Cheese Grater Upcycle Tutorial

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One of my favorite things to do is repurpose and give new life and meaning to old things. This cheese grater upcycle is one of these projects. So if you have an old grater laying around here is an idea you might love to try for your home.

cheese grater upcycle

Cheese Grater UpCycle Supplies

  • cheese grater
  • flat white spray paint
  • sandpaper
  • lace, pearls, gems whatever you like
  • glue gun & glue sticks
cheese grater

You can use a new or old cheese grater it’s completely up to you. For some reason, I’m exceptionally gifted at breaking cheese graters so we happen to have a couple needing new life. However, if I were buying new I love the handle on this one! So gorgeous and already has charm.

DIY Cheese Grater Up-Cycle Instructions

Step 1. Give it some paint

I attempted to tarnish my metal cheese grater but unfortunately because I was using a newer style grater it had a finish on it that was very persistent. I will show you how to tarnish metal in another post one day.

For this project, I decided to go with paint. I simply spray painted the entire grater in flat white. Make sure to use thin layers to prevent drips and runs in your paint. You do not need the paint to be perfect.

Step 2. Give it some rustic charm

Now that you have painted your cheese grater and it has dried it is time to give it a bit of a rustic look. Take a patch of sandpaper and sand it all over. Focus on spots that would see the most wear with use. If you have any runs or drips from paint, now is the time to sand this even too.

Step 3. Give it some bling

painted rustic cheese grater

I wanted to add some charm to the cheese grater up-cycle so I wrapped the inner top in lace securing with hot glue. Then I added some small pearly beads to it as well. Just a tiny bit of elegant flare perfect when the faux vase is not in use. The lace and pearls are from my victorian chair makeover which I’ll be sure to link here when it is ready to roll out.

Step 4. Give it some purpose

cheese grater repurposed as a farmhouse vase and towel holder

Finally, I turned my cheese grater upside down and screwed to the wall. The top of the grater functions as a faux vase and the handle now has the purpose of a towel hanger. I keep this near my sink towards my pantry because I always seem to need to dry my hands quickly while heading that way. Now it has found it’s perfect home in our farmhouse kitchen. This cheese grater upcycle is rustic decor that serves a purpose!

cheese grater upcycle - DIY tutorial

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