Gender Neutral Nursery Makeover

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Is it wrong to do a baby nursery makeover when your baby is only 14 months old? I mean, technically, they’ve only been using their room for a year. But I say any room can use a decor update, no matter how new! Rowen’s nursery was one of the first rooms that I finished after we settled into the new house. You may remember he had a gender neutral nursery at our old home as well, with a woodland theme. I didn’t want to jump into any mural painting projects right away, but I did want to give him a little bit of a nursery makeover. So here it is – Rowen’s gender neutral nursery with some upgrades and pops of color!

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White Baby Crib

Rowen’s crib is the same one that we had in Colorado. Truth be told, he’s spending less time in it these days. Somewhere between Colorado and Georgia, he decided that sleeping in mom’s bed was more fun.

Can’t blame him there. And not gonna lie – I enjoy the snuggles.

But he does nap here and he at least starts out the night in his crib. Long enough for mom and dad to catch an episode of The Office or Schitt’s Creek!

White crib in gender neutral nursery

crib (similar) // shelf // Hatch Baby Rest // hedgehog cube // alpaca mobile

His crib is from Delta Children and is a 4-in-1 convertible crib, so we will turn it into toddler bed when he gets older. Y’all know I love Delta Children products and highly recommend them. The safety standards they use are amazing (exceeding federal and state requirements), and I love how easy their products are to put together!

Even when you’re super pregnant… which is probably why my YouTube video is so popular.

Also still loving his Newton Baby crib mattress, of course, which I blogged about HERE.

Gray Glider Recliner

I won’t go into all the details about our move from Colorado, but I’ll just say ONE of the adults in our house greatly underestimated how much stuff we had. Which means on moving day, we filled up our two PODS and had quite a bit leftover that wouldn’t fit.


So when it came down to it, we had to say good-bye to some replaceable items… including Rowen’s glider rocker. We rocked him to sleep in it from day 1, so it was a bit of a loss.

We survived the summer without it (which is another reason he ended up in our bed), but once we moved in we realized we needed a rocker. All we had on hand was a wooden rocking chair that’s about as old as my husband.

A wooden rocking chair is NOT comfortable. Not in any way.

Gender Neutral Nursery makeover bookshelf and recliner

wooden sign (similar) // sun and clouds // glider

Thankfully the people at Delta Children sent us this Gavin Nursery Glider Swivel Recliner to try so my back wouldn’t have to suffer any longer. And ohhhh I can’t even describe the difference. The fabric is soft, the chair is comfy, the rocking is smooth, and the reclining feature is perfect.

Arien has already fallen asleep in it a few times, it’s that comfy!

Ok ok, I’ve napped in it too.

Happy Home Storage Bookcase

I wanted some sort of storage solution for Rowen, that would be both functional and cute. I saw this house-shaped storage bookcase on Delta Children’s website and fell in love!

They sent it over and it was even more amazing in person. Super easy to put together, and very sturdy. I never expected anything less, of course.

Gray glider recliner and gray happy home bookcase in gender neutral nursery

The baby monitor camera sits perfectly on the top shelf, and the wire feeds through the back for a clean look. A handful of worn, well-loved board books are within reach for bedtime stories.

And then Rowen’s growing collection of stuffed animals get to sleep in the bottom. I can see this bookcase being a favorite piece of furniture that we will keep for years to come.

Gender Neutral Nursery Decor

As much as I love neutral decor in my home (seriously, have you seen the rest of my house?), I decided it was time for Rowen’s room to have a pop of color. I thought it over… blues, greens… what would be a good fit?

And then Eden, my oldest, surprised me with the perfect color: yellow. Because when Aren was born, she nicknamed him “Sunshines.”

How did I not think of that myself??

Gender neutral nursery makeover bookshelf and decor

With the obvious answer in mind, I set out to find the perfect decor for his room. I came across this sun pillow from Blabla Kids on instagram and knew immediately Rowen had to have it. Then when I saw the alpaca dream ring mobile with a sun on it, I wanted it too!

I didn’t want to hang it over his crib for safety reasons, but it fills up space in the corner perfectly! I added some wooden toys to the bookcase (the two dark one’s are Arien’s baby toys – 40 years old!), as well as the knitted R I bought from Pine + Poppy Shop before Rowen was born.

Alpaca dream ring mobile from blabla kids

The easiest solution to a wall mural without painting is vinyl decals! I found the sun and cloud decals on Amazon and grabbed them.

I thought it would look like the house was always having sunny weather. Get it? These are really easy to apply and I haven’t had any trouble with them peeling off.

Baby Nursery Makeover with sunshine decor

changing table (similar) // mountain shelf // wooden bunny // rainbow toy // sunshine quote

I also wanted to add a little something to this wall with Rowen’s changing table. Yes, we actually still use the changing table! It’s almost time to take the pad and rails off the top and use it for just a dresser, but I’ll save that project for another day.

I repurposed this wooden mountain shelf from Aren’s old bedroom and painted it white to match Rowen’s furniture. Just a few coats with some spray paint and it was ready to go! I added some of his wooden toys on top – making diaper changes a little easier while also adding some more color to his room.

I just love minimalist decor. If you’re a minimalist like me, you’ll want to check out these adorable nursery shelf decor ideas!

White wooden mountain shelf with baby nursery decor

While scrolling Amazon for the sun and clouds vinyl decals, I ran across this vinyl decor too. It says, “If you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine.” Not only did it sound like the perfect fit for his nickname, but it’s something I try to teach my kids as well!

This one was a little trickier to put up due to all the small letters and pieces, but it worked. My tip: work in small areas and cut off excess vinyl when you can.

Sunshine quote vinyl wall decal

And that’s it! Of course my projects are never finished, and I already want to add more to his room. I’m thinking of getting a large wooden sign with his name to hang over his bed. His blinds absolutely need to be replaced too — they are aluminum and ragged (and have been destroyed thanks to an adorable 14 month old tornado). But for now, his room brings me peace and a sense of calm when we go in to rock.

If only he would have that same sense of calm until 7:00 AM.

Click here for 45 more ideas for decorating baby’s bedroom!

UPDATE: Don’t miss Rowen’s new big boy bedroom with the coolest shark decor!

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