Gift Guide for Fitness Lovers

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Ahh yes, the gift guide for fitness lovers. AKA Amanda’s own personal Christmas wish list. If you are shopping for a runner, a home exerciser, or a gym rat, this list is for you! There are quite a few pink items on this list, but it isn’t just a gift guide for fitness girls – it’s for guys too! This ultimate list of fitness gift ideas covers all ages and sizes, with fitness stocking stuffers to big ticket items.

And if you missed my holiday gift guide for men, be sure to check it out too!

Honestly, whether you use these gift guides to shop for someone else or just for yourself, I’m really enjoying sharing some of my favorite things with you! These are either items I own and love, or ones I have tried and have been begging Santa to bring me.

I’m like your own personal Yelp or Amazon review system. Only with more personality.

So here they are, my top gift ideas for the fitness lover in your life. Click each product name to easily purchase. And if you’re looking for gift ideas for yourself and see something you like, email it to the person who you want to buy it. Or just leave this window open on your computer for Santa to find. 😉

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26 Best Gifts for Fitness Lovers

Gift Ideas for Fitness Lovers

1. BOSU Balance Trainer

This one has been on my list for like 10 years now, and I know some of my fit friends have had their eyes on it as well! The BOSU is sooo much fun to work with, and really adds that extra challenge of balance to your workouts!

Balance training strengthens your core and helps you to stay fit (and safe) even as you get older. Read more about that on the BOSU site.

And can you imagine how much your kiddos would love to exercise with one of these? I’ll admit, I’m a bit partial to the pink version. Haha I’m such a girl, I know.

2. Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbells

I bought these weights in 2014 when I moved into a tiny two-bedroom apartment with my kiddos. After debating over the purchase, I finally decided I would just go ahead and buy them. I had been hemming and hawing over it since I saw Chalene using them in ChaLEAN Extreme when I started that program in March 2013. It just felt so expensive to spend over $200 on weights at once!

bent over row exercise

But then I realized the value I was getting — dumbbells that ranged from 5 pounds to 52.5 pounds, with the ability to increase in 2.5 and 5 pound increments as I gained strength. Can you imagine how much it would cost to buy two dumbbells each of 5, 7.5, 10, 12.5, 15 pounds…and so on up to 52.5??

When weights typically cost about $1 per pound, that cost adds up quickly. And all those weights would take up SO much space, while these are easily stored in the corner next to my TV stand. Hands down, one of the best fitness purchases I’ve ever made – and we are still using them 5 years later.

3. FitSnack Subscription Box

FitSnack box fitness gift ideas

People who exercise like to eat. A LOT. Especially if they want to gain muscle (yes, even the women). So one of the best fitness gift ideas is FOOD! Or in this case, snacks.

FitSnack is a subscription service of healthy snacks, nutritional tips, and fitness inspiration to support an active lifestyle. Their mission is to teach their subscribers how to enjoy living a fit and healthy life in a fun way – through smart snacking and education. They also give back to kids in need which I LOVE.

They sent me a box to check out and I was happy to open it and see some of my healthy snack brands that I already know and love! FitSnack features high quality, craft, whole food, consciously made snacks that taste great and are chosen by a nutritionist.

They offer a variety of plans and gift options, and are worth checking out! But don’t think your gift recipient will share any snacks with you. Get your own box.

4. Stealth Plankster

Stealth Plankster gift guide for fitness lovers

I got the Stealth Plankster earlier this year to try out, and it was so much fun that Arien and Hunter had to play with it too! The Plankster turns exercise into a fun game. By using an app on your phone, you complete challenges in a game while you plank on the stability device.

Stealth uses your core strength to control the action on your mobile phone screen, making static exercises like the plank more engaging — for your muscles and your brain. And if you’re competitive, watch out!

You’ll find yourself trying to beat your best score – or beat your spouse’s. Nothing has ever made me want to plank just a few seconds longer – until I got the Plankster.

5. Apple Watch

This is probably on every gift guide for fitness lovers out there – and for good reason. But it’s difficult to explain exactly why. A friend recently asked, “Why do I need an Apple Watch.” And honestly the best answer was: Once you have one, you don’t want to NOT have it.

It helps me find my phone and it tells me the time, obviously. But the best fitness reason is that I love to close my rings each day. I want to move enough, stand enough, and exercise enough. Every single day.

