DIY Mountain Nursery with Wall Mural

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Now that Aren is 1 year old, we decided to give her nursery a makeover. We switched out her crib for a Montessori-style floor bed, and everything just looked so…plain. So I decided I wanted to create a special bedroom for my little Colorado baby. I went with a DIY mountain nursery theme – complete with a custom mountain wall mural painted with love by her mama.

I’m sharing here the steps for her mountain mural, so you can have your own DIY mountain themed nursery project too! I’m also linking all of her mountain nursery decor, as well as her girly pink decor (I’m breaking out of all neutrals with a little bit of color!).

DIY Mountain Nursery Wall Mural

I scrolled Pinterest for inspiration for her mountain mural, but didn’t find exactly what I was looking for. I saw beautiful bedding, accessories, and a few different walls with mountain scenes. Since we live in Colorado, I just knew a mountain mural on her wall would be perfect! She is my little mountain wild after all.

Using painters tape to create mountain peaks for DIY mountain nursery

Creating the mural was super easy to do. Using good quality painter’s tape (quality is SUPER important), I sketched out the mountain peaks first. I didn’t use any template for this; I just decided how I wanted the mountains to look and eyeballed it.

The Rocky Mountains are imperfect sizes anyway, right? There was no need for measuring or worrying about symmetrical angles.

I didn’t need to tape the mountain shapes all the way to the bottom. The bases would all be the same dark gray, which made the taping (and painting) process a little easier and faster.

After the mountain peaks were all taped out, it was time to start painting. I painted the background first – the main color of the room. It’s a super light gray, like a foggy morning.

I wasn’t super careful about edging around the tape. If any paint got inside of where the mountains would be, I knew I would just be painting over it with a darker color anyway.

Since the background – along with the other 3 walls – took the longest, I looked to save time where I could.

How to DIY mountain wall mural for mountain themed nursery

After the background was complete, it was time to paint the mountains. I used two darker shades of gray for the mountains – a medium gray for the far mountains and a darker gray for the close mountains in front. The variance in shades of gray added some depth and detail to the walls.

After painting both shades of gray, I removed the tape and let the paint fully dry for a couple of hours. Then I lined up new strips of tape to fill in the blank spaces.

I probably could’ve free-handed the paint, but I didn’t want to take any chances. My arms were getting tired and I wanted to be cautious to prevent any mistakes that would have to be fixed.

DIY mountain themed nursery with mountain wall mural

I considered painting snowy peaks on the dark gray mountains, but then I got real with myself. DIY painting projects are fun, but I’m no artist. I didn’t want my mountain mural looking like a hot mess for my baby’s room! So for that reason, I stuck with the simple mountain peaks you see here.

Sometimes it’s good to know your own limitations, you know? And I was pretty happy with how my little mountain mural wall turned out for Aren’s nursery!

Mountain Themed Nursery Accessories

You guys know we love to shop small and handmade, and Aren’s bedroom accessories were no different. I found some super cute pieces for her room, and a few were made in Colorado!

Montessori style floor bed with wooden house frame against DIY mountain wall mural
Baby girl sleeping with mountain pillow in her new DIY mountain themed nursery

The adorable Colorado mountain pillow came from Project Whim (a Colorado based company). Her flamingo pillow was made by me, and her pink and gray pillows were made by her Lita. They aren’t mountain themed at all but I don’t care haha. They get to stay.

Wooden mountain shelf and decor in DIY mountain nursery
Wooden worm -Tree Hopper Toys; Camera – Ed’s Wooden Toy Shop; Moose – Tato and Toddle

We found the wooden mountain shelf at Sheadybaby and Co – another awesome Colorado small shop we love. It was super easy to hang using some strong Command strips! (This shelf is now painted white and is in Rowen’s nursery.)

Wooden signs in baby decor

The wooden alphabet sign came from Toned Gray. I knew I had to have that sign from the moment I first saw it.

This white sign (every day I love you) from Love Note Moments is another Colorado piece, and I was even able to meet the sweet mama who made it! I’m obsessed with her shop and want to decorate my whole house with her work. The gray piece is from Hobby Lobby.

(Update Feb 2020 – These signs are now part of our playroom decor!)

Toddler sitting on Montessori style floor bed with wooden house frame in new baby nursery makeover
Someone was VERY ready for a nap.

And last – the biggest part of Aren’s room – her floor bed. Her house bed is a full size wooden frame from A Child’s Nook. We really wanted a Montessori style floor bed to allow her to develop independence, and the house frame was just too cute.

A floor bed also allows for easy nursing to sleep and rolling away – perfect for this mama who at least wants to sleep in her bed for a little while!

By the way – for safety and security, we use some long screws and attached the frame to the studs in the wall. We know how toddlers are, and we didn’t want to risk any injuries if she ever figures out how to climb up the bed frame.

Aren’s pillowcase and black and white falsa are both from Wild Sunshine Threads.

Toddler sleeping in Montessori style floor bed with wooden house frame.
Colorado small shop items and handmade gifts
So many Colorado-made small shop items!

Pink Baby Nursery Decor

I just love gray and pink together. I feel like it’s a girly combo without being too over-the-top. So we inserted a few pops of pink here and there to give the room a softer touch.

Handmade decor for baby's bedroom

This wall decor from Sleepy Bird Co balances out the gallery wall opposite the mountain scene.

Pink and gray baby nursery decor

A fun pom pom ball garland from C&K Party ties both pinks and grays together over her bed. I thought of draping a white gauze fabric over the bed, but I didn’t want to block the mountain view (hehe!) so we went with this instead to dress up the “roof” of the bed a bit.

This beautiful dreamcatcher in the background was a custom design from L.S. Dreams. I told her the colors and theme of Aren’s room, and she made this happen. Aren likes to lie in bed and look up at her dreamcatcher sometimes. Isn’t that sweet?

Little girls bow and bonnet holder in baby nursery

One final piece is this hairbow holder from PeachyEBoutique. It once held all of Aren’s hairbows…until Aren’s bow collection grew so large that not even half of them would fit on the hooks anymore. Now it’s home to her bonnets and other accessories.

First a Mountain Themed Nursery – Now What??

I am just so in love with Aren’s room now. It’s such a calm and relaxing space; I really hope she feels the same way! The mountain theme really fits Aren’s (and her siblings’) personality as well!

Now I have to make a big decision – what will I do with the new baby’s room? I still have about 5 months to plan and get it done, but I have NO idea what I want to do for him. Another outdoorsy theme? Monochrome? A mix of soft earthy neutral pieces? Please help me with ideas! And if you know of some handmade shops I should check out, please leave links below! I love to browse new shops. 🙂

Update: The new baby’s woodland themed nursery is complete! Another DIY wall mural for my sweet boy.

And we did eventually change out the floor bed for a twin bed that took up less room. This is a Delta Children bed frame with bedding from Pottery Barn Kids.

Pottery Barn Kids bedding in mountain themed nursery - Amanda Seghetti
DIY Mountain Nursery Pin - Amanda Seghetti

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