Easy Nerf Armory DIY Tutorial with Video

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From the time my son got his first dart gun at age 3, my house has been littered with little foam dart bullets. I mean a bunch of Nerf guns and Nerf darts EVERYWHERE. That means for 7 years now, I’ve struggled with finding a solution to store them – and every attempt failed despite my best efforts. That is until I built a super easy Nerf armory – and I’m going to share my Nerf armory DIY tutorial here with you!

Even if you don’t have a handy husband or if you feel like you don’t have enough space for all the toy storage you need, this real simple DIY Nerf gun storage rack system will soon take care of that! It’s a great way to store all those blasters and darts, and look super cool at the same time.

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Nerf Armory – Best Christmas Gift Ever

Ok, I agree. My awesome Nerf gun rack probably wasn’t the best Christmas gift EVER, but it was a pretty darn cool one.

My 10 year old son, Kaiden, asks for a new Nerf gun or toy pretty much every year. Or twice a year – for birthdays and Christmas. And while my Nerf fanatic doesn’t always get one, he does have quite the Nerf gun collection.

We’ve divided his Nerf toys so that he has some guns here at our house and others at his dad’s. We also tossed Nerf guns that have broken, and donated a few before we moved to Georgia this past summer. Still, the basket we had used to store his weapons was overflowing.

And that just didn’t work for this mama who thrives on organization.

I found a picture of a Nerf wall on Pinterest. It inspired me to create an armory for Kaiden as a Christmas gift instead of buying him another gun. Since we’re trying to reduce the amount of stuff and clutter in our house anyway, it seemed like a win-win!

And since the photo I found didn’t come with a tutorial for how to create the armory (and it also wasn’t quite what I wanted anyway), I decided to create a DIY Nerf armory tutorial of my own!

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Easy DIY Nerf Gun Storage Rack Materials Needed

Some of the Nerf storage photos I saw appeared to have the guns mounted on a bedroom wall on racks or shelves. I knew that wouldn’t work for us because Kaiden’s bedroom is fairly small.

Plus, I really didn’t want his Nerf guns and bullets cluttering up his room.

Our basement storage area seemed like the perfect spot for a cool Nerf armory! Out of the way with plenty of space to a make an awesome little corner just for Kaiden.

After spending a day cleaning up the storage room, I was ready to start building the armory. (Seriously, how do we clutter up space SO fast after moving in?) As usual, I turned to Amazon to find what I needed.

Pegboards for Nerf Armory

I ordered a set of 4 black plastic pegboards that would be the wall of the Nerf armory. Because they are already black, I wouldn’t need to paint them. Anything to save a step!

They also have space behind them to allow for the peg hooks to hang easily. If using flat wooden or metal pegboard, you’d have to use additional material to create that space.

pegboard hooks

I also ordered an assortment of pegboard hooks and storage bins to hang all of the Nerf guns and dart bullets.

Now that I’ve assembled everything, I would probably recommend this assortment of various hooks instead. The bins that came with the other set were pretty small, and I needed to buy larger pegboard baskets to hold the bullets and accessories.

baskets and screws for nerf bullet storage and organization

Our storage area has a wall of wooden planks, so I didn’t need to worry about drilling into drywall or using drywall anchors. I had some of these wood screws on hand that fit perfectly into the pegboard mounting holes. So I bought a few more and got to work!

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Nerf Pegboard Storage DIY Tutorial

Step 1: Set out all Nerf armory materials. Make sure drill/driver is fully charged. If not, charge and come back a few hours later (ask me how I know this).

Step 2: Measure out the wall space where you want to mount your pegboards. Do you want 4 pegboards in a row? Stacked in a 2×2 arrangement? Or 2 pegboards per wall, meeting in the corner? I opted for 4 in a row so my son could reach everything easily.

Step 3: Use a level to make sure first pegboard is level (makes sense). If attaching to drywall and stud is not behind the mounting hole, mark where drywall anchor should be placed. Follow drywall anchor instructions. If installing into stud or into wooden wall such as mine, place wood screw in the middle pegboard hole and drill into place.

pegboards are complete

Step 4: Continue to use level to ensure pegboard remains straight. Use driver to install screws into top corner holes (use drywall anchors where needed, if applicable).

Step 5: Once top screws are installed, level is no longer needed for that pegboard. Use driver to install screws in the remaining mounting holes.

Step 6: Repeat steps 3-5 to install remaining pegboards in your desired Nerf armory arrangement.

Step 7: Once all pegboards are installed, set out all pegboard hooks and baskets. Set out all dart guns and items to mount.

finishing pegboard nerf armory

Step 8: Choose larger hooks and larger guns to arrange onto pegboard. Once all larger weapons are mounted, fill in spaces with smaller hooks and Nerf guns. Rearrange until your Nerf armory is complete!

Step 9: Hang baskets on bottom of pegboard and fill with Nerf bullets.

armory sign before painting
armory sign waiting to dry

Step 10: Using a slab of scrap wood, some stencils, and leftover paint or spray paint, create a cool Nerf armory sign. I used painters tape to attach my letter stencils to an old deck board, then lightly spray painted for a “tough” look.

After paint is dry, attach to wall above armory using screws from earlier steps.

All done!

The Nerf Armory Completed 2 - Amanda Seghetti

Here’s a video showing my Nerf armory DIY tutorial:

Enjoy Your Nerf Storage and Organization!

That’s it! Building this Nerf armory was super easy, and I wish I had done it years ago! It took me a couple of days to complete, only because I had to fit in the cleaning and building sessions while the little ones were in school or napping. Otherwise I could’ve finished this in just a couple of hours… or even less, if my driver had been charged.

Hopefully this solves all of your Nerf gun storage and toy guns organization needs. If you try out my DIY tutorial and build your own Nerf gun wall, I’d love to hear how it goes for you! Drop a comment and let me know!

If you’re looking for some activities to keep the kids from being bored, I have a list of 50+ activities to keep them busy!

And if you can take a second and share this post on social media, I would appreciate your support! Thanks for reading!

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