Top Ten Gifts for Moms – Shop Small

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Top Ten Gifts for Moms – Shop Small

I shared recently why my family likes to shop small, which you can read about HERE if you missed it. With Christmas on the way, and you know, since I’m a mom, I thought it would be good to share my top ten gifts for moms — ALL from small shops! Go ahead and grab your debit card, put your feet up, and get ready to knock out some shopping for all the moms (or just females) in your life! (This list was originally published in Nov 2017, but was recently updated to include new favorites.)

1. Mama Rainbow Tee from Hannah Made Shop

mama rainbow tshirt

So many of my favorite small shops have clothes for babies, so I’m always excited when I find tees for myself! This mama rainbow tee from Hannah Made Shop is simple and cute.

2. Soaps, Lotions, and Bath Bombs from Faire Lilly Boutique

bathbombchampagnebreakfast large - Amanda Seghetti
gingersnapsoap large - Amanda Seghetti

A bath bomb called Champagne Breakfast or a soap that smells like Gingersnaps? YES PLEASE. The trick here is you have to let mom actually take a bath. Alone. For more than 5 minutes. If you want to make this gift even better, put the bath goodies in a basket with real champagne and gingersnaps and tell her you’re taking ALL the kids to buy groceries for an hour. BEST GIFT EVER.

3. Wine Socks from Totes Burlap

wine socks small shop gifts for moms

My son thinks socks are a terrible gift, but I’m going to have to disagree. These socks were on my list last year, but Santa must’ve forgotten! (Ahem, Arien.) Again, these socks are best when paired with an actual bottle of wine. Gift complete!

I could write my entire list of top ten gifts for moms by listing out C-A-B-E-R-N-E-T x2. Hee hee.

4. Raising Good Humans tee from June and Grey

Raising good humans

I do my best to raise good humans. But just in case it doesn’t show, this tee will let everyone know I tried.

5. Mama Chevron Wooden Necklace from North Idaho Made

handmade wooden chevron mama necklace

I have to cheat on this one a little bit. I found this shop because a friend mentioned this necklace to me, and I love it. But when I visited their website, I was actually in AWE of their 3-D engraved maps. So I’m including this beautiful necklace in my gift guide for mamas, but I really want you all to go look at their maps. And for as beautiful and amazing as they are, they are affordable!!

6. Air Plant from Lizzie Lulu and Co.

air plant in the small shop top ten gifts for moms

Forget about top ten gifts for moms. This is in the top ten gifts for ME. This large tillandsia xerographica air plant nested in a vintage silver plated goblet makes an eco-friendly gift that will fit any decor style.

7. Joggers from Land and Fin

womens joggers from land and fin

Moms don’t always want to wear yoga pants, y’all. Sometimes we want to wear joggers too. These soft joggers pair perfectly with a mama t-shirt. And socks. And bath bombs. You get the picture?

 8. Christmas Decor from Ebenezer Market

ebenezer market top ten gifts for moms shop small

Moms will never not want more Christmas decor. Especially when it’s a quality handmade wooden sign from Ebenezer Market. I would be thankful that someone else decided for me because it’s almost impossible for me to choose my favorite! Home decor is one of those handmade gift ideas that mom will never outgrow.

9. Personalized Sign from Nesting Seasons

Nesting Seasons sign

Have I mentioned before that I’m a sucker for things made out of wood? Nesting Seasons created a beautiful sign for Rowen’s nursery in our new house, and I’d decorate my entire house with their signs if I could. But because I prefer to keep peace with my husband, I just dream of it instead.

10. Surviving Motherhood Wine Glass from Mom Life Must Haves

surviving motherhood one sip at a time stemless wine glass

I almost posted a cute mason jar here with the same saying, but I went with the stemless wine glass instead. Why? It holds more! Either one would make a great gift for mom… just don’t hand it to her empty.

Which of these top ten gifts for moms is your favorite? I don’t know that I can pick. I want to have them all!

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