20 Best Gifts for Teen Girls

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Teen girls are the WORST… when it comes to finding the perfect gift for them. Am I right? Luckily for you, I have a teen who helped me pick some of the BEST gifts for this year’s teen girl gift guide! With a variety of price points, there is sure to be something on this list for the teenage girls you love. 

We’ve found the most popular products teen girls are into right now, unique gift ideas she definitely doesn’t already have, and all the best gift ideas that teen girls will definitely have on their wishlists this year. 

So whether you’re shopping for special Christmas gifts or the perfect birthday present, here are our top picks for the best gifts for teen girls for any special occasions!

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How To Find the Perfect Gifts for Teenage Girls

Finding a gift for teenage girls can feel like navigating uncharted territory. With their interests and tastes evolving quickly, it can be challenging to keep up. Whether their latest obsesion is a new tech gadget or a fashion trend, understanding their preferences is the first step in choosing the perfect gift.

Older girls have a wide array of interests, spanning from books to beauty products, sports to music, art to technology, and everything in between. Many of them enjoy exploring and expressing their identities through their hobbies and lifestyle choics, making gifts that relate to these areas particularly significant.

When selecting presents, consider gifts that mirror their passions and hobbies, which can not only entertain and delight but also foster their skills and interests. The ideal present can be a memorable, personal, and meaningful one that caters to a hobby or gap in her collection. A unique tech gadget can stir her curiosity, a popular novel can provide a gateway to endless imagination, while a new set of art materials can fuel her creativity.

This approach ensures your gift enriches your favorite teen’s life and aligns with her current interests.

2024 Trends: What’s Hot?

Understanding the current trends will steer you in the right direction when picking out a gift for a teenage girl. Pop culture tends to shape a large part of teenage lifestyles. Taylor Swift is a huge pop icon, as always. This year sees a surge in the popularity of Korean drama series, leading to an upswing in related merchandise. From beautifully designed K-Drama themed notebooks to marvelous K-Pop posters, these are the coolest gifts for super fans.

On the fashion front, oversized graphic tees paired with chunky sneakers and funky, wide-legged jeans are making a massive comeback. The 90s grunge trend is re-emerging, along with neon colors and animal prints. As such, a fashion-forward gift could include clothing items that follow these trends or perhaps a stylish eco-friendly bag.

Digitally, the focus remains on devices and online platforms that support virtual learning and entertainment. The iPad Pro and other smart tablets are a popular choice, as girls are becoming more tech-savvy and eager to express their creativity digitally. Furthermore, subscriptions to platforms like Netflix, Spotify, or an online gaming service can also deliver joy to their digital life.

Bearing these trends in mind can ease your mission to find a gift that the teenage girl in your life will genuinely appreciate and love.

Fashion and Beauty Products: For the Style-Savvy Teen

You might think gifting beauty and fashion products to stylish teens is challenging, yet with the right knowledge, the process can be enjoyable. Brands are always releasing new collections that appeal to young girls, catering both to beginners and those handy with makeup.

Smart Makeup Mirror Smart Makeup Mirror

This smart mirror has been hugely popular lately! If she is into makeup application and wants to learn to do makeup like the professionals, she will love this gift.

This mirror allows her to watch her favorite beauty YouTuber tutorials while applying her own makeup. She can also analyze her skin composition, track skincare products, view personalized product recommendations, use a magnifier to zoom in on her look, and use the makeup studio view to try on different makeup styles.

This little device has all she'll ever need in beauty materials -- in one mirror.

Cooluli Mini Fridge for Bedroom Cooluli Mini Fridge for Bedroom

This is how I know that I am clueless when it comes to anything beyond basic beauty routines. Did you know that some people keep their cosmetics and face products in a mini fridge? They do!

Your girl will be impressed with your "cool" gift when she sees this little beauty! Take it a step further and add in a gift card to Ulta or Sephora while you're at it to create the perfect present. Then cover your ears before the squeals of delight begin!

Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb

If she's a beauty routine diva, you should definitely consider getting the Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Heat for her! I've been using it myself, and it's honestly amazing.

It's a hit from Rihanna's trendy Fenty Beauty line, known for being on-trend and loved by beauty enthusiasts. The lip gloss offers a comfortable, gentle plumping effect with a warming sensation, unlike the harsh sting of typical plumpers. It's not just about plumping; the gloss's sheer, non-sticky shine is flattering on anyone, making it ideal for teens.

It's the perfect mix of trendy, effective, and stylish, making it an excellent addition to any makeup-savvy teen's collection.

Gel Nail Polish Kit with UV Light Gel Nail Polish Kit with UV Light

Nails are a great way to make a fashion statement, and gel nails are so in right now. Unless your teen girl has a job or hefty allowance to pay for salon visits every 2-3 weeks, she will want a more budget-friendly nail option like this gel nail polish set with UV light.

Complete with a manicure kit, nail polish, and a UV lamp (necessary to set the polish so it hardens), this kit will give her salon-quality nails for less than she would pay for a full manicure and polish at the nail salon!

Celestial Silk Scrunchies Celestial Silk Scrunchies

Scrunchies are back in style, and these silk scrunchies are the perfect stocking stuffer! She doesn't even have to be a girly girl to love cute hair accessories. Teen girls everywhere will enjoy wearing these beautiful silk scrunchies on their wrists AND in their hair!

This is a great gift for the teen girl who cares about how she looks, because silk scrunchies are less harsh on her hair. If she’s really into having healthy-looking hair, you may want to also get this silk pillowcase. It is highly recommended for reducing hair damage while sleeping.

Nike Women's Dunk Low Shoes Nike Women's Dunk Low Shoes

For a teen girl who's all about popular fashion trends, a pair of Nike Dunks would be an ideal gift. These sneakers have become a staple in streetwear, known for their unique blend of retro style and modern flair. The Dunks come in a variety of vibrant colors and designs, making them perfect for expressing personal style and keeping up with the latest trends.

They're not just stylish but also comfortable, suitable for everyday wear whether she's at school or out with her best friend. Gifting Nike Dunks shows that you're in tune with what's currently trending in the fashion world, making them a thoughtful and trendy present for any fashion-conscious middle school or high schoolers.

Tech Gifts: For the Girl Who Loves Gadgets

I have to sing my praises to technology for continually coming up with fun and daring gadgets that make perfect gifts. Each one of the great gift ideas listed here is more than just an accessory. They offer a unique experience – from capturing cherished moments to immersive gaming, to easy and quality music streaming.

Ring Light with Tripod Stand Ring Light with Tripod Stand

Whether she's a social media rising star who's into making TikTok videos or is a future YouTuber (or maybe she just likes to have good lighting when FaceTiming the grandparents), ring lights are a must. With a 10" ring light with 3 color modes, customizable tripod stand, remote shutter, and phone holder that fits iPhone or Android phones, you can't go wrong with this special gift!

You never know, you may find that you have fun making TikToks too! (I know I do!)

Phone Lens Kit Phone Lens Kit

If she's an Instagrammer, or even just someone who wants to step up her photography game, she's going to want this lens kit that attaches to her cell phone.

This 9-in-1 lens kit actually attaches to the outside of your phone and is the easy way to make your photos look even more professional than these fancy smart phones are capable of these days. Create super cool macro and wide angle photos without the cost of a professional camera and lens.

iHome Bluetooth Speaker with Disco Lights iHome Bluetooth Speaker with Disco Lights

Yes, with disco lights. We got this speaker last year and honestly our whole family loves it! If your teen girl likes listening to music in her room, this Bluetooth speaker will display a fun light show of different colors onto her wall, moving to the beat of the music.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 12 Purple Holiday Bundle Fujifilm Instax Mini 12 Purple Holiday Bundle

Ok so let me tell you about this camera bundle ! It's seriously the perfect gift for a teen girl who's into capturing those fun, spontaneous moments. This bundle comes with everything she needs to get started – the Instax Mini camera, film, and even some cute accessories.

