15+ Fun Birthday Party Activities for Teens

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Your kid wants to be cool and let’s be honest, you want to be the cool parent. Planning birthday party activities for teens can be challenging because the themed ideas of their youth are too babyish and there is a fine line between what’s cool and what’s not. While teen parties can be a lot of fun, get it wrong and everyone’s cool status drops way down. Teen parties take a fair amount of planning and you need a great list of activities planned and ready to go.

birthday party activities for teenagers - Amanda Seghetti

A house full of teens can turn unruly if there aren’t enough activities to keep them occupied and happy. I’ve gathered up a list of cool birthday party activities and fun games, all of which received two thumbs up from my own teen, to help you plan the best bash that will elevate you to cool parent status. If you want to plan all of these activities around a theme be sure to check out these 11 Fun Party Theme Ideas for Teens.

The best part is that these birthday party activities for teens are sure to keep everyone busy and having a blast. At the end of the night, you’ll be able to sit back and pat yourself on the back for a job well done. And if you’re really lucky, your teen might even say thanks.

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Tips For Planning A Teen Birthday Party

The best parties are well planned so the final execution can go off without a hitch. These tips will help you plan the coolest party on the block so you can ensure all party guests have a great time.

  1. Consult a Teen – Surprise parties are a great idea for adults but teens can be fickle, so the best way to make sure the party goes well is to consult your teen. Ask for their input and get their stamp of approval for every activity you plan.
  2. Decide on a Budget – Don’t let cost get out of hand. Set a budget and stick to it.
  3. Make a Guest List – Who will you be inviting to the party? Will you require an RSVP? Make a guest list so you have an idea of your needs for space, food and supplies.
  4. Find a Place – Having the party at home can save money but you’ll need very specific rules about where guests can go. You’ll also want to put up anything valuable or breakable. Even with truly well behaved kids, accidents can happen. Sometimes hosting the party are a restaurant, park or arcade is the safe way to go. Paintball, Go Karts, Escape Rooms and Laser Tag are all great ideas for hosting an out-of-the-home party for teens.
  5. Add Music – You won’t need to play DJ because every teen at the party will have a smart device loaded with their favorite music. Supply a speaker with and MP3 hookup or connection cords so kids can attach their phones and let them select the tunes they love.
  6. Provide Food – A buffet of foods that teens can walk by and graze on is the best option over a full meal. Supply an assortment of healthy choices along with finger foods, chips, candy and cake.
  7. Have An Extra Chaperone – Invite a few other parents to help you oversee the party, especially if kids may be moving from room to room or from indoors to outdoors. Teens are sneaky so it’s important to outsmart them and if you’ve got a few extra helpers that makes your job that much easier.

Birthday Party Activities for Teens

Plan a birthday celebration that your teenager will love with these fun party games and group activities guaranteed to have a good time.

More Teen Party Ideas

If those ideas don’t meld with your teen, try out some of these fun ideas for group games:

  • Pick up a few henna tattoo kits and let your teens experiment with their creativity.
  • Pull out a handful of classic board games for an old-fashioned game night.
  • Hang up some black lights and grab some glow gear for a fun Black Light Party. Glow sticks are always a lot of fun!
  • Keeping things small with just the immediate family? These father daughter date ideas are lots of fun! (And they don’t have to just be father-daughter dates either!)
birthday party activities for teens - Amanda Seghetti
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