25 Colorful Rainbow Gift Ideas for Kids

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What do you say when your favorite colors are ALL of the colors? Your favorite color is rainbow, of course! Whether you’re shopping for a child who loves all things rainbow-themed, or just someone with a colorful personality, these rainbow gift ideas will make any kid happy!

Each of the rainbow gifts listed below have been tried, tested, or used by us – so we can recommend great gifts from personal experience! After recently having a rainbow-themed birthday party for my 4 year old, I can say I definitely have done a LOT of research on all things rainbow-related.

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Rainbow Toy Gift Ideas

When you’re looking for rainbow gift ideas for kids, toys are probably the first gifts to consider! Our rainbow themed toys include gift options for kids of all ages, from babies to big kids (and even adults).

Rainbow Tunnel

rainbow tunnel toy from le toy van

This 5 piece rainbow stacking tunnel toy from Le Toy Van is perfect for a toddler or younger child. You can use each color to help develop color recognition, teach them their colors, and stimulate their imagination.

Each piece is made from durable and sustainable rubberwood, which means you know you’re helping  take care of the planet while also helping your child have long lasting fun. It’s also decorated with non-toxic paints and tested to the highest safety standards, so your child may play safe.

Rainbow Cloud Pop

Another favorite from Le Toy Van, the rainbow cloud pop is a solid spring loaded wooden cloud. With 5 rainbow pop-up rods, your child learns the push and release mechanism, a common feature in kids’ toys, as it teaches them dexterity in a fun and colorful environment.

This one is also made from sustainable rubberwood and is, again, non-toxic and safe. You’re sure to get quite a few giggles when you gift this little rainbow toy!

Rainbow Unicorn

london twig unicorn doll

It’s not a rainbow-themed gift list without a unicorn on it somewhere, right? These handmade, double-lined dolls from London + Twig are he perfect gifts for any child.

Customizing the unicorn allows for the doll’s hair to be picked based on the doll’s wardrobe, allowing for a custom-made heirloom-quality doll. Plus, you get removable clothing, hand-embroidered faces, and hypo-allergenic cotton-stuffed body. Perfect for any unicorn lover.

Rainbow Fish Book

This one has been an all-time family favorite. The illustrations are beautiful, and the overall story encourages kids to be kind and willing to share with others when you have plenty to give.

I’ve personally always loved The Rainbow Fish and think it should be in anyone’s household. Even if your child is too young to understand the message of the book, they’ll still enjoy the bright colors and lovely drawings – especially The Rainbow Fish himself.

Rainbow Donuts Kit

little chefs rainbow donuts kit

Less of a toy and more of an activity, this rainbow donut kit from Little Chefs is the perfect fun indoor activity for families who love to bake. Everything you need is included, the only thing you need is yourself and an excited child. Ok ok, I’ll admit it, I’m just as excited about this as my child is!

It makes a total of 12 rainbows (6 donuts cut in half) and all are gluten free and allergy friendly. Plus, they even taste like a rainbow. I would definitely recommend this one for anyone as it is a great bonding experience and you are sure to have plenty of fun baking your rainbow donuts.

Rainbow Silly Poopy

Now for something a little less serious. Silly Poopy’s Hide And Seek toy is from the popular WHAT DO YOU MEME? company, and it sings, talks, and lights up when you find it. Everyone picks a “hider” to hide the SIlly Poopy and then everyone searches for it. Once someone finds it, it lights up and sings so everyone can dance.

If you enjoy potty humor and want an absolutely goofy playtime with your kids, then this is the one for you.

Rainbow Clothes and Accessories

Kids Rainbow Wishes Bracelet

rainbow wishbeads bracelet

For any child that loves jewelry, this rainbow wishes bracelet from Wishbeads is the perfect gift with a special touch. Not only does it look pretty, but you have the ability to write a wish on “wish paper”, roll it up, and keep it inside a tube attached to the bracelet. That way they can keep their wish close to them and remind themself of what they wished for.

Even if your kid easily forgets things like what they wish for, at any point in time they can unroll it and remember exactly what they wished for and why.

