Fun Picnic Lunch Ideas for Two (+ Easy Recipes)

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Dust off your picnic basket and grab someone special because it’s time for a romantic date with these picnic lunch ideas for two!

Going on a picnic date is certainly not a new concept. The idea can be traced back to 17th-century France but probably has origins that extend far beyond that. Following the French Revolution, parks that had previously only been available to aristocrats were opened to the public, and picnicking in the park grew in popularity.

Over the years, the admiration for picnicking has risen and fallen but the pastime is gaining traction once again, especially with couples. As soon as warm weather shows up, it’s officially picnic season!

If you’re not sure what to take on a picnic date or how to plan a romantic picnic for two, just leave the details to me! This guide will provide you with picnic lunch ideas for two and all the tips and tricks you need to pull off a special romantic date.

How To Plan A Romantic Picnic

I love a good romantic date night at home but planning a picnic with good food and heading outside to hike our favorite trail, visit the park or spend an evening at the beach is so fun and totally affordable.

To plan the perfect summer picnic you need to think about what to take. The essentials are a picnic basket, of course, a romantic location, and food that’s fun and portable. Once you’ve got those things you can throw in the extras like a blanket, wine, candles, a book of poetry, or whatever makes it special to you and your loved one.

Picnics aren’t just for summer though! You can plan a fantastic cold-weather date with these winter picnic ideas.

Picnic Date Essentials

Let’s begin with the essentials that will make this picnic lunch special. Picnic ideas for couples should go beyond the everyday. Sure you could toss everything into an old Igloo cooler with some ice packs and grab a few paper plates, but we’re going for romance, not practicality.

So let’s start at the very beginning. A very good place to start. (Did you catch that reference to the picnic scene in The Sound of Music?)

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Wicker Picnic Basket

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This classic wicker picnic basket includes plates and silverware for up to 4 people and has an insulated compartment to keep your food cool in warmer weather.

Picnic Backpack

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This picnic backpack is durable and easy to carry. It’s perfect for picnic locations that are more remote and require a bit of walking.

Picnic Cooler

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If you prefer something more like a cooler, this picnic cooler is going to be your best option. This tote has plenty of room to hold ice, food and wine plus a side pocket that includes service for four.

I think this would work great for beach days with the whole family, but of course it’s a great choice for a simple picnic for two as well!

Picnic Blanket

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No picnic table, no problem! Enjoy the outdoors but keep the grass and dirt away from your clothes and food with an extra-large waterproof picnic blanket that’s easy to carry.

But the best part ? It’s easy to carry so you don’t have to worry about juggling a million things in your arms!

Wine Carafe

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Keep your wine perfectly chilled, avoid spills, and don’t worry about broken glass with this insulated stainless steel wine carafe and tumblers.

Picnic Lunch Ideas for Two

Now that you’ve gathered all of your essentials it’s time to plan a romantic picnic lunch for two. Select foods that are easy to prep ahead and travel well. You should also include some premium ingredients (special cheeses, fine fruit, flavorful honey) that make the event more special.

To help you out, I’ve gathered some easy recipes that I think make the best picnic food ideas so you can choose what works for you and get on with the fun stuff! Just choose a main dish and a couple of side dishes, and head out to get some fresh air with your sweetheart in your favorite place outdoors.

Be sure to pack wine, beer or the ever classic lemonade – and don’t forget dessert! (You can’t go wrong with a good key lime pie, if you ask me!)

Picnic Lunch Ideas for Two

Perfect Picnic Locations

Once you’ve gathered your gear and packed the basket full of tasty treats, it’s time to head out for a romantic picnic just for two. Choosing the perfect location can be a challenge but we’ve got several ideas for you!

  • Backyard – You may not have to travel far for romance. Look around your own back yard for the perfect picnic spot. If you don’t have one, creating a little spot could be a fun weekend project.
  • Local Parks – You probably have several parks within a short drive of your home. Select a park that has trails or more secluded areas so you don’t have to enjoy your romantic picnic along side a playground full of children.
  • State and National Parks – Enjoy the sites, hike a few trails and enjoy a picnic lunch for two at a favorite spot along the trail.
  • Campgrounds – Many campgrounds have areas reserved specifically for picnicking. They will often have tables and small grills. Be sure not to use campsites without paying for them.
  • Drive-In Theaters – Watch a movie and enjoy your basket of delicious food while you do.
  • Beach – Bring a big blanket to keep the sand out of your food but the beach is an incredibly romantic spot for a picnic.
  • On A Boat – Pack a picnic and head out in a canoe or kayak for an on the water experience you won’t soon forget.
  • At Night – Plan a picnic under the stars. Light a campfire and make it ultra romantic.
Romantic Picnic Lunch - Amanda Seghetti

Share a comment and tell us all about your romantic picnic plans!

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