And for the fitness instructors, it helps to be able to pause music without running to the sound system every 5 minutes. Seriously. LIFE CHANGER. Especially when you’re very pregnant and trying to get up from doing barbell chest workouts on your bench.

6. Heal at Home Moms

Heal at Home Moms is something every mom should check out – no matter how many kids she has. After pregnancy, our bodies are just different. No matter what type of birth you have, your body changes and it can be difficult to get it back.

Heal at Home Moms provides education and exercises to help heal your body from the inside out. Split abs, urinary leakage, back/hip pain, painful sex – these are all issues they address.

I have been trying out the program myself and it’s amazing how much it helps. After baby #4, my core is a mess! I’m thrilled to finally get this help (at my own home) and I want to tell everyone how amazing it is!

Seriously. Once you try it, you just get it.

7. Healthy Human Water Bottle

Healthy Human water bottle fitness gift ideas

You may have seen this mentioned in one of my other lists of fitness gift ideas. While there’s a certain brand of water bottles that’s super popular with the VSCO girls this year (ahem), Healthy Human is my favorite brand. And apparently my kids’ favorite too since they constantly take them.

Healthy Human water bottles are also available at a lower price point that the other brand I won’t mention. With a mission for sustainability and giving back to the community and planet, Healthy Human is my go-to for on-the-go. (And they are really pretty too!)

8. Beachbody On Demand

Beachbody workouts were the way I first found my love for fitness back in 2013. And that’s how my blog originally started! These days, I still don’t have time to go to the gym – but I do workout at home. And for a super affordable cost of $99/year, I have access to every workout program Beachbody has ever made.

Beachbody on Demand is a great option for people who can’t go to the gym – or those who prefer not to. There are exercises for every level of fitness. And you don’t need a lot of equipment! Some require no equipment at all.

You can read more about Beachbody on Demand in my post here!

9. Cheeky Chickadee MAma & Mini Activewear

Cheeky Chickadee mommy and me leggings stretching up

I’m that mom who basically lives in fitness leggings. So of course in my gift guide for fitness lovers, I have to include something I wear almost daily.

Plus there’s nothing I love more than making my little girl happy, and there’s nothing she loves more than being able to match with mommy! These mommy and me matching activewear sets from Cheeky Chickadee are just too cute!

From Cockatoos to Chameleons and every animal in between, Cheeky Chickadee has a zoo full of prints! Cheeky Chickadee is the Australian childrenswear brand with one of a kind animal prints that make kids smile. Each print is hand-painted lovingly with the utmost care, by the founder and mom of four (soon to be 5!), Connie, then transformed into vibrant and fun styles for little ones (and moms) to adore.

10. Apple AirPods

So far I don’t own a pair of AirPods, but Arien does. And he uses them constantly, which is why they were included in my gift ideas for men. I would love love love to have a pair so I can listen to music while I exercise without having to worry about corded headphones. And I’d also want this pink case to go with them. Are you reading this, honey? Don’t say you didn’t know what to get me for Christmas this year.

11. Stability Ball

These stability balls can be used for so many things – wall squats/sits, crunches, as a bench for chest exercises, and to bounce/roll on when in labor. Stability ball workout is coming to the blog soon, so get your ball and get ready!

12. PainCakes Cold Packs

paincakes gift guide for fitness

These things are amazing when you need to put a cold pack on a sore spot. Just chill, peel, and stick wherever you need it. No awkward positions as you try to keep a cold pack in place.

Makes a great gift for a fitness lover’s stocking stuffer! Try saying that 5 times fast.

13. Invisibobble Ponytail Holders

I know scrunchies are back in these days, but the Invisibobble is all I ever use for ponytails anymore. They hold my hair in place (hello messy mom bun) without pulling my hair out. And my hair is fine and thin, so that’s important!

Another great stocking stuffer idea – and get more than one pack!

14. Manduka Yoga Mat

Another fitness gift guide repeat, but it’s worth mentioning again. My Manduka yoga mat is just my favorite mat ever. It’s great quality and after lots of use is still in amazing shape.

15. Dr. Teal’s Bath Salts

No exaggeration – I have 3 bags of these in my bathroom right now. All different scents. When my muscles are super sore, a hot bath with Dr. Teal’s Bath Salts really relaxes me. For a fun fitness gift idea – bag these up with a soft towel and a coupon for a massage – or with the foam roller below.

