27+ Best Birthday Gifts for 14 Year Old Boys

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If you are looking for the best birthday gifts for 14 year old boys, we have got a list for you! Year 14 is full of ups and downs as kids navigate from being a child to a true teenager entering high school. Your 14 year old is transitioning from a world of fun and play to a world of responsibility.

Your teen has ever-changing interests as he discovers his individuality but still looks to the crowd to learn what’s cool. He’s outgrowing the toys of his youth but he is still a kid at heart. That deserves to be recognized while you are also careful not to give something that he will quickly outgrow.

14 year old birthday gift ideas - Amanda Seghetti

Buying birthday gifts (or Christmas gifts) for an emerging teenager can be tricky, so we’ve put together this list of best birthday gifts for 14 year old boys (or girls). Like my list of the coolest gifts for 11 year old boys, this list touches on several different personality types and interests so you can find the best gifts you know your 14 year old will love.

Below you’ll find:

  • Personal Care Gifts for Boys
  • Music and Gaming Gifts for Teen Boys
  • Gifts for Fun With Friends (or family)
  • Gifts for Outdoor Fun

And if all else fails, gift cards are always a good idea when giving gifts to teens.

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Personal Care Gifts for Boys

At age 14 you may notice the teen guy who never wanted to shower is suddenly obsessed with personal care. Looking good, feeling good, and leaving a good impression on others starts to become a bigger concern in the teen years. Responsibilities at school increase, sports become more serious, and looking good moves to the forefront of your teen’s mind.

These practical gifts for personal care can help teenage boys look and feel great.

Alarm Clock

Whether he’s getting up early for ball practice or just hoping to make it to school on time, an alarm clock is an invaluable tool for a teen boy. And if he’s anything like my son, waking him up in the morning is a chore!!

The Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker with a clock and Alexa is a great option for teens who are into cool tech. The small design makes it perfect for a nightstand and the clock is useful for alarms, times and it plays music which is always a plus with 14 year old boys.

This was actually on my son’s wish list for a while and has been a great thing for him! He relies on it for his morning alarm, uses it to play Song Quiz and Jeopardy, laughs at a few of Alexa’s jokes… and is a lot of fun for me when I use my phone to randomly play a funny wake up song if he doesn’t get out of bed on time. 😉

Water Bottle

A good quality water bottle that can keep water cold for hours as kids transition from the classroom to sports practice is essential. A Hydroflask comes in a variety of colors and the vacuum insulated canister will keep drinks cold (or hot) for hours.

I just bought a 64 ounce Hydroflask for my 14 year old son for Christmas. He needs lots of cold water at band camp in the summer — and I included a couple cool water bottle stickers to make the gift extra fun.

Not only do young teens think Hydroflask water bottles are a cool gift (pun intended), one of the best things for us is that they are great quality and will last until these kids finish high school! Win win!


A backpack may be a practical gift but having the right backpack as you roam the halls of high school can be pretty important.

A Nike heritage backpack has a classic design that can hold everything you need but looks stylish and cool. It’s big enough for a laptop if needed, a pair of extra shoes, and all those important papers that his teachers want you to see.

The good news – they will all be held in this cool backpack with its lightweight design. The bad news – he will still probably forget to give those papers to you.

Sports Bag

Keeping up with all his gear is important to a sports-loving 14 year old.

When it comes to athletics an Under Armor duffle bag is not only useful, it’s cool. And we all know how important it is for teens to feel cool.

Music and Gaming Gifts for Teen Boys

Music and Gaming are individual activities and as a parent, encouraging your child to retreat to their room can be a catch 22. But we all need some alone time and with a few ground rules in place, gaming and music time can be a benefit to everyone.

Here are a few awesome gift ideas that teenage guys into music and gaming are sure to love!

Nintendo Switch

This popular Nintendo Switch video game console allows for TV, tabletop and handheld play so it’s perfect for alone time but, with the right games, can also encourage family time.

The Legend of Zelda is a classic game that is still popular and Animal Crossing is the perfect game for the whole family.

If you want to play video games with the kids on family game nights, definitely get Just Dance too. It is such a fun game! But don’t even give that to your 14 year old. Just keep it for yourself.

Gaming Chair

Whether you need something for the family game room or your son’s bedroom, a swivel gaming chair will be a hit. This gaming chair swivels, reclines, and folds for easy storage when not in use.

It also has a machine washable cover, which is important if you have a messy kid like I do!

Apple Air Pods

Get rich sound when listening to your favorite music without the hassle of wires. Apple Air Pods charge in the case and connect automatically. They easily switch from device to device for seamless use all day long.

Gaming Headset

Gaming is the perfect alone time activity but it’s also a great time for your son to connect with his friends as they team up in the virtual world. The Logitech Pro gaming headset offers superior bass surround sound, soft ear pads on over-the-ear headphones, and a noise-isolating microphone for crystal clear communication.

Bluetooth Beanie

Keep your head warm and your music close with a Bluetooth beanie. This one was a great choice for my son, and he was totally surprised to see it on Christmas morning!

Electric Guitar

If your son is interested in music, a guitar is the best gift for a 14 year old boy. Pair the guitar with a few sessions of lessons and clear out your garage so the band has a place to practice. This LyxPro guitar kit includes an amplifier, carry bag and all the accessories you need to rock out for hours.

This guitar is pretty high quality for kids (not professional obviously, but a good beginner guitar set for the price), and I’m all about the cool birthday gifts that are somewhat educational – especially when kids don’t even realize it! While we don’t have this exact guitar, we do have an acoustic guitar as well as a full drum kit (and a keyboard, and a set of bells, and and and…)

Check out my list of the best non-toy gifts for kids for more useful gift ideas that kids will love!

