School Lunch Ideas For A Month (No More Sandwiches!)

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If I had to eat a sandwich for lunch five days a week, I’d get tired of it pretty quickly. My kids are the same way. For that reason, I’ve started branching out from the typical sandwich. Pasta, breakfast foods, leftovers… they are all easy school lunch ideas and my kids LOVE them!

School Lunch Ideas

I typically either find a carb or a protein first, and then fill in the rest with fruit, veggies, and a snack. I don’t send veggies often unless I know they will get eaten. I don’t like to think of unwanted carrots tossed in the trash. We use leftovers whenever possible (because THIS mom doesn’t feel like cooking food at 7:00 AM). The high schooler has access to a microwave but my 3rd grader doesn’t, so most lunches aren’t foods that need to be warmed.

We try to keep it balanced and healthy, and avoid plastic and prepackaged foods as much as possible. But every now and then life happens. Here are a few of our favorite school lunch ideas that we keep on rotation.

Breakfast Themed Lunches

  • Waffles (with syrup, Nutella, or jam), sausage links, fruit
  • Leftover banana pancakes (I make a double batch when we have brinner), bacon, fruit

Colorado lifestyle blogger, Amanda Seghetti shares the best school lunch ideas for a whole month! No sandwiches, get the best ideas!

  • Mini bagels with goat cheese and blackberry preserves, greek yogurt, strawberries, Larabar mint chocolate balls
  • Boiled eggs, toast strips, jam, cantaloupe
  • French toast, syrup, sausage, fruit
  • Fruit muffin (berry or banana), yogurt with granola, mixed fruit

Non-Sandwich Lunches

Colorado lifestyle blogger, Amanda Seghetti shares the best school lunch ideas for a whole month! No sandwiches, get the best ideas!

  • Leftover Annie’s shells and cheese, Annie’s bunny grahams, blackberries, grape tomatoes, organic “nummy bears” for dessert

Colorado lifestyle blogger, Amanda Seghetti shares the best school lunch ideas for a whole month! No sandwiches, get the best ideas!

  • Rolled up deli meat, cheese slices, Skinny Pop mini cakes, sweet baby peppers with hummus, blueberries, chocolate chips for dessert
  • Cheese quesadilla, mixed fruit, tortilla chips and salsa
  • Salami, cheese cubes, olives, grapes, wheat crackers (yes, my 8 year old really eats this!)
  • Lettuce tuna wraps, avocado slices, crackers, baby carrots, fruit
  • Leftover chicken cubes, broccoli, grape tomatoes, ranch dip, cuties
  • Boiled egg, sliced fruit, sugar snap peas with ranch, muffin
  • Pinwheels (ham, cheese, and mustard on a tortilla, rolled and cut into wheels), carrot sticks and ranch, apple slices
  • Leftover pizza, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, dried mango
  • Diced sweet potatoes (sauteed in oil), ham slices, pita chips, strawberries
  • Tortellini topped with pesto, salami slices, greek yogurt topped with strawberries
  • Chicken nuggets, Terra sweet potato chips, raspberries, almonds

Non-Traditional Lunches

  • One bowl lunch: Pasta salad with diced/shredded chicken, tiny bits of broccoli and carrots, halved grape tomatoes, topped with Italian dressing and feta cheese
  • Meatless Monday: Apple nachos drizzled with warmed peanut butter (make sure PB is allowed at school) and topped with diced strawberries, wheat crackers and cheese
  • Quinoa salad: cooked quinoa topped with diced avocado, feta cheese, halved grape tomatoes, and a sliced boiled egg. Drizzle with Newman’s Own olive oil and vinegar dressing.
  • “Snack” lunch: Popcorn, blueberries, cheese cubes, applesauce, graham crackers
  • Deconstructed cereal bowl: dry cereal (such as Cheerios or Fruit Loops), vanilla yogurt, sliced strawberries and bananas
  • Sushi bento: California rolls, edamame, salad with ginger dressing

Holiday Themed Lunches

  • Valentine’s Day: Sandwich cut into a heart shape, heart shaped cheese slices, heart shaped strawberries, dried cranberries, red candies
  • St. Patrick’s Day: Chips and guacamole, kiwi slices, broccoli, “green” boiled egg
  • Easter (the day after): Deviled eggs, ham slices, baby carrots, Peeps for dessert
  • Memorial Day/4th of July/Veteran’s Day: Strawberries and blueberries in vanilla yogurt, apple and cheese slices, blue tortilla chips and salsa, marshmallows for dessert
  • Halloween: Sandwich cut into a ghost shape (ok ok, there’s ONE sandwich lunch), purple yogurt (mixed berry), grapes (pretend they are eyeballs), pretzel sticks (bony fingers), piece of candy for dessert

Planetbox Lunch Boxes

As you can see, we love to use our Planetbox for packing school lunches! We were sent the Planetbox Rover to test out and share our thoughts with you guys. The different compartments make it easy to pack in a variety of ingredients without letting things touch (nobody wants blueberries in their macaroni). My son loves the magnets that fit into the different lid areas as well, and the matching lunchbox makes him the coolest kid at the lunch table!

Colorado lifestyle blogger, Amanda Seghetti shares the best school lunch ideas for a whole month! No sandwiches, get the best ideas!

The only problem is… my high schooler loves it too. And so far we only own one. Looks like we may need a second Planetbox soon!

Want more fun school lunch ideas? Be sure to check out Planetbox on Instagram for some amazing (and truly beautiful) lunch inspiration!

Have lunch ideas to share? Please comment below so we can keep the ideas flowing!

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  1. Thank you for all of these ideas! I’m in a place with my high schooler where she’s sick and tired of what I send with her for lunch, yet has no clue what she does want. It’s so frustrating!

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