5 Best Healthy Mother’s Day Gifts for Active Moms

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Moms are the superheroes of the family – they take care of dentist appointments, remembering crazy sock day at school, and they know when it’s time for each kid to get bigger shoes. While moms spend all this time and energy taking care of everyone else, they don’t always put themselves first. That’s why we have a list of the best healthy Mother’s Day gifts for active moms (or for moms who want to be active) – so you can remind mom that her health is important too!

I personally LOVE getting Mother’s Day fitness gifts. Or healthy gifts on any day of the year, really! I’ve been working on building up my mom gym since we moved, trying to create a space where I enjoy exercising. I wouldn’t be offended if my husband bought me a treadmill for Mother’s Day; I’d squeal with joy!

Fitness gifts for active moms just hit different. We love that you take notice of healthy activities that we enjoy, and if you give us a gadget or gift that aligns with our health and fitness goals, it just means that much more.

single leg glute bridge exercise with hylete fitness clothing

You don’t have to break the bank buying healthy gifts for mom. There are a range of great gift ideas from big ticket items to some that only cost you a little time and effort. Here are some that I’m sure your mom will love!

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Healthy Mother’s Day Gifts for Mom

New Fitness Wear

While this is possibly the most obvious fitness gift idea for mom, it’s one that is still worth mentioning. New fitness clothing is just FUN. You know how new shoes seem to make you run faster and jump higher? New athletic leggings and sports bras do the same for mom!

And when your fitness outfit is in a coordinating color and you just look downright CUTE? Aw yes, bring on the workout! Because you just feel READY for it.

hylete fitness clothing
Medallion Tri-Blend Tank in vintage lilac + Iris Short in light blush

Your mom may seem just fine working out in those old t-shirts and shorts that she’s worn for the past 14 years. But I can assure you she will feel amazing in a new outfit like this one! I can also pretty much guarantee she will not only wear it to exercise, but she’ll also wear it to the grocery store and everywhere in between.

I’ve been loving HYLETE fitness apparel lately, and it’s definitely a brand I recommend you check out. They have fitness wear for men and women and the quality is amazing.

fitness gifts for mothers day with HYLETE
The perfect Mother’s Day gift basket – filled with new fitness wear from HYLETE!

My personal favorite is their Luna leggings (followed by the high-waisted Nimbus leggings), because they are sooo comfortable. Literally – the most comfortable workout leggings I’ve ever owned! I also love my cropped black top (I’m wearing both in the picture below) because it makes me feel fit without being self-conscious about a little tummy showing! The tights come up high enough to hide my soft tummy skin, too haha.

I rave about their leggings, but HYLETE is pretty well-known for their shorts. Finding a pair of shorts that fit well is next to impossible, but HYLETE takes the struggle out! They actually have a feature on their site to help you find the perfect shorts (my fave is the Radius shorts).

If only they existed 20 years ago…

hylete outfit with medicine ball
*My favorites*Solana Cropped Tank in black + Luna Tight in heather black

Sports bras are usually a pain point for me (as most other active females would agree), but HYLETE’s sports bras are SO good. I reach for my Essence sports bra more often than I reach for any other… but occasionally I do need to wash it haha. It gives great support and doesn’t dig or feel uncomfortable, which just means I can focus more on my workouts!

Plus the strappy back is just CUTE.

No matter which item or outfit you choose for mom, you really can’t go wrong. (By the way, if you’re a military member, veteran, doctor, nurse, first responder, law enforcement officer, student, teacher, or a certified trainer — you can get a discount on HYLETE products! Check the Community section of their site for more info.)

New Exercise Equipment

No matter how old you are, getting a new toy is pretty exciting. For adults – and especially for moms – toys just look a little different.

For a mom who is into being healthy, a great fitness gift for mom is a “toy” that she can use for exercise!

Amanda Seghetti on stationary bike exercise

Depending on your mom’s exercise style, the perfect fitness gift could vary quite a bit. Is she into yoga? She might like a new yoga mat that the dog hasn’t used for a chew toy. Is she a runner? Maybe a treadmill so she can run in the winter or a foam roller to work out those achy muscles.

Does she like to lift weights? Add an awesome squat rack to her home gym, or get her a plyo box so she can add variety to her workouts.

My husband and I just gifted ourselves this stationary bike as a joint effort Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gift. Gifting yourself fitness equipment may not seem too exciting since you no longer have the element of surprise (plus it’s a gift we have to share), but it’s still pretty exciting to get a shiny new “toy” for our gym! And I get to wear my comfy HYLETE shorts and tank to make my ride more enjoyable. 😉

Healthy Meals

I’m never going to complain if my children give me chocolates for a special occasion. However, getting a healthy meal – or a bunch of healthy meals – for Mother’s Day would really be an unexpected surprise!

What could be more of a healthy Mother’s Day gift than a refrigerator full of meal prep containers so that mom doesn’t have to cook all week?

paleo meal prep

Seriously – someone please tell my children to do this for me. I would LOVE it.

If prepping an entire week’s worth of healthy meals isn’t feasible for you, try for just one meal. Make mom a delicious and healthy lunch like this salmon salad with homemade dressing. It’s pretty easy and she will love it!

If cooking absolutely isn’t your thing, you could just take some of the work off of mom’s plate by gifting her a CSA share. Or you could sign her up for a meal delivery service. Anything that shows you are supporting her healthy habits while making her life a little easier.


If there’s one thing moms don’t get enough of, it’s a good massage. Not only do our bodies ache quite a bit as we get older, but add in exercise and we definitely have a few tight muscles!

You have a few options here:

  • Book a massage or even a spa day at a local massage place
  • Get mom a massage chair that she can relax in at the end of a long day (I have this and it’s heaven!)
  • Gift her a “mini” massage product like a percussive massager or even a small massage roller
  • Write out a few coupons for mom to trade in for a back massage when she needs it – and give her the massage yourself!

We often think of massages as a luxury or splurge, but they are honestly so helpful in preventing injury when muscles get too tight and out of balance. Look at it this way – you’re helping to keep mom feeling good so she can continue doing all those awesome things that moms do!

Quality Time with Mom

There was a time when the idea of “the perfect day” was me being alone without having my kids ask me for 829 things in the course of a day.

Then I realized… I don’t really want to be alone. It’s nice to not have to take care of everyone and everything for a day, but I like spending time with my family.

Chances are, your mom feels the same way.

So plan some quality time with her. Take care of all the details – put together a plan, pack up some snacks or take care of lunch – and get mom out of the house.

Mom and toddler exercising together at Red Rocks Amphitheater to reduce risk of cancer

Spend the day doing things that mom enjoys. Find a local hiking trail that she loves, or maybe one she hasn’t explored yet. Schedule a day of horseback riding, biking in the country, or splashing around at the lake.

Even if you aren’t old enough to drive, you can still do this! Strap your younger siblings in the stroller, toss them some crackers and water bottles, and tell mom you’d love to go for a family walk around the neighborhood while you push the stroller. Ask her to tell you what school was like when she was your age (or even younger). You’ll both have a great time as you walk and get fresh air while making memories together.

Not only is this an awesome (and free) healthy gift for her, but one of the most meaningful gifts for mom – and one that is always the right size.

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healthy mother's day gifts

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