DIY Farmhouse Backyard Bench Tutorial

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Today I’m showing you how I built this DIY Farmhouse Backyard Bench in under 20 minutes. This is such a simple tutorial and the bench is solid and gorgeously rustic. I’m currently sitting on this bench as I type this, I just love it so much.

When we did our mudroom laundry room makeover I removed some rustic wood we had used as shelving for our boots and miscellaneous stuff. I had no idea what I would do with the gorgeous wood so it has been stored since then. I may hoard wood and stash it all over the garage lol. This wood had been removed from a farmyard years ago where it was actually planks for a fence that needed some repairs. I couldn’t let them toss it so I salvaged it right away.

DIY Farmhouse Backyard Bench Supplies

  • 2×10 farmhouse wood planks (I had three planks, the longest was 45 inches)
  • a circular saw
  • a square
  • a pencil
  • a drill and drill bit
  • Robertson bit
  • deck screws (I used a range of #10 and #8 in 5-inch, 4-inch and 3-inch)

Make your cuts

Because my longest plank was 45 inches, I decided that would be the length of my farmhouse backyard bench. Using a square I marked out two 16 inch pieces on one plank of wood, these would be my bench legs. I wanted my legs to be in a few inches on each end so I marked 6 inches from each end on the 45-inch bench top board. I cut the third plank to 33 inches to fit between the two legs.

You will need three planks to complete your DIY farmhouse backyard bench.

Make sure to use a square and a pencil so that you draw a nice straight line before cutting your planks with a circular saw.

Just like any tool make sure you familiarize yourself with and don’t be afraid to ask someone more experienced for a bit of guidance using it.

Assembling the DIY Backyard Bench

Assembling is very quick so stick with me here. First, you need to lay the top plank of your board on a flat surface with the top side facing downward.

Align legs at the 6-inch mark on bottom of bench top plank and centre the middle plank

Then place the legs so that the inside sides are on the 6-inch marks you marked earlier from each end of top plank.

Now place the 33-inch plank between the two legs.

If you have an extra person around, have them hold the leg and center plank on the opposite of the bench while you pre-drill one leg to the center plank. Then screw that leg into place using a 5-inch deck screw.

Repeat on the opposite side of the bench. I put one screw in each leg then flipped the bench over.

Attach the top of your Backyard Bench

Place the bench on a level flat area and pre-drill through the top into each leg. Use 5-inch deck screws to hold in place.

Repeat for the second leg.

You will pre-drilll and screw in from the top 7 screws the longer the better I used 8-inch and 10-inch deck screws.

Measure the center plank from the edge of the top bench plank to ensure you don’t miss while pre-drilling. Pre-drill three holes into the center plank through the top plank. Use 5-inch deck screws to secure.

Now back to the legs. Pre-drill once again and this time you can use shorter deck screws if you wish. I did so because I ran out of 5-inch screws. In all honesty, I used a few 4-inch screws in there somewhere too.

Once you have another screw in each leg you have completed your DIY Farmhouse Backyard Bench. Give yourself a pat on the back and take a seat!

Need more seating?

Bench restoration with Rustoleum paint

Why not give your old Cast Iron Bench a makeover? So easy to do and the results are amazing!

Enjoy your DIY Backyard Bench!

Create a rustic farmhouse-style bench with our simple DIY backyard bench tutorial!

I hope you enjoyed making this DIY project with us today. I personally just absolutely love mine! All you need is 20 minutes and you can be enjoying your very own. If you love farmhouse style be sure to check out our other tutorials like our Farmhouse Shutters and our DIY Raised Garden!

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