5 Simple Upgrades for a Relaxing Bedroom Retreat

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Our days are filled with work, kids, appointments, meetings, laundry, dishes, and increasing demands and stressors. The times when our bodies need low stress the most are when we wake in the morning and when we go to bed at night. These 5 simple upgrades are quick and easy ways to upgrade your bedroom into a relaxing retreat you’ll love.

This post is sponsored by Purple; all opinions are my own.

stretching after sleeping on purple mattress

Upgrade 1: A Mattress Fit for Royalty

Nobody wants to sleep like the Princess and the pea! To truly have a relaxing bedroom retreat, you must start with the one piece of furniture where you spend about 7-9 consecutive hours: your bed.

A good, quality mattress can result in the ability to fall asleep faster, sleep more comfortably, and wake up feeling rested and refreshed. People who get good sleep are generally healthier, better able to focus at work, and feel better during the day.

top down of king size purple mattress

Our family has owned Purple mattresses for the past couple of years and have yet to find a mattress that promotes better sleep. We actually have a Purple mattress for ourselves and our tween son, a Purple bed for our dog, and I added a Purple chair cushion in my office this year!

The technology used in Purple products is simply amazing. The Purple brand is only 5 years old, but the innovation that led to the mattresses we use today is actually 30 years old!

Two engineers, who first created more comfortable seating for wheelchairs, went on to create critical care medical beds, shoe insoles, and other advanced cushioning products. They decided to find a way to create the world’s best mattress at an affordable price point, which would effectively change millions of people’s lives.

close up of purple mattress

Purple recently updated their original mattress with added support and a SoftFlex cover. Always innovating while maintaining comfort, Purple is committed to providing the best mattress for amazing sleep. To celebrate their 5th anniversary, Purple is having a sale and a giveaway. Head over to the Purple site for all the details!

Upgrade 2: Rest on the Right Pillow

While the majority of your body is resting on a mattress all night, your head and neck require additional support from a pillow. We’ve all experienced sleeping on pillows that are too flat, too firm, too fluffy, or too lumpy. We wake up with an achy neck and a not-so-rested body from all the tossing and turning!

best pillow for restful sleep

Pillows are a very individual product, and not everyone will love the same pillow. The important things to look for are proper support for your head and neck, material that will keep its shape all night, and the proper thickness for your preferred sleep position.

Upgrade 3: Slip Between the Softest Sheets

Forget finding the sheets with the highest thread count. What do those numbers even mean anyway?

More importantly than a number is the material that your sheets are made of, and how they feel all night long. Sheets that include bamboo are typically very soft and will help your bed maintain a comfortable temperature through the night. I don’t know about you, but I hate waking up hot and sweaty at 3 AM!

Box of sheets on Purple mattress

Sheets that have a bit of stretch to them are best paired with a Purple mattress. Because the Purple Grid is meant to hug and support your body, a soft set of sheets that stretch to allow your mattress to fit your shape to keep you snug as a bug. Plus they won’t pop off the corners of your mattress when you roll over!

Upgrade 4: Freshen Up the Duvet

Duvet covers are a great way to add a bit of color or texture to your room (if you prefer) and they make it easy to keep your duvet clean as well. However, over time and after a few washings, your duvet can start to break down and make your bed look less than polished.

purple duvet

If your duvet is lumpy or blah (like ours was recently), give your bed a facelift with a new white duvet! I like a heavier fill so it keeps me warm in the winter, and the weight helps me to fall asleep faster at night. Make sure to add a cover to your duvet to keep it clean so it will last longer.

Upgrade 5: Make a Statement with Decor

While I don’t recommend you over-do it with decor, a few carefully chosen pieces and accents can really make your space feel more finished and cohesive.

upgrade bedroom to relaxing retreat

Because our headboard is fairly low-profile and minimal, we opted for a large farmhouse style sign above our bed. It covers a lot of empty space on the wall and helps to draw the eyes up.

accessories in relaxing master bedroom retreat

Fresh or faux flowers and greenery can also bring some life and color to your bedroom without being overwhelming. A large mirror, a rug, and even an accent wall can add interest to your room and give it that relaxing retreat look you’re going for!

A Few Other Tips to Make Your Bedroom Relaxing

  • Mind the lighting – Add lamps beside the bed for dim, relaxing lighting in the evening. Make sure your window treatments (blinds, shades, and/or curtains) are effective at keeping out sunlight during sleeping hours.
  • Drop the temp – Cooler temperatures at night are shown to promote more restful sleep. If possible, keep your bedroom on the cooler side so you can snuggle down in your cozy bed and snooze soundly.
  • Paint a relaxing scene – Opt for calm, relaxing colors that aren’t too busy or over-stimulating. According to psychology, cooler colors (blues and greens) and neutrals can be more relaxing to the brain. Similarly, white or light neutrals remind us of a spa-like setting, which can help to relax your body before you even lie down.
  • Keep it clean – It may be tempting to let the laundry pile up or keep that stack of books on your nightstand, but clutter can be visually stimulating and stressful. Keep decor and knickknacks to a minimum, and keep your sleeping area as neat as possible to allow your mind and body to relax. Consider a bedside table with drawers or a decorative box on top to hide remotes, glasses, or books.
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