16. Resistance Loops

Resistance loops do amazing things for your butt. That’s the best reason to use them.

17. Foam Roller

I’ve mentioned the importance of foam rolling before, but I bet none of you do it enough. Because I know I don’t. Either way, you need at least one of these in your house.

18. Fitbit Versa 2

If the Apple Watch is out of your budget – or if you avoid Apple for personal reasons – the Fitbit is a great alternative. I used to have one and I loved it. Great for tracking exercise/steps, and lots of other smartwatch capabilities.

And it’s pink. I mean really.

19. Vitamix Blenderir?t=bephoenixfit 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B00C6MWPNK - Amanda Seghetti

If you’re like me, you are probably thinking that this is a ridiculous cost for a blender and no way would you ever spend that much on…well…a BLENDER. Yeah, I know. I felt the same way. That’s until I got my Vitamix for Christmas a few years ago.

Even when I opened it, I had two thoughts: 1. Did I seriously just get a flipping BLENDER for Christmas??!, and 2. Whyyyy did he spend so much on a blender when we have one that works perfectly fine??!

And then I used it. I can’t even describe the difference between a regular blender and a Vitamix. It’s so smooth. It’s so efficient. I can make shakes and smoothies and soup and sauce and all kinds of things! And it comes with a nice warranty that helps you to feel a little better about investing in this powerful machine. If you’ve never tried a Vitamix, I think it’s an experience you need to have.

20. Nutribullet Blender

Cheaper than a Vitamix, good for on the go. Kaiden uses our Nutribullet almost every day to make a protein shake. It’s compact, easy to use, easy to clean.

21. Wrist Wallet

Wrist Locker Wrist Wallet fitness gift ideas

Better than a fanny pack, the Wrist Locker Wrist Wallet keeps all your stuff safe – right on your wrist. It can even hold any size smartphone! Keep your keys, money, and ID safe at all times. Perfect for runners, gym-goers who don’t want to use a locker, or even travelers. (You’ll get 10% off by using my link too, woop woop!)

22. Weight Bench

This is the exact weight bench I have owned for years, and I love it. Nothing fancy, no bells and whistles. But it’s exactly what I need when doing bench presses, incline presses, step up/downs, tricep dips, etc. I could’ve just used my inflatable stability ball instead, but this weight bench is worth the investment for me. I can stay home and get a good strength workout whenever I want. In my pajamas. With dirty hair and no shoes. If I want to. Just sayin’.

23. Food Scale

This goes on the gift guide for fitness lovers who are obsessed with macros. Or something like that. Whether using IIFYM or just making sure you’re getting enough protein in a day, a food scale is the way to go.

24. Meal Prep Food Storage

And to bundle with that food scale, add in these Pyrex food storage containers. Do you even meal prep, bro? These glass containers keep your food ready to eat and safe without all that plastic junk. Meaning they will last FOREVER. Even after you microwave that leftover spaghetti.

25. Fitness Dice

One last stocking stuffer on this Gift Guide for Fitness Lovers! This set of fitness dice is a fun way to make exercise a little more exciting. Do it with your kids for a challenge and some laughs. Do it with your partner for a sweaty intro to some romantic time. Either way, you’re bound to finish breathless and with your heart racing.

26. Pole Fitness Lessons

Pole fitness is something that has become very popular and it’s something I really want to try out myself! It takes incredible strength to do some of those moves, and that’s a challenge I’d love to take one day.

For the fitness lover who wants to strengthen their body in a whole new way, consider gifting them a pole, some accessories, or even online pole dancing lessons they can take in their own home!

Want to start with something a little “safer” to see if they like it first? Maybe gift them this free pole dancing guide with all the info they need to get started, and wrap up a neoprene tote bag for them to store all their fitness accessories!

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What’s on your fitness wish list this year? Any favorite gadgets or toys you think a fellow fitness friend would love to get? Share below!!

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When she’s not working, Amanda enjoys DIY projects, exercising, photography, hiking, and long walks through Target.

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  2. I’ve wondered if those callous removers actually work. Mine took a dive for the worse during childbirth 14 years ago.

  3. I love this list! I want everything on it! Especially the bench for home and the vitamix blender! Thanks for sharing this awesome list! This is my first time visiting your blog too and I must say, I will definitely be coming back! Awesome work! xoxo

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