15 Stunning DIY Angel Tree Toppers for Your Christmas Tree

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Looking for the perfect angel tree topper for your Christmas tree this year? Instead of searching through store after store, check out these amazing DIY angel Christmas tree topper projects you can make!

I grew up with an angel on the top of our family Christmas tree every year. I always loved that – there was just something comforting about a beautiful angel tree topper looking down over us during the holiday season.

I reached a point where I needed to find another angel tree topper for our own tree, so I began the search. I searched store after store and just couldn’t find the right one. And believe me, I looked hard!

Once my disappointment level reached a certain point, I had the idea to DIY my own angel tree topper. Then my search changed from finding just the right tree topper in a store to finding the right inspiration for a DIY tree topper.

I found so many amazing and creative ideas, that I just knew I had to share them with you – because I just know that I’m not the only one searching that perfect angel to sit on top of the Christmas tree!

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Beautiful DIY Angel Tree Toppers

Probably the best thing about making your own DIY Christmas tree topper is the fact that if you like to change your decor or decorating theme a little bit each year, you can easily make a new tree topper to match it. 

While the project may take you just a bit of time, it will save you hours compared to searching multiple stores and coming up empty-handed! Plus, a DIY tree topper is usually much more budget friendly than anything you can buy online or in a store.

Check out these gorgeous DIY Christmas tree topper ideas that you can easily make to fit with your own holiday decor this year!

Farmhouse Pallet Wood Angel

DIY farmhouse angel tree topper

If you like the rustic look, using pallet wood is the way to go! Pallets are definitely rustic (and usually free!) – but sturdy and beautiful at the same time. Click to read our full tutorial to make this super simple farmhouse wooden angel.

Elegant But Easy (from Momtastic)

momtastic - Amanda Seghetti

This project uses a paper doily to create a design that’s elegant and beautiful while also being very simple to make. Seriously, the adorable doll hair just makes the entire project!

Glittery Paper Maché Transformation (from Hobby Craft)

Christmas Tree Angel Topper hobbycraft - Amanda Seghetti

Transform a simple, brown paper maché angel into a glitzy one with the use of white acrylic paint, snowflake Decomache paper to decopatch the neck and skirt bottom, and the full tutorial provided.

Old-Fashioned Charm (from Think Crafts)

Old fashionedAngel thinkcrafts - Amanda Seghetti

Who knew that a paper mache cone and a foam head could turn out to look so charming? This project is only slightly more complex but still easy enough that anyone could do it – and you’d be proud to display this angel tree topper on your Christmas tree! Customize the angel’s details with colors that match your theme, and you will have the perfect “pulled together” look!

DIY Paperback Angel (from Five Go Blogging)

Paperback Angel Tree Topper - Amanda Seghetti

Never would I have ever thought to make an angel Christmas tree topper from the pages of a paperback book! This idea is brilliant, elegant, and oh-so-easy to make. I could see this at the top of a book-themed Christmas tree, or even atop the tree of a book lover. It would definitely be a conversation piece for the holidays!

Weeping Angel (from Tourist Meets Traveler)

weeping angel touristmeetstraveler - Amanda Seghetti

For this project, all you need are some spray painting skills (and warm enough weather). Find any angel you like from the store (preferably one that has arms you can position the way you want) and use stone textured spray paint to create an angel reminiscent of the ancient Greek style.

Dress it Up or Dress it Down (from It’s A Stamp Thing)

DIYchristmasangel itsastampthing - Amanda Seghetti

Super simple but also super customizable – I love this design! Use supplies you have on hand or add a few extra embellishments. It’s 100% up to you, and it looks gorgeous no matter how you put it together.

Crocheted Angel (from Lemon Tree Designs)

crocheted angel lemontreedesigns - Amanda Seghetti

Crochet – even if you have never done it, it’s a skill you can pick up quickly and is worth knowing because it can allow you to quickly produce some really fun items like this crochet angel bell tree topper.

Paper Plate Angel (from Funroom)

paper plate angel topper funroom - Amanda Seghetti

Who knew that paper plates could create something beautiful enough to put on the top of your tree? This project may not be one that you can use year after year, but it’s certainly easy (and cheap!) enough that you can make a new one each year.

Light Up Angel (from Jaqueline Devito)

Lighted Angel Tree Topper - Amanda Seghetti

Take a Barbie doll and transform it into your dream angel, like this example shows! Decorate with silver stars, a wire butterfly for the wings, and feathers to add sophistication. Then add some Christmas tree lights under the dress to make it light up, DIY style.

Silver Glitter Angel (from Hobby Craft)

silver glittery angel hobbycraft - Amanda Seghetti

With a halo made from a twisted silver pipe cleaner and silver glitter wings, the angel body is covered in strips of the paper of your choice (I love the music notes paper!). This craft is adorable and very customizable. 

Tulle Angel (from Gotta Love DIY)

angeltulle gottalovediy - Amanda Seghetti

This vintage tulle angel is actually a decoration, but with just a tiny amount of tweaking, you can turn this DIY ornament into a festive, cheery angel tree topper. Simple do away with the top loop, and if you wanted to, you could add a painted paper mache cone as the body. Or simply hang this angel over the the top of your Christmas tree by her tulle!

Delicate Crochet Angel Topper (from Crochet Pattern Central)

crochet angel2 - Amanda Seghetti

This delicate-looking crochet angel is much easier to make than it looks. With just a little crochet know-how you could quickly create this beautiful angel.

Coffee Filter Angel Tree Topper (from Margaret Meyer) 

coffee filter angel tree toppe - Amanda Seghetti

This coffee filter ornament works well as a tree topper when you eliminate the hanging piece. Use a cotton ball for the head and pipe cleaners add definition for the parts of the angel. This is adorable!

Rustic Burlap Angels (from Paint A Sign)

burlap angel paintasign - Amanda Seghetti

Designed as ornaments but easily fit to tree toppers molds, these burlap angels add a simultaneous sophisticated and rustic touch to your tree. They are gorgeous with the touch of lace and perfect for the holidays.

I hope these DIY angel tree topper ideas inspired you to create an angel for your Christmas tree that you love! If you’re feeling crafty, try these wine cork crafts too!

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