Christmas Advent Calendar Activities

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Our family began the tradition of Christmas Advent calendar activities a few years ago, and it is now one of the most anticipated parts of Christmas. Our family focuses on spending quality time together, especially during the holidays, and this is a great way to make it fun!

Christmas Advent Calendar Activities

We do crafts, watch movies, drink hot cocoa – plenty of activities that are free and easy for everyone. We’ve included a few activities that are local to us, such as ice skating at our local shopping center. Our list of activities has grown through the years, as we have added new ideas that we love. We now have more than 24 activities available, so we are able to rotate a few choices out to keep them fresh and fun. There are some years that we have to skip activities (like ice skating when mom is pregnant), so we just put a different activity in its place.

We’ve also included all of our favorite Christmas movies, so that we can make sure to enjoy those each year as well! Home Alone is a family favorite, but mom and dad watch Love Actually when the kids are in bed.

Christmas Advent Calendar Activities
Drinking hot cocoa

Advent Calendar Activities PDF

I’ve had many friends ask for a copy of our list so I’ve decided to share with you all! Here is a free printable PDF of our list of activities. There are a few blank spaces so you can write in your own activities. You may want to serve a special meal, add in a different movie, or even check out your local zoo lights or annual church activity. We like to print on either green or red cardstock, to make it look festive.

Advent Calendar Activities

This year we also added in something extra special to make our holidays even more magical. Hive sent us a new color changing lightbulb to try out, and we had the perfect idea to incorporate it with our advent calendar activities! You guys know I’m constantly busy and the mombrain is REAL this year. Mombrain mixed with preggobrain, it’s surprising that I get anything done. Well, for the first few days of our calendar, we sort of forgot to do a few activities. Between my work schedule, Kaiden’s karate classes, Hunter’s work at Target, Arien’s work travel, and just Aren being Aren…we missed out on some fun things.

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Hive Active Light Color-Changing Smart Bulb

Our new color changing lightbulb helped to turn it all around. With 16 million colors to choose from and the ability to schedule our lamp to turn on or change colors at any time, it was brilliant! We programmed our bulb to turn on at certain times of the day, with the colors representing an activity. When the light turns red, that means it is time to do the advent calendar activity for the day. If the light turns green, it’s time to watch a Christmas movie! The colored lights make it easy (and fun!) to remember to do our activities each day. And so far we haven’t missed any more!

Christmas Advent Calendar Activities

The kids get super excited when the lamp turns on. And the fun holiday colors just put us in a festive mood.

Christmas Advent Calendar Activities

I’m getting excited thinking about the possibilities for next year… maybe blue for New Years Eve while we count down to 2018? Pink light for Valentine’s Day? And maybe Arien and I need a special “code” color for the two of us, to signal the need for some couple’s time. I think a fun purple shade would be great for us.

Learn more about Hive’s color changing lightbulb HERE. Hive’s adaptable ecosystem of smart home products makes everyday life easier, effortless and more enjoyable – so you can live brilliantly. If you have a smart bulb, I’d love to hear how your family uses it to make your home more festive and fun!

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