The instant camera itself is super easy to use, and the photos come out with that cool vintage vibe that's so in right now. (You remember how fun it was to use a Polaroid camera back in the day, right?)

It's compact and stylish, so she can take it anywhere and snap pics with her friends. It's like an instant memory-maker! My daughter has this little thing and just LOVES to snap photos. I know any teen girl would be over the moon to get this as a gift.

Nintendo Switch Nintendo Switch

Unless you've been living under a rock, I'm sure you've heard all the buzz about the Nintendo Switch! The Switch has been a super popular gaming device - something I consider a cross between a GameBoy and a Nintendo (I just showed how old I am, I know).

The Lite version is cheaper than the regular Switch but my kids have told me the regular Switch is MUCH better. Just make sure you also get her an SD card too!

Budding Artists: Gifts for the Creative Types

Art has a profound effect on the development of a teen’s mind. It nurtures the imagination, fosters mental growth, and provides an outlet for self-expression. For the teenage girl who enjoys the world of art and creativity, what could be a better gift than tools to support and expand her universe?

Colored Pencil Set Colored Pencil Set

I've been informed that a lot of tweens/teens these days enjoy drawing, coloring, and doodling. So it just makes sense (according to my teenage informants) that I should include a colored pencil gift set on my list.

While these colored pencils aren't Crayola or Prismacolor, they are highly rated on Amazon and come with a super cool canvas bag. Don't forget to add in a coloring book to finish off this artsy teen gift!

Bracelet Making Kit Bracelet Making Kit

Ok so I'm not even a young girl, but I know this is a fun gift that belongs on a girl's Christmas list! I bought this bracelet kit for myself so my daughter and I could make Taylor Swift friendship bracelets to share with friends. Even if your favorite teen isn't a Swiftie like we are, making bracelets is so fun!

This kit has everything she needs to make plenty of jewelry items for herself plus some to gift to her best friends. It even has the tools needed to make a couple pairs of earrings. It's a great little creative outlet and good quality too!

Loog Pro VI Acoustic Guitar for Beginners Loog Pro VI Acoustic Guitar for Beginners

My tween son got this acoustic guitar earlier this year and it has been amazing! With the Loog interactive app, he is learning to play guitar on his own. It makes a great educational gift!

There are other Loog guitar options available, including an electric guitar and a couple of smaller options. My 4 year old has the mini Loog, but my 18 year old plays it like a ukelele!

They also come in a bunch of different colors, including pink and seafoam green.

These art-related presents can be a catalyst for constant creative exploration. They underline the importance of her artistic journey and hint at the thrilling possibilities that the world of art holds for her.

Unique and Useful Gift Ideas

For a fresh take on gifting, consider out-of-the-box ideas that cater to a teen girl’s unique interests and passions.

Bubble Tea Kit Bubble Tea Kit

This Bubble Tea Kit is another amazing gift I found on UncommonGoods, along with the others I mentioned in my eco-friendly gift guide. You should've heard Eden squeal when I let her see this bubble tea kit. And the subsequent squeals when she saw the related products listed underneath the photo.

Bubble tea is widely popular right now, and making it at home just sounds like fun!

Royal Craft Wood Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray Royal Craft Wood Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray

I absolutely love this bathtub caddy tray, and I think it's a great option for a teen girl who loves her spa time at home. I have this exact tray, and it's not only super stylish but also super functional. It's made of sustainable bamboo, so it's eco-friendly and sturdy. It has a tablet stand, wine glass holder (that feature is handy for me, but not for a teenager of course), and detachable compartments for towels and bath essentials, making it perfect for a relaxing bath.

