Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments and Crafty Holiday Decor

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If you are looking for some fun and easy DIY Christmas ornaments and crafty holiday decor, these ideas will look festive on any Christmas tree!

DIY Christmas Ornaments

Making your own DIY Christmas ornaments are a great way to add a little joy to your Christmas tree this year. There are a ton of different holiday ornaments that you can purchase but making your own is so much more special.

DIY Christmas ornaments can add a little extra color and flair to the Christmas tree. If you have kids, friends, or other family members join in on the holiday ornament making, you can also make a lot of memories.

DIY Christmas Ornaments

Nature-filled Transparent Ornaments

diy filled christmas ornaments

These transparent Christmas ball ornaments can be filled with all kinds of items found in nature. These are filled with baby’s breath and eucalyptus, but almost any small flowers, leaves, or other natural items would work!

Easy Beach Christmas Ornaments

DIY beach Christmas ornaments

Bring a little bit of the beach inside with these fun and easy beach themed Christmas ornaments.

Reindeer Candy Cane Ornament

diy reindeer candy cane ornament

An easy craft, this cute little DIY reindeer ornament is made from candy canes and a printable template to make the cutest Christmas ornament.

Angel Wing Christmas Ornaments

Angel Wing Christmas Ornaments

These breathtaking Angel Wing Christmas ornaments are an honor to pass along during the difficult holiday season for loved ones. These are simple to do with a few supplies and can be a touching gift for someone who has experienced a loss.

DIY Gift Box Ornament

Cute and simple, this DIY gift box ornament is made with small wood blocks that are tied with a ribbon for an easy DIY Christmas ornament.

DIY Glitter Ornament Cricut Craft

DIY glitter monogram ornament

If you love creating with your Cricut machine, this DIY glitter monogram ornament will be a beautiful addition to the tree!

Don’t miss these 25 budget-friendly DIY Christmas decor ideas you can make today!

Rustic Snowman Ornament

rustic snowman ornament

Cute and easy to make, this rustic snowman ornament is adorable and festive.

DIY Handmade Christmas Ornament

DIY holiday ornament

This DIY holiday ornament is a cute addition to any tree. Made with the farmhouse design in mind, this ornament is easy to make and super cute.

Gingerbread House Ornaments

fun gingerbread house ornaments

These fun gingerbread house ornaments are so easy that even the kids can help you make them!

Acrylic Pour Christmas Ornaments

Acrylic pouring

Acrylic pouring turns those boring Christmas ornaments into something fun and festive. They are a unique and colorful way to brighten up any tree.

Got toddlers? Read our tips on how to safely decorate your Christmas tree!

Christmas Gnome Ornaments

Christmas gnome ornaments

A simple craft that only takes a few supplies, these little Christmas gnome ornaments are a fun addition to the tree.

DIY Santa Chalkboard Hanging Ornament

DIY Santa chalkboard hanging ornament

So cute and easy to make, this DIY Santa chalkboard hanging ornament is a colorful ornament to hang on the tree.

DIY Christmas Decor


farmhouse style button garland

An easy DIY Christmas project, this cute farmhouse style button garland is a great way to add accent to your tree or holiday decorations.

DIY Wooden Angel Tree Topper

DIY angel tree topper

This farmhouse style angel makes a beautiful topper for your Christmas tree. Made of pallet wood and only a few other materials, this DIY project is a great way to create budget-friendly decor for the holidays.

Find more DIY angel tree-topper ideas here!

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DIY Christmas Ornaments pin

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