Gifts for Fun With Friends (or family)

Time with friends and even time with family is incredibly important for teen boys. Stave off the “I’m bored” comments but having a few board games and card games on hand. They are perfect for family game night, sleep-over parties, or just an evening when the guys want to hang out.

Gravitrax Marble Run

For the kid who is into problem-solving, engineering and still likes to play, the Gravitrax Marble Run is a great game that can be played alone or with friends and family for hours of fun.


This electrifying game is perfect for kids who love a little feeling of danger. Shocktato takes hot potato to the next level. Get caught with the potato and you’ll get a little electric shock that will make everyone roll with laughter.

While this seems like it would be a “handful” of fun the next time his friends are sleeping over, you may want to hide it before midnight or their fun will keep you awake all night!

Squashed 3D Strategy Cube

Perfect for 2 to 4 players, Squashed 3D is an exciting strategy game that encourages thinking and problem-solving skills.

Taco vs. Burrito

This family-friendly game was actually created by a kid! Taco vs. Burrito is a strategic card game that’s fun and exciting. Kids and adults will enjoy this game.

Kids Against Maturity

Take family game night to a whole new level with this hilarious game the whole family will enjoy. If you like Cards Against Humanity, you’ll understand this. Kids Against Maturity includes toilet humor and things that make kids laugh along with enough innuendo to keep the parents interested too.

Gifts for Outdoor Fun

Encourage some good ol’ vitamin D therapy with games and activities that encourage outdoor play. These are the best outdoor gifts for 14 year old boys that they can enjoy on their own, with friends or with family.

Survival Kit

If your 14 year old loves to get out in the wild, this survival kit is perfect for them to keep in their hiking pack. It includes all kinds of gadgets and encourages learning valuable life skills.

Throwing Axes

Ax throwing shops have become very popular but the costs can add up. This set of Smith & Wesson Throwing products is perfect for a fun night of adventure right in your own backyard.

Drone with Camera

My son recently received this drone as a gift, and it is a teen’s dream come true. It’s got a 4K UHD camera that captures every moment in jaw-dropping clarity – perfect for those breathtaking aerial shots that’ll make his Instagram feed pop. And with its 3-axis gimbal stabilizer, your kid’s videos will be as smooth as the pros’, even if he’s new to the drone game.

What’s super cool about this drone is its long-distance capabilities – we’re talking a range of up to 9800ft! My son was over the moon with how far he could fly it, exploring the neighborhood from an entirely new viewpoint. Plus, with nearly an hour of flight time, he has plenty of opportunities to perfect his piloting skills.

This drone is a hit for any 14-year-old because it’s just so much fun and gives them a taste of independence while capturing some epic shots. Whether they’re into making videos, love outdoor adventures, or are just fascinated by gadgets, the Ruko F11GIM2 is a gift that will keep them entertained for hours.

And as a mom, I appreciate the GPS feature – it gives me peace of mind knowing that this smart drone can find its way back home with just a tap. So, if you want to be the coolest mom on the block and see your kid’s face light up with excitement, the Ruko F11GIM2 GPS Drone is the way to go. It’s been a blast for my son, and I’m pretty sure it’ll be a hit with yours too!

Hammock Camping

Hammock camping is a lot of fun and requires much less gear than traditional tent camping. Send your son on a weekend adventure in the backyard with a Ryno Tuff Camping Hammock setup. It’s an adventure he won’t soon forget.

Fly Fishing Gear

If your 14 year old has grown up fishing, he might enjoy trying something new in the sport. Fly fishing is growing in popularity and is a lit of fun. This Wild Water Fly Fishing Kit has everything you need to get started and the Orvis website has tons of videos to help you get started.

Spike Ball

Spike Ball is so much fun to play with friends or practice on your own. This fast-paced game is easy to learn and portable too. Your 14 year old will love to play this with friends or family.

Books for a 14 Year Old Boy

The Manual for Manhood

The Manual for Manhood is full of tips, tricks and tidbits to help your son navigate the world. This book has step-by-step instructions for everything guys need to know.

The Double Dangerous Book for Boys

The Double Dangerous Book for Boys is the Dangerous Book for Boys sequel (we have that one) that is aimed at older kids. This action-packed adventure guide is everything your son needs.

Toy Gifts for Teen Boys

Like most parents, you probably are thinking “no more toys!” And I understand which is why I made this list of 50 Non-Toy Gifts for Kids, but kids, even older kids, still need to play and enjoy getting cool toys from time to time.


Legos are a classic toy that ages well with kids. Look for larger Lego kits like the Lego McClaren Race Car, Lego Star Wars, and for kids that love to build, the Lego Eiffel Tower.


Even play can be educational. This coding robot from MakeBlock is the perfect way to introduce coding, robotics and engineering and it will still feel like play.

Clothing Gifts

You’ve probably noticed that your 14 year old is much more concerned about clothing than he was a few years ago. In high school, clothing is (unfortunately)a status symbol and having the right clothes is important. Even if you can’t do an entire wardrobe, a few pieces that fall into the “cool” category will be the best gift for 14 year old boys.

Graphic Tees

T-shirts are a great way to make a statement without having to spend a lot of money. Anything related to gaming like “I Paused My Game To Be Here“, or Gamer Heartbeat, retro band shirts from the 80s, and sports shirts like Under Armour and Nike are always a hit.


Hoodies make the teen world go round and a Champion hoodie will have your teen jumping for joy and looking forward to cooler weather.

This list is of the best birthday gifts for 14 year old boys is the perfect springboard for your shopping list. Of course, many girls may enjoy these items too. Consider your kiddo’s interests and likes and use this list to help you find the perfect gift this year.

best birthday gift for 14 year old boys - Amanda Seghetti

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