How to Make Breathtaking Angel Wing Christmas Ornaments

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Today I’m sharing some beautiful ways to memorialize those loved ones lost but always in our hearts and our minds. These breathtaking Angel Wing Christmas ornaments have been my honor to pass along during the difficult holiday season for loved ones. These are simple to do with a few supplies.

Jump to the bottom for our feather-filled memorial ornament – a great alternative to our angel wing ornaments if you are unable to find any wings.

angel wing christmas ornaments front view

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How to Make Angel Wing Christmas Ornaments


how to make angel wing christmas ornaments

Attach the Angel Wings

First, you will need to attach the angel wings to the ornament. To do this I chose to use crazy glue and it worked quite well. I ensured that I held it in place tightly until the angel wings were good and dry. Make sure to put about a quarter size circle of glue in the center of the angel wings to attach. Add a few drops of glue into the center of the circle but no need to fill circle completely!

If the angel wings still feel loose, add a bit more Krazy glue around the dried glue edge and hold until dry.

angel wing christmas ornaments back view

Do NOT use a hot glue gun to attach the wings! It will melt and it will not last.

Apply a Design to the Angel Wing Christmas Ornament

Second, you will need to choose the design you will use. I have 2 options I used to create mine.

Keep reading to find out how to get our FREE files!

Now that the wings are glued on you can get a proper measurement. This makes it easier to figure out your vinyl size for your angel wing Christmas ornaments. If you apply the vinyl first you might run into issues with it being hidden by feathers or it may look a bit off. Because of those reasons, I find it better to measure after the angel wings are applied.

god gave you wings angel christmas ornament

Make sure to clean your Christmas ornament with rubbing alcohol before applying the vinyl. Allow to completely dry and double-check that they are lint-free too!

I really love the look of metallic vinyl, like silver and gold on the angel wing Christmas Ornaments. However, I do find they bubble more and are more difficult to put on. Patience is a virtue when it comes to vinyl and practice will make perfect.

Cut out your design in the right size for ornaments you choose to use. I used larger ornaments for these because the angel wings are nice and big and full of beautiful feathers.

‘Too precious for Earth’ was inspired in honor of my miscarriage. This ornament brings me a bit of comfort seeing these beautiful wings on our tree. Knowing that we have not forgotten and have a little something to treasure for the baby I never had.

Because we know we are not alone in the loss of loved ones and how hard it is without them, we are giving you our 2 SVG files so you can honor their memory too!

angel wing christmas ornament too precious for earth

Feather-filled Memorial Ornament Alternative


These feather-filled ornaments are very simple to make and will be treasured for years to come. First, gather all your supplies. If you are having trouble finding feathers then take a look at the dollar store or craft store, or you can use a down-filled pillow.

how to make a feather filled memorial ornament for the christmas tree

Add Feather-fill

Remove the tops from the ornament and fill with feathers through the opening. You can choose to fill them completely or partway. I opted for partway on a few and love the unique look it gives.

Choose A Memorial Quote

Now you need to choose a quote, so be sure to read to the end because we have a few freebies for you!. Using a cutting machine will help provide you with nice crisp clear lines and your choice of any beautiful font you can download. You can add a little feather to your design too!

Measure, cut & weed

Once you have chosen your design measure your bulb surface to keep it within the foremost of the front of the bulb so it is easily readable. Cut your design out of permanent vinyl. Weed it carefully, these smaller designs can be a bit tricky to weed.

Weeding tips!

Use a light pad to help make it easier to see your intricate designs when weeding, save your eyes peeps!

I like to use a dental pick or a mechanical pencil with a pin replacing the lead. It makes life much simpler!

When weeding thin designs it is usually easier if you remove the back before the tiny small pieces. Otherwise, when you remove the back it may tear the delicate design.

I like to keep a piece of old vinyl sticky side up next to me when weeding to dab my pick onto. A nice and easy way to clean your pick while weeding without little pieces sticking all over the place.

Clean Christmas Ornament

It is very important to clean your Christmas ball ornament with rubbing alcohol to ensure it is dust and lint-free! Rubbing alcohol dries very quickly so no need to do too far ahead of time. This will cut right through any oily fingerprints from filling your ornament with feathers too!

Apply the Memorial Design

Apply transfer tape to your design and rub well with the squeegee. For rounded surfaces, I like to place my design onto the surface one line at a time because the curve can really make your image go haywire in no time at all.

Carefully lift design and apply, starting at the top. If you make a mistake and need to remove the design don’t fret. It takes a lot of practice to get it perfect. Simply rewash with rubbing alcohol and try again.

Finish with a ribbon

I like to finish mine off with a simple silver or white piece of ribbon to hang it from the tree. Because I do not want anything too fancy to take away from the feathers and memorial quote.

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Feather Filled memorial Christmas ornaments

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Sending Warm Thoughts This Christmas Season

I hope you are inspired to brighten someone’s Christmas with one of our angel wing or feather-filled Christmas ornaments this year. Sending much love during this difficult time of the year for many who have lost someone they love. I hope these help bring a bit of peace and love to your tree this year.

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