Plus, it's waterproof and easy to clean, so it's low maintenance. I can totally imagine any teen girl loving this for her self-care and relaxation time at home. Trust me, it's a winner!

Mermaid Tail Pin Mermaid Tail Pin

I couldn't leave out this super cool mermaid tail pin! Enamel pins are seeing a popularity resurgence and the pastel colors which make it up are equally popular right now. Teens (boys, girls, and everyone in between) enjoy decorating their backpacks, jackets, and other personal items with these pins that help to express their likes and personalities.

If your teen isn't into mermaids, there are lots of other pin options on Fairy Nerdy's Etsy page! Head over and shop all her super cool items (and join me in supporting the maker of a small shop!).

Thoughtful, unique gifts go beyond the usual. They demonstrate an understanding of the recipient’s interests, giving a nod to their individuality while also providing lasting value.

If you’re looking for special quinceanera gifts for a girl turning 15, check out these awesome gift ideas!

The Best Subscription Boxes for Teen Girls

Subscription boxes are an exciting trend in gift-giving that offer variety and novelty. With a range of themes and products, you can find a subscription box that suits any teen girl’s interests.

OwlCrate Monthly Book Subscription Box OwlCrate Monthly Book Subscription Box

For the teen who would rather read than breathe, gift a bookish subscription box! Owl Crate is the monthly subscription box that delivers books and other themed goodies to your door! Our boxes came with a book, related accessories like a pin, bookmark, and poster, as well as tea to cozy up with.

They offer lots of different subscription options, and also offer an Owl Crate Jr for the tween readers. Owl Crate is the perfect reason for her to put down her phone and get lost in a book.

TheraBox Self Care Subscription Box TheraBox Self Care Subscription Box

Deliver inspiration, motivation, and a reminder to practice self-care with TheraBox, the #1 self care subscription box. Each box includes 8 premium wellness products from leading brands worth over $200+, such as bath bombs, lotions, bath products, mindfulness activities, and other super cool products. Each TheraBox includes a therapist-approved "Happiness Boosting Activity," featuring diverse practices like journals, books, guided meditations, affirmations, games, therapeutic art, and more.

Not just for teens, this box is a great choice for any person who could use a little pick-me-up and reminder to love themselves!

SinglesSwag Subscription Box SinglesSwag Subscription Box

This is actually on Eden's wish list this year. SinglesSwag sends organic bath and beauty products, trending fashion accessories, artisan-crafted snacks, and other items that any (young) woman would love.

They have a couple different box sizes as well as gifting options! Listed as "The #1 Best-Selling Subscription Box" on CrateJoy.

(Love the idea of a subscription box, but want a different theme? CrateJoy has tons of great subscription boxes for tweens and teens!)

Subscription boxes are gifts that keep on giving, providing a dose of anticipation, delight, and discovery every month.

And That’s a Wrap!

Every teen is unique and understanding their interests, hobbies, and tastes becomes the key factor in selecting the best gift. The list of gifts we’ve explored shows this, ranging from the latest tech gadgets for the digital natives, tailored fashion and beauty products for the style-savvy, and unique finds that break out of the box.

In this ultimate list of gift ideas, we hope you’ve found something that makes a great addition to her life.  The perfect gift showcases thoughtfulness, understanding, and love. This guide helps pinpoint those ideal presents that mirror the diverse interests of teenage girls. Remember, with every gift, you’re not just buying an item, but creating a lasting memory. So, here’s to celebrating each teen’s individuality with the perfect gift!

Other Gift Guides

Make sure to check out my other gift guides too, to finish shopping for the rest of your list! There are also items in some of these gift guides that could be included in my gifts for teen girls (like the Tile and AirPods from the gift ideas for men).

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Which of these fun gifts is the perfect gift for teens in your life? Is there anything I left out that I should’ve included? Leave a comment and let me know! (No really, I need to finish shopping for the holiday season. Help!)

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10 Best Gifts for Teen Girls
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