10 Best Gifts for Mom Who Doesn’t Want Anything

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Moms are the best aren’t they? And I don’t say that just because I’m a mom, but because I’ve had a mom. We always want to find the perfect gift for her, but what are the best gifts for the mom who doesn’t want anything?

We are here to help, with some of the best gifts that moms secretly want (trust us, we’ve asked lots of moms for input!). Whether you’re shopping for the holiday season, for Mother’s Day, or for the perfect birthday gift, these unique gifts are definitely ones that your mom will love.

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Amazing Gifts for Mom Who Doesn’t Want Anything

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Jewelry Gifts for the Mom Who Likes to Sparkle

Your mom may say she doesn’t want any gifts, but I promise she will love a beautiful piece of jewelry – especially if it is meaningful to her.

350 - Amanda Seghetti

These are just a few beautiful pieces that I love from Brilliant Earth (and I even asked Santa to slip a sparkly necklace into my own stocking!) The Silver Hydrangea Bouquet Pendant or the Juniper Diamond Earrings are both a great option for the mom who loves flowers or gardening. The Silver Crescent Moon Pendant would make the perfect present for the mom who values female empowerment or who loves to dream. The Silver Mountain Range Pendant holds special meaning for me, and would be an excellent gift for the mom who loves adventure (or who holds a place in her heart for the mountains).

These are just a few of our favorite things, and there are plenty other high quality pieces of jewelry from Brilliant Earth that she will love! Click the photo above to shop, or head over to the website to find the best gift for your own mother.

For the Mom Who Loves to Cook

If your mom is the type of mom who loves serving up home-cooked meals, she is going to love anything from this list of gift ideas!

350 - Amanda Seghetti

Moms always love a new casserole dish, especially if it’s this beautiful Hearth and Hand cream colored cast iron casserole dish. She obviously will need it so she can cook you up a delicious meal to bring over!

The walnut wood paddle cutting board is a useful gift for serving up fresh bread and olive oil, or to use as pretty decor on her kitchen counter. Of course, if she’s a wine lover she will think an electric wine opener is the best thing ever. (Trust me, I LOVE mine.)

A Nespresso machine is an extra special gift for a coffee lover, and a marble cookbook stand is a unique present that will make her feel extra fancy when she cooks. I’ve personally had a KitchenAid mixer on my Christmas gifts list for a couple years now (they are good for SO many things), but I’m still waiting. I love that they come in different colors to match your kitchen decor too!

Gifts For the Mom Who Likes to Work Out

You want your mom to be healthy and live as long as possible, right? So why not help her stay fit with some awesome new fitness apparel?

fitness gifts for mothers day with HYLETE

A basket full of new workout clothes from HYLETE is just what your mom needs to keep her motivated while she plows through her exercise routine. HYLETE’s entire line of clothing is amazing quality and super comfortable, so you can’t go wrong with any choice. But if you want a few recommendations, I’d get the Nimbus high waist tight, the Radius shorts, and the Era sports bra. Then join mom for an awesome workout!

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Gifts For the Mom Who Likes Fashion

Moms tend to reach for the quick and easy clothes all too often. Old t-shirts, sweats and pajamas. We are efficient and comfortable while we take care of everything and everyone.

Give a gift for mom that she might not choose for herself. Remind her that she’s still a person underneath all the spit-up and dirty laundry. This slip dress from Free People comes in a short or maxi style and can be worn alone for a sexy look or layered under a denim jacket for a more casual vibe.

Georgia lifestyle blogger Amanda Seghetti models the free people adella slip dress in black

And for my Colorado readers (or anyone who is sensitive to the cold), the Orion Parka from OROS is the warmest thing I’ve ever worn. It is insulated with the same tech that NASA uses to insulate space shuttles – which means total warmth without feeling like a puffy marshmallow!

There’s a reason Forbes called it the warmest jacket on Earth. (For reference I was wearing that little black dress up there under this coat, and it felt like I was totally comfortable even though it was 40 degrees and cloudy/windy. And I haaaate being cold.) Give this coat to your mom and she will never want another coat again.

OROS Orion Coat best gifts for moms

Before Mom steps out for the day, she will want to put the finishing touches on her face. This lip gloss set from Babo Botanicals is the perfect gift for mom that will hydrate her lips while adding a bit of color and shine. Mom’s smile will be a bit brighter knowing that she’s dressing up her lips without dyes or yucky ingredients.

Babo Botanicals nutrishine lip gloss set

For the Mom Who Needs to Relax

Moms do a lot of hard work – whether she’s a working mom outside of the house, or the mom who wears all kinds of hats at home. No matter what, moms all deserve some time to relax — and these are the best gift ideas to help her do just that.

350 - Amanda Seghetti

An essential oil diffuser is the ideal gift for helping her wind down, and this set of essential oils has some of my favorite holiday scents. Sometimes she just wants to sit with a nice cup of tea, and a vintage enamel tea kettle is great way to help her do that (plus it’s just so pretty!).

When her body is tired and achy, a soft pair of warm slippers will keep her feet cozy. This Theragun massager may become her new best friend (not even joking) after it helps her soothe her sore muscles. I absolutely LOVE my massage gun (and my massage chair too).

Of course the best way to end a long day is with a nice warm bath, and these organic bath bombs with aromatherapy scents will just get you bonus points.

Gifts For the Mom Who Loves to Shop

As a mom, I think I’m qualified to say this – We absolutely love gift cards. Really. Just give us a gift card. It’s the perfect stocking stuffer gift for mom. We are happy to go shopping and then we can show you the amazing thing we bought (likely on sale!).

Happy Holidays Gift Card best gifts for mom

And if you’re that kid who waits until the last minute to think of getting a gift, just go to giftcards.com and pick one. You don’t even have to leave your house! Your mom will smile and thank you, and if you’re lucky she may buy something for you with it!

If there are grandkids in her life, chances are she loves any opportunity to brag about them. Make Mom some custom reusable shopping bags with photos of her precious little sweeties on them. She may hold up the line at the supermarket, but she won’t notice because she’ll be too busy showing the cashier the little cuties!

reusable shopping bag with photo of grandchildren best gifts for moms

I hope this list helped you to find something your mom will love this year! Which gift will you be giving her? Is there something I should add in for next year?

Make sure you check out our other gift guides for more ideas!

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