Easter Baskets for All Ages | 2021 Edition

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Do you prefer to buy pre-made Easter baskets or do you fill your own? When I was little, my mom always bought us a new basket every year. It was fun, but there was always some kind of candy I didn’t like (generic jelly beans, yuck) and the toys usually were junky. As a mom, I prefer to create baskets each year with things my kids like and/need. It feels more personalized for them, and less wasteful!

Here are my top picks this year for Easter baskets for all ages – from zero up to adults – because you’re never too old for an Easter basket!

Easter Baskets for Babies

I love making baby baskets! Babies are the easiest to please because they literally don’t care what you put in their basket – it’s more for the parents!

I do like to include some timeless toys, like handmade toys and loveys that can be kept for years and years. Not only are they durable, but they can be passed down to the grandchildren one day.

Easter Basket for Baby - Amanda Seghetti

Personalized Bunny Push Toy from Bannor Toys  |  Sun Pillow from Blabla Kids  |  Peter Rabbit Board Book  |  Munchkin 360 Cup  |  Earth’s Best Baby Food Pouches  |  Personalized Easter Basket Liner from Pottery Barn Kids

I also include baby snacks and other useful items like cups or spoons for little hands as they learn independent feeding skills. And of course – books are also perfect for every age.

Easter Baskets for Toddlers

This is the age when Easter baskets get more exciting. The surprise of waking up and seeing what’s in the basket is fun not only for the kids, but for the parents too.

Again, handmade or heirloom gifts are always my favorite – like this handmade duck from Blabla Kids. I also usually opt for healthier treats, like MadeGood mini cookies. The kids love them (and they don’t know they are nutrient-packed and allergy friendly)!

These rainboots will come in handy for splashing in spring puddles. And I can’t forget my most favorite Easter basket stuffer – a good book!

We also reuse the same Easter bags or baskets every year. These reusable bags from Sea Bags are made from recycled sails – and they are just as durable as they are adorable!

Easter Basket for Toddler

Webster the Duck from Blabla Kids  |  Rain boots from OuteeMadeGood Organic Snacks  |  The Very Busy Spider Board Book by Eric Carle  |  Bucket Bag from Sea Bags 

Easter Baskets for Preschoolers

Another magical age group, preschoolers are so much fun when it comes to Easter ideas. With all of their imagination and creativity, you really can’t go wrong when choosing basket stuffers!

Personalized gifts are always special, especially since preschoolers are learning to recognize their name in print. This special Easter egg ornament and cross necklace are gifts that will be treasured for a lifetime (use code ASEG15 to save 15% at Hazel Charm Shop).

Easter Basket for Preschool girl

Handmade Bunny Doll from London + Twig  |  Felt Wand from The Della Rose Boutique  |  Hush Little Bunny Book  |  Personalized Easter Egg Ornament from Hazel Charm Shop | Custom Cross Necklace from AJ’s Collection  |  MadeGood Organic Snacks  |  Personalized Easter Basket Liner from Pottery Barn Kids

Educational activities and toys are another great option for Easter basket fillers. From books to learning games, anything that gets kids’ brains firing away is a win!

Take tablet time to the next level with the OSMO Little Genius Kit for ages 3-5+. It encourages problem solving and creativity – and is so much fun, kids don’t even realize they are learning!

Story Bricks and the SlideAway make learning plan and clean up super easy. Use the letters to write out words (they fit onto LEGOs!) – then use the SlideAway to quickly clean up small pieces.

Preschool tech and learning toys to stuff in baskets for easter

OSMO Little Genius Kit  |  Creative QT Story Bricks  |  SlideAway On-The-Go  | 
MadeGood Organic Snacks  | 

Easter Baskets for School Age Kids

This is a tricky age – depending on the situation, a child around 9-10 years old may not still believe in the “fun” part of Easter. But that doesn’t mean they can’t still participate! We love outdoor toys, educational activities, and things that encourage their creativity.

These Baketivity kits are great for kids who love to help in the kitchen. Cook up some memories while you make tasty treats together – choose one box or get a subscription to keep the fun going!

Elementary age easter basket fillers for creativity

Baketivity Kids’ Baking Kits (subscription also available)  |  Farting Animals Easter Coloring and Joke Book    |  Crayola Washable PaintMadeGood Organic Snacks  | 

Easter Baskets for Teens & Adults

Teens can be a little tougher to shop for; they are still kids (and sometimes want to act like kids) but are also too mature for a lot of the toys that go in Easter baskets. I tend to go a little more practical with teen Easter baskets. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t still have some fun!

These baskets can also be given to adults, whether you’re gifting them to your adult child or even a parent or neighbor. Self-care items, snacks, and pretty decor make great basket fillers!

Easter Basket for teen girl ecofriendly

PLANETS Bath Bombs from Luna Volta  |  Worry Journal for Teens with Anxiety  | 
Human + Kind Body Souffle  |  Moisturizing Wash from Nourish 
MadeGood Organic Snacks   |  Bucket Bag from Sea Bags    | 

Easter Basket for teen girl or mom self care

Propolis Raw Honey Lip Balm  |  Bee & You Honey  | 
Faux Flower Decor  |  Motivational Quote Wooden Sign 
Biron Herbal Tea Packets   |  Decorative Wooden Planter    | 

Do you have favorite Easter basket stuffers? Maybe a theme or a tradition you do annually? I’d love it if you would share in a comment below!

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