Rainbow Dress

aren in rainbow pleiades dress

Come on, you have to admit that this dress is adorable. The lilac top? The hi-lo bottom that transitions into a pastel rainbow-inspired design? Goodness.

Besides the colors, it also features adjustable straps and a smocked back, allowing for better sizing customization. Any girl wearing this dress from Pleiades will feel like a pretty princess.

It’s the perfect outfit for a birthday or family photos. You don’t even have to worry about needing a special occasion to get it since it’s comfortable enough for everyday wear. (Insider tip: it can be really difficult to buy Pleiades dresses new since they sell out so quickly! There are a couple of groups on Facebook to buy them gently used (or even new!).

Pride/Awkward Ally T-Shirt

awkward ally tshirt

Tweens and teens are becoming more vocal these days, and there’s no better way to make a statement than with a statement t-shirt like this rainbow tee.

This Awkward Ally shirt from Fairy Nerdy uses a simple message and a rainbow design to let others know you stand with them and support them.

Personalized Rainbow Cosmetic Bag

Rainbow cosmetic bag

If you love to support small shops, you’ll definitely want to check out Ginger Moon Gifts on Etsy! This personalized rainbow bag is just one of the adorable gifts available. Made of high quality material, the inside is lined and roomy for holding lots of stuff. And it’s personalized, which makes it even more special!

Even if your gift recipient isn’t old enough for a cosmetics bag (my 4 year old surely isn’t), these bags are perfect for holding pencils, crayons, or accessories for a favorite doll.

Rainbow Decor

Rainbow Sheets

organic rainbow cloud sheet set

This rainbow sheet set from Pottery Barn Kids is a must-have for anyone who loves rainbows. With 100% organic cotton, this set is sure to light up your child’s room and help them sleep nightmare free.

The set includes a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and two pillowcases that fits a twin size bed. Both of my littles have sheets from Pottery Barn Kids and the quality is amazing. This set is definitely going in Aren’s room next for her to enjoy.

Rainbow Wallpaper

rainbow wallpaper from Anewall

The Elsi Rainbow Wallpaper from Anewall is another favorite of mine and Aren’s. We used it to guide our inspiration for her complete big girl bedroom makeover in our new home.

The rainbow mural can come as pre-pasted, traditional, or stick-on wallpaper. It can fit in a corner or flat on your wall, leaving you plenty of options. If you want an additional decoration to light up a room a bit more and take things to a whole new level, the rainbow wallpaper is the perfect addition.

Rainbow Mobile

blabla kids rainbow mobile

This beautiful rainbow mobile from Blabla Kids is a lovely gift for a baby or child of any age. Each line of color spins independently with gentle movements and holds an interesting texture. Handmade in Peru, the mobile is 100% knitted cotton and has a wire structure.

You can easily suspend the rainbow over a crib for a baby’s enjoyment or hang it on the wall for an older child to use as a decoration. There are also several rainbow color options depending on your desired aesthetic, be it a bright and cheery feel or a more muted and natural look.

Other Rainbow Themed Gifts We Love

We have been able to personally try out all of the rainbow gifts listed above, but there are a few others on our wish list! Check out these rainbow gift ideas if you still haven’t found that colorful gift you’re looking for:

rainbow bath bombs

DIY Rainbow Bath Bombs
(super simple to make!)

Rainbow Night Light

Unicorn Toys Stuffed Animal Gift Plush Set with Rainbow Case

Rainbow Umbrella

Rainbow Tie Dye Sneakers

Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty in Enchanting Unicorn

Rainbow T-shirt “Radiate Positivity”

Super Soft Rainbow Blanket

C.C Exclusives Cable Knit Rainbow Beanie

Macrame Rainbow Wall Hanging

Maya Angelou Quote ‘Be a Rainbow’ Watercolor Wall Art

 Handmade Wrap Rainbow Bracelet 

Rainbow Earrings

That’s it for our rainbow gift guide! Hopefully these cheery gifts help to bring a little joy to your special someone on cloudier days. If you know of an awesome rainbow item or other colorful gifts we should add to our list, please leave a comment and let us know! Happy gifting!

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