11 Fun Party Theme Ideas for Teens

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Teens love to get together and hang out. Birthday parties are fun, but having a party just for the fun of it can be even more exciting. Plus, if you are the host, knowing where your teen is and what they are doing gives you peace of mind that is priceless.

There are times when your teens may enjoy just hanging out, listening to music and playing video games. But host a big gathering with a theme, and you will see your kids’ excitement grow! Planning food, music, games and decorations around a theme is fun, and you’ll love these cool party ideas for teens.

Whether you’re looking for teen birthday party ideas, sports team parties, or just an excuse for your teen to gather with their friends in the safety of your home, you are going to love these party theme ideas for teens.

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Selecting A Theme

I highly recommend that you consult with your teen when selecting a theme for a teen party. There is often a fine line between what’s totally cool and what might seem babyish. If you are planning a surprise party, enlist the help of your teen’s friends to be sure everything goes off without a hitch.

Teen Party Must-Haves

A party for thirteen-year-olds may look a little different than a party you host for seventeen-year-olds, but there are a few things every party must have:

  • Music – Even if you aren’t expecting the kids to dance, music is a must. You can select a few tunes that line up with your selected theme but include some of the current popular music as well. Consider having an older sibling or a friend’s older sibling act as a DJ for the evening. Connect your phone to an outdoor Bluetooth speaker system, and you can have great tunes all night long.
  • Food – Teens love food, and a few themed offerings are great. Be careful not to go overboard with the food and don’t discount party staples like pizza, sandwiches, chips and soda.
  • Decor – When it comes to decor, the sky is the limit. Most kids will be happy just to hang with their friends, but everyone loves a theme that lends itself to cool decor.
  • Games and Activities – Tonight’s the night to put away the video games and select some games that several people can play. Yard games like cornhole, frisbee and spike ball are tons of fun.

Teen Party Location Ideas

If you want to throw a party but let someone else handle all the details, host your party at a location other than your home. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Bowling Ally – Reserve the party room and have a fun evening of bowling and pizza.
  2. Laser Tag – Bring the video game to life
  3. Movie Theatre – Many theatres will let you rent an entire theatre off-hours to watch a current movie. Plus, there is a great concession stand for kids to visit, so food is taken care of.
  4. Museum – Museums are used to hosting parties and can offer cool tours, activities and may even put together a fun scavenger hunt.
  5. Amusement Park – Contact the park for a group rate and let the kids find their own fun. Gather everyone back at a pavilion or picnic area for lunch and cake.
  6. Camping – If your teen loves the outdoors, rent a few campsites and spend the weekend in the wilderness. Have a cookout, go hiking and do a little fishing.
  7. Trampoline Park – Trampoline parks are popping up all over the place and lets kids jump and bounce and have fun. Even older kids will love this idea.
  8. Ropes Course – Challenge courses are perfect for small to medium-sized groups and provide a great opportunity for teens to work together and bond with each other.

Party Theme Ideas for Teens

If the ideas aren’t already flowing, we’ve gathered this list of some party theme ideas from around the internet that are perfect for teens. Many of these have food ideas, decoration tips and some include printables and games to help you plan an epic party that your teen and their friends will be talking about for a long time.

Teen Party Theme Ideas

If you are looking for teen birthday party ideas or just need cool party ideas for teens we have a fantastic list along with some tips and tricks to help you host an epic teen party. From party theme ideas to activities and party location, we've gathered up the best party theme ideas for teens.

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