Backyard Family Fun with Nerf

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Looking for a fun way to get the kids outside and away from their screens? Why not bring their video games to life and have some backyard fun with a family Nerf battle!

This post is sponsored by Hasbro Nerf, all opinions are my own.

It’s back to school time for us, and our family has been super busy trying to settle into our new routine. Work + school + homework + multiple extracurricular activities = stress for the whole family!

While video games are a great way to unwind (and playing Roblox is Kaiden’s game of choice haha), we don’t want our kids to just resort to screen time after school and on the weekends. We also want to have fun and spend quality time with our kids – even our middle schooler – being active outside.

Mom Tip: I’ve found the best way to get a tween excited for family time is by doing what THEY love to do!

Roblox Nerf Blasters

We bring Nerf and Roblox together for a fun outdoor family battle that gets us moving and laughing for hours.

Roblox + Nerf = New Nerf Blasters

Nerf knows what kids like, and they’ve created new blasters inspired by the popular game Roblox! Available at Walmart (both in-store and online), they are the perfect solution for parents to help kids get outside and play to bring their video games to life.

They also come with a code that allows you to redeem an exclusive virtual item on Roblox! (More on that below)

Nerf Roblox Adopt Me!: BEES!

From the Roblox game Adopt Me! comes this fun dart-firing blaster that features lever-action priming and an 8-dart rotating drum. Just pop the darts in and use the lever to fire off all 8 darts in a row. The lever is really easy to use, so no slowing down to blast off at your target or competitor!

Roblox adopt me bees nerf blaster

Included with the blaster are 8 Official Nerf Elite darts made of foam, plus the code to redeem your virtual item in the game.

Nerf RobloxMM2: Shark Seeker Blaster

I personally love the Shark Seeker Blaster with the super cool shark fin on top, inspired by the Roblox game MM2. It also has two additional shark fins that attach to the sides.

kaiden with shark blaster

The blaster comes with 3 Nerf Mega foam darts as well as the code to redeem your virtual item. We found out that the darts make a really cool whistling sound when you fire them out of the blaster – and the darts can go FAR!

Pretty sure one landed on our roof when we were seeing how high in the air we could blast them, haha. Whoops!

Virtual Roblox Items

As I mentioned, each blaster comes with a code that can be redeemed for an exclusive virtual item within the Roblox game.

Virtual items have no cash value.  You must have or register for a Roblox account to download and use the virtual item.  To redeem the code, parents should visit

Roblox platform rating and product age grade may differ. Resale of a virtual item is prohibited. A code obtained by fraud or other unlawful means will not be honored.

Codes are valid through December 31, 2022, unless extended by Roblox.

Safety First!

To avoid eye injury: Use of eyewear is required for players and people within range. Eyewear is not included with the blasters, but we always follow safety guidelines and wear eye protection (like sunglasses – or regular glasses like Eden wears) just in case one of the darts go astray.

We also tell our kids to only point or blast below the shoulders (never aim at eyes or face).

We also use only official Nerf darts, as other darts may not meet safety standards, and we do not modify darts or blasters.

eden with nerf blaster

Family Battle Time!

Since Nerf darts are great for both indoor and outdoor use, we take the fun outside for some fresh air and sunshine. Plus it gives us extra space to run around – great for getting in that physical activity!

Parents vs kids nerf battle square

We like to team up – sometimes parent and kid together – but usually we play parents versus kids. I’m not sure who enjoys it more, the kids or us!

Sometimes we create different challenges, like who can get to the top of the hill and back down without getting blasted along the way. Or we might set up our Nerf target and see who can get the most points.

dad with nerf blaster

Other times, we set out our inflatable Nerf Bunkrs to make our battle even more exciting! We all run around from Bunkr to Bunkr trying to hide and blast at the same time. I think we may try to set up an obstacle course of sorts next time!

family Nerf battle

Our kids love it when we battle to see who will be doing the dishes that night. They definitely don’t want to lose the dish washing battle!

(Spoiler alert: sometimes we let them win just because.)

In the end, we all end up having a great time and are happy to have some pretty awesome memories.

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