How to Make a Farmhouse Wooden Angel Tree Topper | DIY Tutorial

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This farmhouse style angel makes a beautiful topper for your Christmas tree. Made of pallet wood and only a few other materials, this DIY project is a great way to create budget-friendly decor for the holidays. Keep it simple or add some extra touches for a little flair! Check out how we made this farmhouse wooden angel tree topper below!

angel tree topper tutorial - Amanda Seghetti

Decorating a Farmhouse Christmas Tree

Although I love farmhouse decor, I didn’t intentionally set out to make our Christmas tree farmhouse-themed. I guess you could say it happened by total accident!

I actually started using pretty minimal Christmas decorations and ornaments a few years ago when Aren was small. I wanted to make sure our tree was as safe as possible for her, since she was constantly getting into everything.

Read how to decorate your Christmas tree to keep toddlers safe here!

I wrapped burlap around my tree, top to bottom. Then I added a few spiralled piece of sheer wired ribbon to lay atop. During decorating I found some snowflake garland so I thought I would try that too. Loved it!

2 farmhouse christmas tree - Amanda Seghetti

After the lights, ribbon, and garland are on it is time for the kids to have their way with the tree. DEEP BREATH!!! After 18 years I have become a bit better at this part and don’t cringe the entire time haha. I hand them ornaments and they go nuts. This year they actually did quite an amazing job.

The two younger kids are still too small to reach very high but our oldest can almost reach the top, therefore, we didn’t have to move too many ornaments!

Why an Angel Tree Topper?

Now our tree was looking absolutely beautiful and radiating farmhouse flare but our tree was missing something very important! Our tree had no Angel Tree Topper!

3 angel tree topper - Amanda Seghetti

I love the idea of an angel atop our tree, like our loved ones watching over us as we celebrate our family Christmas. Knowing I could make an angel easily enough with some wood and that I could make it perfectly rustic and on a budget had me ready to start getting creative!

Angel Tree Topper Tools & Supplies

  • a plank of pallet wood
  • jigsaw or scroll saw
  • sander
  • nailer & 1-inch nails
  • chalked paint & old paintbrush
  • sandpaper
  • wire
  • stapler
  • 1 screw
  • ribbon roll cardboard centre
  • twine

How to Make an Angel Tree Topper!

Cut out the Angel

I’m so excited to teach you how I made my Beautiful Farmhouse Angel Christmas Tree Topper! This is such an incredibly easy project and a great way to add a bit of your own touch to your Christmas Tree! So let’s get started!

First, you need to draw out your angel silhouette onto a piece of wood. I found the most darkened and aged pallet board that was still sturdy to make my angel tree topper. I wanted rustic and, of course, pallet boards are perfectly rustic! Using my coffee cup I drew a circle for the head and then drew the sides downward. Honestly not much of a shape – wing it, it is easy-peasy.

Now clamp your board to something strong and sturdy. I chose our table saw and used two clamps. The jigsaw still gave me a bit of trouble and I have decided I really need to practice using a jigsaw a little more! I was going to use the scroll saw but unfortunately, that wasn’t going to happen easily enough for my quick project so went ahead with the jigsaw. If you have the option of using a scroll saw then do so, it is a lot easier to maneuver and stay on course.

After the silhouette is cut out it is time to draw some wings on the remainder of the board. Set the angel in the centre and draw a curve downward. Clamp the board down nice and tight because you don’t want it to jump all over the place and cut with the jigsaw.

Sand The Angel

Great news, even though my jigsaw cutting was not perfect sanding can fix a lot! Using our 1-inch delta belt sander I evened out the sides and sanded away any rough outer edges. I used the side of the sander to add a tiny bit of detail into the bottom edge of the Angels wings as well because why not.

Assemble the Silhouette and Wings

Now that the sanding is done go ahead and line up the wings onto the body and turn over. Using our Craftsman framing nailer (cordless, love it!) and 1-inch nails I secured the wings to the back using several. It was looking great!

Paint the Angel Tree Topper

Although I absolutely love the look of raw natural wood this angel tree topper needed to brighten up a bit! Using chalked paint and an old dirty paintbrush I dry rough brushed (Read more about dry rough brushing here!) the entire angel and allowed it to dry. Once dry I gave it a good sanding to remove some of the thicker spots and increase its farmhouse style.

Adding a few accessories to the Angel Tree Topper

I thought a piece of wire would make the perfect halo for our farmhouse angel. I simply cut off a chunk and shaped and twisted until I got it just right. Then I spray painted it black so it was not too shiny and new. I attached it to the back of the angels head using my stapler.

Next up a simple piece of twine tied in a bow around her neck helped pull it all together.

Wait! How do you get your Angel Tree Topper To Stay put?!?!

4 accessorize angel tree topper - Amanda Seghetti

Great question and I think this solution was very clever on my part. I took one of the empty ribbon cardboard rolls and peeled off the top and the bottom so that I was left with the round thick inner piece. Using a drill and a small screw I drilled it to the back of the angel on an angle so that it would not go through the angel tree topper. Now it is ready to slip on top of the treetop!

How easy was that?! The perfect farmhouse angel tree topper ready to go onto our beautiful new tree! This year’s tree is definitely my favorite of all time.

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