decide on a permanent use!

I hope you enjoy this wreath tutorial and that you are inspired to try something new. After all, I always say I cannot make a wreath or a bow and yet here we are with this little piece of rustic farmhouse perfection!

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